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Plaid Front Motor Failure

Haven’t heard back yet but I’ve asked and sent pictures of how they towed it

What's the update?

I just had my car crap out on me with a rear drive unit problem, most likely a blown inverter. The whole car went completely dark within 10 mins. When I read the Tesla owner's manual, it clearly shows how the wheels should be secured and it also states very clearly that Tesla will not cover any damage from an improper tow.

Just to further prove what a stupid company Tesla is, I told them the car was completely dying and wouldn't be able to go into tow mode by the time the tow truck showed up, but they still sent a tow truck that didn't have any way other than dragging the car onto the flatbed and then greasing the tires to slide it back down. The tow truck driver said he wouldn't do it to his own car, so I told him that we need to follow the Tesla manual and he agreed and left. When I called Tesla roadside again, they told me I would have to pay for the tow since I decided for no good reason to turn away the first tow truck. This is despite Tesla deciding to design a car that fails spectacularly more often than any ICE car, then designs a car that can't be put into tow mode because of their own bad design decisions, and then they decide to send out the wrong type of tow truck despite knowing the car was bricked.
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