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Rapid City to Billings in a Day via Broadus

I have just read a number of threads in different places looking at the SupCs that aren't there in Gilette and Sheridan, though they may be there in the future.
And others have taken 212 through MT because it is a little shorter and Broadus has a NEMA 14-50.
So I want to check out what I am thinking to see if this makes sense and where I could go wrong.
It is 318 mi from Rapid City to Billings.
It is 150 miles from Rapid City to Broadus, then 168 on to Billings.
If I left at 8:00 am I could get to Broads in about 2 1/2 hours going 65 mph.
I started at the SupC in Rapid City, so I was full of energy and had 269 mi rating.
If there is any wind or rain or such things, let's say I get there with 70 mi left, I used 200.
Charging with my single charger for five hours should give me about 140 mi of range (5 x 28), totalling 210 rated miles. That should be plenty to go the 168 to billings at 65 mph.
So 2 1/2 hours to Broadus, 5 hours charging (6 if I need it), 2 1/2 to Billings to the SupC, totalling 10 hours, there by 6 or 7 in the evening.
Any problems with my travel plans?
Any better plans (like would it be better to go on I90 through Gilette for a 2 1/2 hr stop, then Sheridan for a 2 1/2 hour stop, then on to Billings)?


Roadster#433, Model S#S37
Feb 27, 2009
Without looking at the details, this plan sounds reasonable. One thing to remember is that if your need a lot of charge (140 rated miles) at the intermediate charge point, then slowing down will get you there faster.

For example, if you use EVTripPlanner, standard conditions, an 85 on 19's, 1.0 speed factor, it is 319 rated miles in 5:14, averaging 62 mph, from Rapid City to Billings via Broadus. If you want 40 buffer rated miles in Billings, that means 369 needed total, leave Rapid City with 269, and you need 100 in Broadus, or 3:35 charge time in Broadus, for a total of 8:49. At a speed factor of 0.85, it's 278 rated miles, 6:09 at 53 mph, 279+40-269=50 rated miles in Broadus or 1:48 for a total time of 7:57, or a savings of almost an hour in total time.

I know that you have looked at Crowd Funding an HPWC in Sheridan, WY — Casper and Gillette to Possibly Follow - Page 5.

If it were me, and the Sheridan and Gillette HPWC's were in place, I would probably put in the second charger for this trip and others later, then drive the I-90 route and plan to spend the night in Gillette instead of Rapid City to be the most efficient on total time. Another choice is to figure out how to plan your trip to spend the night in Broadus. 100% charges are always best done overnight while you sleep.

Enjoy the drive!
I am getting it, that is, getting that there are different ways to do this and planning differently makes things with an EV go a lot like they do with ICE cars (until we get more SupCs and it doesn't matter or the charging times come way down).
It makes more sense to try and get to Gillette for the night than to stay in Rapid City, you are saying, I think, because then I charge when I am sleeping instead of in the middle of the day when I am awake. Thank you, I am glad I could get that point.
I figured out something similar in my first (and only, so far) road trip, when my wife and I went out to breakfast with my son and daughter-in-law during a SuperCharge. It took "no time" to do the full charge because we were busy doing other things we enjoyed while the charge happened. I liked that. And I am sure I would like staying in Gillette so as to have a slower charge be while I am sleeping.
Thanks a bunch. Different way to plan my vacation, using an EV. And working to minimize the charging time to be when I am busy with other things (like sleeping or eating).


We Are Cognitive Dissidents
Mar 19, 2014
Houston TX
I'll be overnighting in Broadus in a few weeks to bridge that gap.
The rest of the Trip, Gulf Coast to the WA coast, is SuperCharged. (Well, lunch at Dallas NorthPark Mall while on their HPWC is planned as a "peace-of-mind" Denton substitute. And assuming Perry is up by May...)
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