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Repair advice: Safety Restraint Error RCM2_a529

My research indicates this is usually a frayed wire in an under-seat harness.

I would like to try and repair this myself, by either fixing the wire or replacing the whole harness. (The car is off warranty and I'd like to start repairing stuff myself, like I have done with all my previous cars. Also, I'm too cheap/poor/sick of dealing with tesla service. And stubborn).

Before I start bothering random wires - The first thing I'd like to know is: which seat is this under? Driver or passenger? Does anyone have an error code decoder that gives this info?

Beyond this, any more advice on repair? Has anyone fixed this themselves (or at least shadowed the service tech while they fixed it?).

Thanks in advance!
I have the same issue. 2nd time now- 1 year since first fix. Now it is out of warranty. Estimated quote (remotely) was $261 total before tax. $100 general diagnostic, $36 to install Occupant Classification System (OCS) Filter Module, $125 for the part (SERVICE KIT - SELF CAPACITANCE