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Remote app doesn't work when Wi-Fi is enabled

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Dec 20, 2012
Do you have this problem?

Your Model S connects to your home Wi-Fi network. When you try to use the remote app, it successfully wakes up the car but then none of the functions work.

The problem:

Wi-Fi is disabled when in sleep mode. When the app makes up the car, it's using the 3G connection (not sure if it's data; might be a SMS message). Once the car is awake, it connects to the Wi-Fi. The Model S is using an OpenVPN connection on port UDP/1194 to talk to Tesla's servers. If your home router or firewall is blocking this traffic, you will experience the problem describe above.

The solution:

The solution is to configure your router/firewall to allow UDP/1194 from the Model S out to the Internet.

Many people who use OpenVPN configure it to use TCP/443 for this reason. Many firewalls are configured to allow TCP/443 (HTTPS) out. Some act as a filtering proxy, in which case it won't work. But it has a better chance than UDP/1194.