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Problems upgrading order to refresh

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Ordered 1/23/21 model X long range, standard white paint, standard wheels. Upgraded interior to white premium, as well as six seats and FSD. Spoke to local Tesla contact who relayed to me to go ahead and upgrade the order to the refresh and the $2k discount will automatically be applied to all orders made before the refresh. So my final price would be $8k more instead of $10k compared to original order. However, when I go to edit the order, all of my choices are preselected for the same as what I had ordered EXCEPT my interior choice is changed to standard black. When I switch it back to the white it adds $2k, effectively canceling out any pre-refresh order discount. Pictured are my original order specifications plus what I see when I try to edit to upgrade. Anyone else having the same issue?

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I thought that any changes to orders typically throws you back into the status as if you were just now ordering. Maybe the SA is then able to go in and reduce it back to have the $2k discount. Or sometimes, some SAs misunderstand the process themselves.
So I'm in the same situation and spoke to multiple local sales rep as well. They said that the 8k price will reflect on Feb 28th after they do a batch update to all orders that are in our situation. I would download/save a copy of your current order agreement and have a local rep apprised of your situation before updating your order so that they could advocate on your behalf in their backend system if it comes to that.

I have gone ahead and updated my order and the price is currently showing 104,790 but I expect that to drop to 100,790 on Feb 28 (-2k for ordering before FSD price hike and -2k for this current reservation holder discount) and if that doesn't happen automatically the sales reps have told me that they will make an internal case for me.