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Radio goes on after ending a phone call -- when it wasn't on before!

Does your radio go on when you hang up the phone, when it's OFF before making the call?

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Does anyone else have this problem?
I'm in my Model X with the radio OFF. I make a phone call, hang up, and then the radio comes on automatically -- every single time. It is off before I make the call. Sometimes it's very startling because I'm driving and it's loud.

The radio will also come on intermittently when I shift gears or open the driver door.

I have tried to get Tesla to fix it several times. Right now my car is in the service center and the loaner Model X has the same problem with the radio turning on by itself.

It also turned on in the loaner once when I put the car in reverse (note the radio is OFF before I do any of these tasks).

If you have a problem, I'd like to let Tesla know. They need to fix this.
My MX100D media has always occasionally reverted to where it was two or three days or trips ago (as if it was just resuming from the previous trip). Prior to v2018.6.1 (from 2017.36 through 2017.50.3), it almost never resumed from one trip to the next. Now it usually does, but not until after I close the door when I get in. v2018.6.1 was installed by the SC while I was in an MS100D loaner that I OTA'd to 2018.6.1, and prior to that, I think it was running 2018.2. In the MS100D loaner, the media would consistently resume like I would expect it to any time any door was opened. Unfortunately, I never tried media in loaners prior to this most recent experience. I'm not sure whether the behavior difference between my MX100D and the MS100D is a difference between MX and MS or if there is a problem with my MX, but I suspect media behaves better in general in 2018 versions vs 2017 versions. In other words, if you're still on a 2017 version, maybe it will be better after. Beyond that, when what you are describing happens, perhaps you should report it to Tesla in case it is a bug. You could try the note feature or e-mail support with a timestamp.
Also, regarding your actual poll question, I don't think the "radio" ever actually "turns off". I think when you have it on radio and you press the "off" button on the steering wheel, you are muting it (I'm not aware of any "power" button). If using any other media, the same button pauses said media (vs turning anything "off"). This seems to be the status quo in a lot of newer vehicles and is not unique to Tesla by any means (some of them even have a "power" button that only mutes). However, I mention it because it might help you understand the behavior and how it could be a bug. Specifically, when you take a call, the radio is muted or the media is paused, and when you hand up, the radio is unmuted or the media is resumed. As such, when you hang up, it is very plausible that a software bug causes an inappropriate unmute / resume.
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Was it off off or paused? I’ve had things un-pause. One answer to that is to take the volume down all the way. Yes, it shouldn’t do it but it’s better than the unexpectedly noise!
I somehow didn't see this post before my replies. Sorry to be flooding the thread, but for what it's worth, in the newer non-Tesla vehicles I have seen where the "power" button only mutes/pauses, they also unmute/unpause every time the vehicle is started and must have the volume turned all the way down if you actually don't want to hear them. I agree the Tesla shouldn't do it (and neither should the others), but it may be turning into an annoying status quo.
Which ‘power’ button are you referring to? I use the left button/scroll wheel (press to mute) on the steering wheel.

When I return to the car, it’s usually still muted but a reboot or other ‘complete restart’ will unmute. Haven’t tried with the actual case here of phone calls. It’s also the case that there are four or more (?) volume levels and you have to adjust the right one if you want to turn it all the way down. There’s media, phone, nav... perhaps one for voice control menu? Maybe another? And you can only adjust levels when that source is active.
I'm referring to the button in the non-Tesla vehicles with a customary power logo (broken circle) that actually only mutes the then-active media source without saying mute on the relevant display.

I'm suggesting that those buttons are the same as the left button/scroll wheel on the Tesla steering wheels and that this behavior is common in newer vehicles in general. To be a bit tongue-in-cheek about it, perhaps millennials are to blame for this as opposed to Tesla.

As to your last comment, this is also true in most new cell phones and vehicles. In cell phones, you can find a place to adjust the multiple sources, but only the one currently considered active is adjustable by the volume buttons. I'm not sure you can find a menu with all of the volumes or otherwise adjust volumes other than the currently active one in most new vehicles. However, in the Tesla, I believe you can actually adjust the navigation volume while it is not talking by using the center screen (more specifically, there is a mute icon in the navigation section when navigation is active, and I believe you can adjust the navigation volume by touching it while the wheel would otherwise adjust media volume).