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Pillar cameras fog, error message pillar camera “blinded”

I have a 2017 S 75 D. Today I got error message that right pillar camera was blinded. I looked, and there was fog between the camera and the inner glass surface of the panel that covers the pillar.

They’re replacing my pillar cameras next week as part of my FSD camera upgrade. Would it be worthwhile to treat that inner glass surface with anti fog?

For those interested, fog is caused by small droplets of water on the glass. Anti fog acts by acting as a surface active agent that doesn’t allow the small droplets, the water forms a film that isn’t foggy. I’ve used anti fog on inside surfaces of windshields in the past. The water doesn’t form a fog, it more glides down the inner surface and with severe condensation can actually puddle at the bottom of the windshield.

Lots of people have complained of pillar camera fogging, mostly in Model 3s. Mind didn’t seem to fog until recently. Anyway anyone got thoughts on the anti fog treatment. I’ve only got 15K on it but I’m out of warranty so I won’t want to take it in after the cameras are replaced, unless absolutely necessary.