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Product Review- BougieRV Trunk Organizer


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Jul 31, 2017
Link to product:
Trunk Organizer , Auto Cargo Storage for All Tesla Model 3

Full disclosure: Product was provided free of charge from the company in exchange for an honest review. I otherwise have no relationship with them and have received no other consideration and other than the mention here had no impact on the reviews contents.

So this is one of those kinds of items I "kept meaning to get" because it seemed something I needed to keep things from rolling around the trunk-anytime I'd go to the grocery store or hardware store or wherever and pick up a number of things they'd just bang and slide and roll around back there... ditto takeout food...

Going in my expectations were relatively low in the sense of "eh- a box to keep things from rolling out- useful but pretty boring". This is probably why I hadn't actually gotten around to getting one to this point- hard to get excited about ordering a box right?

So I expected the review would just be "Yup, it's a box, it holds stuff just like it says on the label"

And I'm not gonna tell you it changed my life or anything- but it was actually significantly better than I expected it to be.

I'm not going to include pictures here- I did take some but it's already long and the product listing in the link at the top already has a bunch, and of better quality and information for the most part... I will reference those occasionally in the review though.

So out of the box you find it in a plastic bag, which has a made in china label on it and folded down it's pretty flat and compact, seemed pretty solid- the description says the material is 1680D Oxford polyester and waterproof. So unlike some folks and their panel gaps, I observed 0 issues with quality here.

There's several additional bits included... 2 different sized interior dividers, a lid, and a bottom insert I'll mention later... lid and dividers secure with velcro on the relevant parts of the main box... box also has a couple of velcro strips on the bottom of the box to keep it in place on carpet (though having one of the Tesla all-weather trunk mats back there this feature doesn't do anything for me).

There's also a net with clips... I THINK this is in place of the lid if you way overfill it with stuff? Honestly I'm still not entirely sire and the one pic of it on the website doesn't clarify that either.

Which is really the one negative I'll mention- there's no directions. It's not rocket surgery or anything but a 1-sheet insert would've been nice for the accessory pieces. (I'm sure I could've asked the person who provided the item, but wanted to write this as a random customer who just ordered one)

Initially I thought 2 of the pieces (that would turn out to be the lid and the bottom insert) were actually side inserts to raise the sides for taller items... (and I mean you COULD use them that way obviously since I was able to-and I imagine some creative minds will find even more configs neither I nor the seller thought of- but once I looked at website pics it was obvious those parts were meant for another use... the net picture was never super clear though).

Ok, so speaking of the inserts and functionality this is where it's more interesting than just a box.

It can collapse nearly flat-about 3 inches... expand to a full size box (23 inches long)- or expand to half a box (10 inches long). So that's some nice flexibility already (see pictures 2 and 7 on the website showing open mode, half mode, and closed- with dimensions given for each).... the box is 10" high, and 13" front to back... so fully open you've got 23x13x10, or half open 10x13x10.

If you open it in full size then you'll want to take that bottom insert I mentioned and lay it down on the bottom... since it's stiff it'll keep it in full size mode (without it it tends to want to fold back down smaller).

Likewise in half mode that bottom insert folds exactly in half to keep it from wanting to fold down further (and clasping the side buckles keeps it from wanting to get bigger)- this is some of the "more clever than just a box" bit I was mentioning... making the solution flexible but not flimsy.

There's handles on the long ends in both full and half mode to lift it easily... also two fairly large velcro-closing side pockets on the long ends.

On one of the long sides outside there's 4 mesh pockets per side to slip smaller items into for additional storage.

So overall plenty of places to stow things of various sizes and types.

There's a detachable cover for full size as I mention (see pic 5 on website) that lifts on/off pretty easily... it's not lockable if that's a concern for you. With box in trunk I had no trouble opening/closing the lid without needing to remove it for clearance.

As far as the interior of the box- you can leave it 1 large space, put in one of the dividers to make it two equal spaces- or use both dividers to make it 3 spaces of 1/2, 1/4, and 1/4 size- this is show in pic 5 on the website from above... obviously in half mode you can use the same smaller divider to cut half modes space into 2 equal sections too... so if you want to keep say cold stuff from a grocery run in one section, or cleaning supplied away from meat or whatever, you've got options to section off as needed.

Taking any of these bits in and out, thanks to the magic of velcro, takes seconds- so it can go from fully collapsed to full assemebled in well under a minute, or vice versa (plus half mode) if you (like I intend to) plan to leave it assembled in the trunk but occasionally need to collapse it all the way down for a big item.... this flexibility, especially being able to collapse down to almost nothing- plus the added outside pockets are some of the answers to questions like "Why not just keep a plastic tub back there?"... I mean you can use thick towels instead of all-weather mats too, but I don't recommend it :)

Lastly- there's the most model-3 specific application for this... It fits perfectly in the sub trunk.

Even with the lid on.

Which is pretty nice.

It's not where I primarily intend to use it (I usually find the sub trunks small size "enough" orangization for me, it's the much bigger main trunk I want something to "hold" things in) but YMMV... and if you're a REALLY OCD person you could always order 1 for the sub trunk and 1 for the regular trunk :)

Anyway- that's the review... thanks to BougieRV for providing the product, and I look forward to many roll/crash/rattle free trips to the store in the future thanks to this organizer.
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Mar 24, 2020
I purchased this exact organizer but from a different vendor (largest online store, you know who I am talking about). The organizer does fit in the sub trunk and is well made. I am very happy with it and use it at least once a week.


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Jul 31, 2017
Basically it's a versatile folding bag. It seems that it can fit any car's trunk.

What make it Tesla Model 3 specific? It cannot fit inside the Model 3 sub-trunk compartment.

From the review-

Lastly- there's the most model-3 specific application for this... It fits perfectly in the sub trunk.

Even with the lid on.

Which is pretty nice.

You don't describe where to attach the securing straps inside the trunk of the Model 3.

Securing straps?

If you're running the carpeted trunk the bottom of the bag has 2 velcro strips running along its own bottom that would hold it in place against wherever you put it... I mentioned that in the review as well...

Or, obviously, if you put it in the sub trunk it's not going anywhere.


Aug 9, 2018
Rocklin, Ca. 95765
I think we have something similar, it's method of attachment is through Velcro which hooks into the carpet, leaving it's affects when said organizer is removed or relocated.

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