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Question for any PowerWall 2 owners.


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Mar 18, 2009
I have had 3 PowerWall 2s installed about a month ago.
While charging, I see very odd behavior from the PowerWalls.
The attached image is what we see most days. This behavior typically starts once the solar is generating more than a few kW.
Has anyone else seen behavior like this?
The installers are working with Tesla right now, with mixed results so far.
Can you provide a little description of what you see is odd. I'm have a little trouble interpreting the graph. I think there some clever/dense data presentation happening but I'm not sure. Is your "baseline" load just under a kW and the spikes in consumption the Powerwalls charging? The oddness is that they charge, stop and then charge again? I have dedicated CTs on my Powerwalls for my own instrumentation I haven't seen that pattern is that is the odd behavior.