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PPF Installation Photos - Is This Good?

Hi, I just picked up my 2021 Tesla Model 3 SR+ from the PPF installer, and Im not sure if this is what I should be expecting. Im not satisfied with this installation.
Is this normal? The shop said that the bubbles will go away on their own after a while. Should I require them to redo?

Hood near the passenger A pillar

Passenger Side Fender near camera

Big gap of PPF on passenger side front bumper (same on driver’s side)

Bubbles under the lip of the front bumper

Front hood near driver’s side

Front bumper sensors (all have bubbles


Side sensor with fold

Hood lid not property affixed and bunched up under hood

PPF on the bumper stops way before the hood. Seems like a lot of exposed paint

Hood bubbles

Trapped dirt on driver’s side fender near camera

Scratch in paint near driver’s side fender camera

Mirror cut is not cut straight and far from the edges

Hood near the A pillars are missing a corner of PPF (both sides)

Fold in PPF on mirror
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Horrible job. Parking sensors should have been cut out. Huge bubbles. Was the job quoted as a precut kit job or custom. If the latter then even worse. A custom job should show no seams, no gaps, every edge folded over. Cuts in the paint mean they have no skill in doing a custom job.
Ouch. Sorry man but this is not a quality job. It is correct that small air bubbles can work themselves out in a couple of days (it's essentially trapped moisture that will evaporate), there are more issues than simply a couple of small air bubbles.
When I got my ppf from the detailer I asked them what defects I should look for. They said there shouldn't be any bubbles and to bring it back to them if I see any.

I was told basically the same, except they told me that some (very few) bubbles may show up and disappear in the first couple days. Then, they scheduled me for a follow-up check-up appointment in a week from the installation to correct anything that may appear in the first few days including bubbles.
Should I have them take down the tint job too. I haven't looked carefully at the tint job. I haven't noticed any apararent issues with the tint job, but now Im wondering if I should have them take that off too. Thoughts?