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Range between 20% and 80%

I tried searching, but couldn’t find the answer.

Question: How many KM’s / Miles, will the ( Model 3 long range two wheel drive) typically get, between a 20% to 80% charge.

I’ve seen videos of it getting 500km’s from a full charge to empty.

I’m curious how what range it typically gets sticking between 20% and 80% though.

Thanks for the replies.

I should have stated that I could do the math to get a range, assuming the rate of consumption was constant from 0% to 100%.

I asked, because I wasn’t sure if the rate of consumption changed based on the percentage the battery was at.
I know the car charges slower as it reaches 100%, and I’ve seen some videos where the battery percentage falls faster at the end of the charge.
So I figured if anyone regularly ran between 20% and 80% the range may be different from what the math would dictate.

I’m not sure though, since I don’t have a model 3 yet to test for myself.

Charge rate is very different from storage capacity. As the battery charges it can accept less current, but the last 10% of charge is the same number of watt-hours as all other blocks of 10% SOC.

Therefore capacity of a given SOC range is just the percentage of total capacity.
I am quite impressed with the Model 3 range....
Here's a chart of various SOC vs ending range after my daily commute. Depending on your geography/weather and driving style you can evaluate different max SOC settings. Since I live in Southern California even with a 110 mile (!) commute and aggressive driving style, I am totally comfortable choosing to max charge to only 70% nominally!