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Price Range on AWD LR Model 3

Contemplating selling my December 2018 build Dual Motor Long Range Model 3 with FSD and 19" wheels to get a Model X. Since Elon has lowered and increased the price since I bought it I'm curious what the real fair market value was for selling to a private party. here's the spec

Midnight silver
19" sport wheels
Enhanced autopilot
Premium Black Interior
purchased FSD after taking ownership of car
40% 3M Crystalline on windows and sunroof
nomad wireless charging pad
Built December 2018 and took delivery in January 2019

milage is about 5300 at the moment.

would love honest opinions from those that have bought a used Model 3 or are looking for a Model 3. Not looking for low ball information, just some honest input so I can decide if it's even worth trying to sell

The real problem from a seller’s prospective is you need to match up with a buyer that is planning on buying FSD. Otherwise you will take a major bath and/or get low balled to death.

I would peg the value at between $45 and $48k
Because without FSD it would need to be $41-43k to sell privately IMO.

I have been monitoring used and new for months and just bought a new AWD on Friday
New AWD delivered is $49200 right now (taxes excluded) without FSD ; I get $1875 and $1500 state off of that so about $46k for brand new
Would have to be 10% or more less than that for it to make any sense in my mind.
Not all states have a rebate on new though

I was not in the market for FSD so your car would be out of my price range for used even at $45k. If I was prepared to pay $6k for FSD though I would have been all over your car if priced around $46-$47k
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I'm waiting for my LR AWD in LA. Not getting FSD though- but for a 2k more I would- but not $6k more. Since I'll still be getting some tax breaks and a new car and 2 years free supercharging- I guess around $40k and I'd consider used with FSD. But that may be lower than others might pay.
was at tesla today pricing out a model x and the sales person told me that Tesla has stopped giving the two free deviations as Tesla realized how much money they were losing so they just stopped doing it. Typical Musk without warning.

I wouldn't trust the word of one sales guy in a store... maybe they have incentives if they push sales without the free stuff.