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Reliability of Evannex Rear Lighted T

I purchased this product for my Model X 16 months ago:

Lighted T for Tesla Model X (Rear)

I had it professionally installed by the recommended installer for my area (as I recall, the installer was on a short list of recommended installers either by Evannex or by the manufacturer before Evannex started selling the product). Point being, I am at the mercy of the installer, but I assume it was installed per manufacturers instructions.

The "T" is actually a series of many LED lights that make up the overall "light". 4 of the LEDs are intermittently not functional but mostly do not light up. The remainder of the "T" lights as expected. For someone like me, being OCD, I find this very noticeable. I was able to try and live with it for 2 months, but realized I need to replace it.

I e-mailed Evannex to explain the story and to find out if there is anything they can do to issue a replacement. I received a response that indicated the warranty is 90 days, the product is 16 months old, so there is nothing they will do.

OK. I respect that and if that is the warranty period, so be it. But it means it will cost me $300 plus the cost to have the installer remove and reinstall the replacement "T".

I have nothing but love for Evannex. My post is to ask if anyone else had issues with the product. 16 months does not seem like a very long life cycle for a $300 product. But maybe the stars aligned and I got the bad solder joint or whatever. But if this replacement fails in less than 2 years that will be a problem and I guess I will look into ordering the original logo from Tesla and going back to stock. So I figured I would ask. I am hopeful that others had no issues and perhaps I got a fluke.