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Poor Windscreen Replacement

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Unfortunately had to replace my windscreen today through Autoglass as it had a crack in the middle from a lorry driving past. Upon collection I've noticed they damaged the centre mirror trim and the bottom of the windscreen is not clipped in properly. I've raised this with them but I don't have much hope in them putting it right given they aren't Tesla and managed to mess up what I thought would be a simple job.

Does anyone know how the windscreen should be clipped in? I'm hopeful I can get the insurance to have Tesla replace the glass and avoid Autoglass going forward as I'm worried it'll be leaking now, but in the mean time if I could clip it in properly then I'll be covered rain wise.



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It's not just leaking but I had issues with wind noise from a wind screen replacement. Over 40 there was a whistling sound coming from the centre dashboard. Ended up getting Tesla to replace it.
When I drove it back at 70 mph had no wind screen noise issues thankfully but if the glass needs to be done again properly then something to listen out for
Looking at the trim further it seems absolutely impossible for it to clip in. Unfortunately I don't have a photo before the replacement, but looking at the clip it seems like it never was flush and perhaps is an issue with Tesla I might be able to raise under warranty? Unfortunately the glass is not OEM so I assume Tesla will reject it swiftly and blame Autoglass.
The problem is if the glass hasn’t been made to the same standards why should Tesla accept an issue under warranty. I think your issue is with Autoglass and if they give no joy, your insurer.

Completely agree. I'm just wondering if the issue with the trim was there before Autoglass because looking at it I can't see any damage to it nor how it ever fit flush the plastic looks to be too long! Unfortunately no photo before but yeah seems impossible to fit flush I doubt Autoglass added plastic to it.

The glass itself is fine it's the bottom trim around it.
I replaced mine on my old Model 3 and it was similar to yours. They had used too much glue and didn't press the glass hard enough so it was sitting a few 1-2 cm more out than normal. Window was completely sealed even though it wasn't on properly because they had used too much glue that covered the gap.

It was much better after I asked them to redo it, but in the process they had slightly damaged the glass edges when they removed the window again to glue it back in.