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Review of Carbon Fiber Trim


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Jan 6, 2020
Saw this and was like "whoa" on the price

Model S & X Dashboard & Center Console Carbon Fiber Look Upgrade Kit - $279

Ordered this


And this (which combined, fraction of the total cost of the RPM tesla kit)


Instead. (knowing that worst case scenario, it's Amazon, and returns are super easy if needed/if quality and fitment were poor.

Dont have any pics but fitment was I'd say, 9.5 out of 10. Install is as simple as wiping down the contact surfaces with a bit of rubbing alcohol to ensure no contaminants/good adhesion. Then a test fit (with the red tape still in place over the 3M adhesive), then final install. Dash pieces fit 100% perfect on mine. Do need to lift up a tiny but on the horizontal silver trim above the MCU to allow the trim piece to slid under ever so slightly. I have no wood showing around edges of those trim pieces.

The kit for the armest is where I am deducting 1 point out of 10, due to ever so slight visibiity of wood on edges. If the pieces were like, 1/2 mm wider, it would be a 10. Overall, at this point, 100% satisfied.
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Neither of those state whether it's gloss or matte. My guess from the photo of the arm rest/cup holder piece is that they're gloss. IMO gloss carbon fiber looks tacky inside of cars. The OEM panels are matte which is much cleaner & modern looking IMO. If one can get those pieces all for right around $100 in matte and they looked the same quality as the OEM panels I'd be interested.
FYI for anyone shopping for carbon fiber trim: RPM Tesla and the Amazon products are ABS plastic hydro dipped in carbon fiber-like paint giving it a carbon fiber look. This means that it isn't genuine real carbon fiber if you care for that.


This is what those products looked like in my Model S:

After searching around extensively on Aliexpress and Ebay trying to find this style for the facelift center console, even asking RPM and multiple sellers I gave up and instead splurged on the real carbon fiber from this seller on Aliexpress: JOGON Official Store - Amazing prodcuts with exclusive discounts on AliExpress - Superb quality and fitment as well as customer service. This is what it looks like:


You can choose between matte and glossy. I opted for glossy after replacing the OEM trim twice with OEM panels from a 2014 and from a 2019 model. I found the matte to be underwhelming, especially during the very dark winters here. Absolutely a matter of personal preference.
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