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  1. N

    Smelly stinky socks / mold in Model 3 AC

    Has anyone have any luck with understanding the warranty on the AC filter. We had the car for a few months when it started smelling like stinky socks and mold. We did not call it in right away since the car is not driven that much initially. Then when the passenger door did not close...
  2. C

    Putting car in park does not fully transition to parked state

    For at least a couple weeks now I've been having a chronic issue with my M3 not fully transitioning to "parked state" when I put it in park. The display still shows the car in "drive mode" with sensor warnings present rather than the buttons to pop the drunk, trunk or charger. Anyone else...
  3. R

    2016 P90D Upgradable to Ludicrous mode still?

    Sorry if Im posting this in the wrong spot or its been asked, but if it has I couldnt find it exactly. I recently bought a 2016 P90D with insane+, and Im now regretting not looking for a Ludicrous enabled P90D. Does anyone know if the Ludicrous update is still available through purchase from...
  4. P

    Software Wish List.

    So Is there any software wishlists out there? I Know sometimes things actually get through via Elons omnipitent Twittering ( like Joe Mode ) … but is there any places to put Things? Here or elsewhere? Anyway, here is mine after driving my Y for a few days. Windscreen wipers. Method of...
  5. Z

    2022.4.5.11 ?

    Has anyone gotten an update to 2022.4.5.11? I can’t find anything anywhere on this version. Had 2022.4.5.5 last night and updated to the new version this morning.
  6. T

    Model 3 Dome and Visor Lights on and off every few seconds?

    I've been looking all over the internet, on forums and Twitter, with no luck even finding anyone with my problem. I am looking for any tips or suggestions. Ever since v11 all my dome and visor lights turn on and off over and over every few seconds until I put the car in drive. It get really...
  7. NoGasNoBrakes

    NHTSA Data Shows that Tesla has the Least Amount of Recalls

    Based on public data released by NHTSA, Tesla has had the least amount of vehicle recalls compared to other large car manufacturers from early 2020 to 2022. (source: Reuters) In addition to this, over one-third of their recalls are solved by over-the-air software updates, making Tesla the only...
  8. T

    Model s still on 2020 software

    I currently have a 2015 model S70D and I am still running on 2020 versions of their software. I have the autopilot 1 computer and I am running 2020.48.37.8. the car says I am fully up to date. Is there a way I can get this updated? I mostly want an updated version to support the charging stats...
  9. Bowelshreddr

    Holiday UI refresh frustrations & 10.8

    Feeling the new UI re fresh on 10.8 much more difficult to navigate the menus efficiently especially while driving. I’m not sure if this is only cosmetic or has an actual functional purpose?
  10. TheeUnderdog

    Which wheel configuration setting should I choose for my new setup?

    2019 MYP and a long, steep gravel driveway. Unplugged Performance "Dirt and Snow Coilovers" are lifting the vehicle approx 3.5" from stock in the rear, and I think 1" or so up in front. Wheel Specs: 18x9.5" ET34 + 15mm spacers all around (required to clear the upper spindle in front...
  11. N

    Software updates

    We have had our model Y with FSD since March 7th 2021. While all my friends are enjoying new software features, I appear to be the only person in the country who still has firmware 2021.36.5.1. I have called, but of course I am told these updates are in batches and out of their control. I...
  12. ECCtechguy

    Suck on 2021.35.102.2 - Advanced Selected

    Seems that I’m not receiving any updates. Car is a bit behind the fleet. I have advanced enabled as well as have subscription autopilot, any ideas on what could be going on? I seem to be quite a bit behind. I’m on Wi-Fi all night long as well as anytime I’m at my office. I’ve rebooted...
  13. M

    Tesla SC Refuse To Enable PWS

    OK so I have an April 2019 built Model 3 with HW3 computer on FSD Beta 10.4 with the harness for PWS in place and speaker installed (Installed myself purchased @ SC) and the Tesla SC near me refuses (didn't even try) to enable the speaker in the vehicle config. If I soft reboot the car the...
  14. David99

    2021.24.25.1 on MCU1

    Just got and installed 2021.24.25.1 on my 2015 S70D with MCU1 Download was quick but install took almost an hour. Release notes mention 'minor improvements for cold weather', 4 different languages added and keeping WiFi connection while in drive. That's it. I did notices an increase in...
  15. A

    Bluetooth disconnect annoucements

    My Bluetooth has been pretty good until the last update. Now when my Bluetooth disconnects my car makes an announcement before reconnecting. Yesterday it was "your safety is my number on priority" today is was "the current time is 6:19". During the disconnect I was driving normally and had not...
  16. R

    Incorrect model graphic showing in app and car

    Hi, I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but after a quick search, I haven't come across anything. Anyway, I picked up my new Model 3 LR on 28th Sept and love it, but I've noticed something odd, on the both the screen in the car and the app the model shown on the animation graphic is...
  17. Minecon_CA

    No more kW in energy widget

    Did anyone else notice how the energy widget in the instrument cluster no longer show the kW? Here's what it looked like before: Hope they'll bring it back in the future!
  18. L

    Music on external drive missing

    Hello TMC, this is my first post here and I hope it's the correct location in the forum. I just partitioned an external hard drive to use as storage for both camera footage and music, replacing the "default" USB stick approach. Everything works fine. Dashcam and sentry videos are stored in one...
  19. Y

    Finally I'm done with the first version of the App

    Hey everyone, being a proud 2021 MY owner and a software engineer, I was not too satisfied with the Tesla App which needs a lot of clicks to get information or send commands. So I made an app myself. I've asked questions earlier in here. I know many of you probably already use TeslaScope and...
  20. davidu406

    Model 3 not updating.

    My car has not updated since 2020.48.35.5. I have connected to WiFi several times. Has anyone else had a similar issue?
  21. 2017S&XLftBhnd

    2020.48.26 Did you get Boombox?

    So I have a 2020 Y Performance VIN 39XXX and didn’t get the Boombox feature. Thought I read on other forums and Twitter that mid 2019 forward the external speaker was required. Did your Y get the feature and if so what VIN?
  22. C

    M3 Performance after updating to 2020.48.12.1

    My 2020 Model 3 Performance is feeling a lot faster after 2020.48.12.1 - anyone else?? is it in my head? :eek:
  23. T

    Model Y heating - slow

    Anyone else noticing that when the temperature is below freezing that the heater takes a lot longer to warm the car? This morning it took close to 30 minutes before the climate even approached the right level (while also still attached on the charger). Comparatively, my Model S with resistance...
  24. Jimt29

    Update 48.10

    Just downloaded update version 48.10. No other info at this time.
  25. MikeRPhD

    Software update killed my Model S LR+ ?

    Hi everyone - new owner here (picked up my Model S LR+ on September) and have encountered an interesting problem. On Wed (11/25/20) I downloaded 2020.44.15 using my phone hotspot while driving to work. When I arrived, I parked and began the install. After some time of watching the app...
  26. TMC Staff

    Tesla Model Y Firmware Hides Upcoming New Efficiency Package

    Will it get another range boost beyond the current 326 miles (525 km)? According to the Tesla hacker Green (@greentheonly), the 2020.44.15 version of the Model Y‘s firmware includes a new, undisclosed “efficiency package.” The newest Tesla model, which entered the market earlier this year, has...
  27. DDotJ

    Firmware 2020.44.X

    Looks like 2020.44 is rolling out now with a lot of features and improvements: Autopilot Set Speed Spotify Improvements Media Search Improvements Media Sources Voice Command Language Source Release Notes from u/paladinfello
  28. T

    Latest update deleted all of my settings

    So I got a notification saying that a new software update was available. Excitedly I clicked OK and let the car do its thing and update itself. And lo and behold with this new update, Tesla decided it was a good idea to delete all of my driver profile, Homelink, Bluetooth and other settings. I...
  29. Poonlarp

    Update doesn't recognize wifi connection

    I have a notice that a software update is availablefor my 2015 Model S - 2020.36.3.11. Notice is on my app and the console, and both say to hook up to wifi to download. I am hooked up to wifi, and the car otherwise recognizes it, but apparently the software download function does not. Re-boot...
  30. BManCan

    Model Y Firmware Poll

    I have seen many newer firmware updates mentioned on TeslaFi and other sites, but have been stuck at 2020.36.4.5 for now.
  31. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Software Update Improves Speed Limit Sign Detection

    Tesla’s latest software update (2020.40.0.4) includes a few new features and an improvement to its Speed Assist feature. The update rolled out to Tesla owners on Wednesday. In addition to improvements to “Speed Assist,” which debuted in August, the update also included new security and...
  32. Y

    I wish the Tesla app could ...

    I'm a developer, working on a new app to enhance the original Tesla app. So I'm collecting ideas of what y'all wish the original Tesla app could have offered. NOTE: it doesn’t need to be just controlling your car. Think about how you can utilize the different data you get from the car. Like...
  33. steve841

    Model Y Specific Software Bugs Tesla Needs to Fix

    These appear to be software bugs I've come across. Simple fixes I'm sure... Coming from 2 Model S's, these issues were not present or were operationally much better than the Y. Can't speak for M3's, so feel free to chime in. I threw in excessive energy use. While this may not be a bug...
  34. G

    DAB Radio: Playing Now Info Field Too Short

    Does anyone know if the information field on the DAB radio on the Model 3 can be expanded? It drives me mad that mostly the Playing Now info is truncated and I can’t find out what the song is called or who is playing it. If it can’t be expanded to two or three lines like on most cars is there...
  35. TMC Staff

    Blog Musk Says Two-Factor ID Coming Soon

    Two-factor authentication is coming to Tesla’s accounts after being “embarrassingly late,” Chief Executive Elon Musk said in a tweet.  Musk said the security feature is undergoing “final validation” and should be released to Tesla customers soon. Two-factor authentication is...
  36. TMC Staff

    Tesla’s Latest Software Release Includes Safety, Performance Features

    Tesla released its latest software update (2020.32.1), which includes a number of safety and performance improvements. Tesla is now offering “Dynamic Brake Lights” in new markets after releasing the feature to Europe in March 2019. Unfortunately, the functionality will likely not be available...
  37. P

    Business Mileage Tracking Software

    Hey all, how does one go about suggesting to Tesla to offer software that tracks business mileage, with all the necessary details for the IRS, and exports the file?
  38. X

    SR+ Battery Drain While Driving.

    Hey everyone, Had my car for a year a half now. Had to get front upper control arm swapped last week due to extreme squeaking that came out of nowhere. Problem solved. They added air to all 4 tires. Was sitting at 41 PSI cold and 45 PSI hot. They jacked it up to 45-46 cold and I hit 49-50 hot...
  39. E

    Do I still have Acceleration Boost even though I returned/refunded?

    I bought the Acceleration Boost for my Model 3 LR AWD and tried it for a couple days. After installation I had the Acceleration modes "Chill" and "Sport" as expected. Additionally, the About screen showed I had the Acceleration Boost package. After I returned the option the car rebooted and...
  40. n.one.one


    Installing now. Probably just bug fixes but we'll see...
  41. J

    FSD Computer upgrade issues

    I took my 2017 S P100D to the service center early yesterday for the AP2.0 to AP3.0 upgrade. The service center said that it would take around 4 hours to complete. It has now been almost two full days. The service center informed me that they are having software issues with the car and that...
  42. R

    Reply text not going through only one person.

    Ok so I have this weird problem with reply to messages my wife sends me. I receive them in the car fine but when I reply it dosent actually go through and send to her. So far she is the only contact I have that does. Everyone else I reply to go through no problem. Also can start a new message to...
  43. CMc1

    2020.16 rolling

    New Tesla Software Version Detected 2020.16 Model 3 in Williamsville, United States TezLabApp Spotted on TeslaScope too 2020.16 (Software Update) | Teslascope no release notes yet
  44. devios117

    Data App for Android

    Had anyone come across something like Teslapp for Android? I've done some looking but haven't found anything.
  45. rossfboyle

    Software Update Standard vs Advanced

    Hi friends, Is there any reason why I would not have the Advanced option selected on Software Updates? Any reason why I should keep it on standard? Thanks!
  46. C

    Misleading "ADVANCED" Software Update Preference?

    I wanted to post and see other people's opinions on the "ADVANCED" option for software updates. I'm the type of person that wants the latest software as soon as it is released to the public (as I'm sure many of you all are as well ). So, it's frustrating to have this option that claims to...
  47. P

    Software update

    I've never had an easy software update. The 1st thing I do when the icon pops up is delete my Wifi network in the car then reconnect. This was suggested in a video I saw on YouTube about update troubleshooting. Then the update will begin- I get the green line- this usually takes 30 minutes...
  48. sentryai

    Vendor SentryAI: AI-filtering for humans in Sentry/Dashcam footage!

    Hey TMC Community! After my model 3 got keyed last year during a day of rain, I rushed to view the Sentry footage and saw over 350 events. With no way of isolating the actual incident, I set out to make an app that could classify humans using the new machine-learning packages within the iOS...
  49. TMC Staff

    Blog Tesla Deploying Range Boost Software to Model S, Model X

    Model S and Model X vehicles are getting a new “Range Boost” software and a new display that aims to more accurately present the car’s range. Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk acknowledged the new feature on Twitter Wednesday after a Reddit users shared details of the update. The software...
  50. TMC Staff

    Why Is Tesla Forcing Software Updates If No Safety Issue Is Involved?

    There was a theory that it was required by some countries, but that is not the case. Part of the fascination most people have with Tesla vehicles is the fact that they behave like computers on wheels. All it requires for some improvements is an over-the-air update. There are famous cases of...

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