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recommendation request: interior cleaning products with no shine?

I went to a local detailer for the first time last month. Car is 6 months old. Leather surfaces are very shiny, like they hosted an oil wrestling championship levels of shine. Maxxspider mats are now frictionless. Zero traction.

These are not exactly the results I was looking for. Was hoping more for more like it was at delivery, clean but dry with no shine. Does anyone know a good product that cleans but doesn't leave a shiny surface?
Personal choice, here... I’ve had some higher-end cars where anything but a natural OEM finish will hurt the resale value. Bottom line, there are only two things I use for hard interior surfaces and synthetic seating surfaces:

1Z Einszett Cockpit Premium


Distilled water and a microfiber cloth

For headliner cloth only AMMO Lather and a horsehair brush do dab on. Clean microfiber to remove.

The mobile service technician who replaced the center console in my Model 3 a couple of years ago used glass cleaner (the foaming aerosol kind, not Windex or equivalent) on the seats and everything else he touched while completing his task, and it looked great when he was done. When I asked he made it sound as if they used that kind of product to clean everything on the interior of the car - no sliminess, just crisp and clean.

As there are no actual animal hides in these cars, it seems that pricey cleaners/protectants specifically designed for use on leather surfaces aren't necessary to achieve a good result.