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Roadster History Europe/APAC

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Hi there,

I am a European-Roadster-owner, some members might know me from german TFF-forum.

As for the EU-VIN's it seems to be even more difficult to find out any information about the vehicles, where was the origin. country of delivery, what happened to them etc.

For the US-Roadsters honoured boardmember TEG is listing them, I try to do that for the EU and APAC- VIN's (beginning with 2SFZRE......).

It seems to be quite difficult. As up to the 300's I was able to reconstruct almost all VIN's incl. country of destination, after that there's the odd Roadster here and there in Germany (some I know from PEM-upgrades) and some in Switzerland/Austria.

So if there's any European / APAC Roadster-owners around here willing to share the following information about their Roadster(s):

1. complete VIN
2. 2.0 or 2.5
3. 1st. country of delivery
4. colour (inside/outside) - any extras etc.
5. country and maybe city where it's located now
6. who wants - the owner (even TMC-alias is ok)
7. ESS 2.0 or 3.0
8. alive or dead
9. and a photo (one is enough)


It would be great to find as many as possible, right now I have less then 200 from 1013 made listed :(

...so where's all the Signature250's, the final 4's etc.etc. ?

I won't give any information out of this to any third party without allowance of the owner, this will be a private list but on demand I will make certain infos available to members of this board (and TFF), but not without asking.
Maybe one day it will help us all with certain informations about a single EU/APAC-Roadster ?

Awaiting your PM, kind regards from Germany !
I have EU #528 and it's a 2,5 sport with ordinal battery
I think is sold new in Germany
White with carbon fiber hod and spoiler and hard top
Black seats and carbon fiber door sills and some parts of instrument panel

And i had one other before

EU #481
Basic roadster
Fusion red
Black inside
with red hard top
It was sold new in Spain

Were in in sisters barn when the barn burned down
So it dead

Model Year 2010:
SFZRE2B3XA3000001 Norway & Sweden for EU 2010MY Sport (Red w/carbon fiber)
SFZRE2B13A3000002 England for EU 2010MY (build 11/8/2009) - Sterling Silver
SFZRE2B15A3000003 Germany White
SFZRE2B35A3000004 England
SFZRE2B37A3000005 England
SFZRE2B39A3000006 France
SFZRE2B30A3000007 Netherlands
SFZRE2B14A3000008 Germany & Norway
SFZRE2B16A3000009 Germany - Glacier Blue
SFZRE2B30A3000010 Norway - Glacier Blue to Oslo 10/2013
SFZRE2B32A3000011 Germany - Very Orange
SFZRE2B16A3000012 Israel - Fusion Red
SFZRE2B18A3000013 Austria
SFZRE2B1XA3000014 Switzerland - Thunder Gray
SFZRE2B11A3000015 England
SFZRE2B13A3000016 Denmark - Fusion Red
SFZRE2B30A3900017 Germany - White
SFZRE2B17A3000018 Norway - Twilight Blue
SFZRE2B19A3000019 Norway - Very Orange
SFZRE2B37A3000022 Germany
SFZRE2B10A3000023 Switzerland - Obsidian Black/Black+Gray, CF exterior
SFZRE2B12A3000024 Norway - Jet Black/Black
SFZRE2B14A3000025 Austria - White/black
SFZRE2B34A3000026 Germany - Yellow w/carbon
SFZRE2B18A3000027 Italy
SFZRE2B1XA3000028 Denmark
SFZRE2B11A3000029 Norway - Thunder Gray
SFZRE2B36A3000030 Norway - Fusion Red/Black+Gray
SFZRE2B1XA3000031 Germany
SFZRE2B3XA3000032 Switzerland
SFZRE2B31A3000033 Czechoslovakia
SFZRE2B33A3000034 France - Sterling Silver
SFZRE2B35A3000035 Denmark FirstReg01-10-2009
SFZRE2B19A3000036 Norway
SFZRE2B39A3000037 Denmark FirstReg 22-09-2009
SFZRE2B30A3000038 Germany - Obsidian Black
SFZRE2B32A3000039 Sweden - Lightning Green
SFZRE2B10A3000040 Norway - Thunder Gray
SFZRE2B30A3000041 Switzerland
SFZRE2B14A3000042 Switzerland
SFZRE2B16A3000043 Switzerland
SFZRE2B36A3000044 Monaco
SFZRE2B38A3000045 Denmark, Hungary & Germany - Fusion Red w/carbon
SFZRE2B3XA3000046 Germany
SFZRE2B13A3000047 Germany/Switzerland - RadiantRed/Black+Red
SFZRE2B15A3000048 England
SFZRE2B35A3000049 Germany
SFZRE2B31A3000050 France
SFZRE2B15A3000051 Norway & Germany - Twilight Blue
SFZRE2B17A3000052 Germany
SFZRE2B19A3000053 France
SFZRE2B10A3000054 France
SFZRE2B12A3000055 Germany
SFZRE2B14A3000056 France
SFZRE2B16A3000057 Germany - Arctic White
SFZRE2B36A3000058 Germany
SFZRE2B1XA3000059 Germany
SFZRE2B16A3000060 Switzerland
SFZRE2B36A3000061 Germany - Jet Black/Black
SFZRE2B1XA3000062 Netherlands
SFZRE2B3XA3000063 Finland
SFZRE2B13A3000064 Germany
SFZRE2B15A3000065 Germany
SFZRE2B17A3000066 Sweden - Fusion Red w/black
SFZRE2B37A3000067 Switzerland - Radiant Red
SFZRE2B10A3000068 Switzerland - SterlingSilver/Gray
SFZRE2B30A3000069 Germany
SFZRE2B37A3000070 Greece
SFZRE2B10A3000071 Germany - Arctic White
SFZRE2B12A3000072 Germany - Very Orange
SFZRE2B14A3000073 Germany - (White?)
SFZRE2B16A3000074 Germany
SFZRE2B18A3000075 Germany - Very Orange
SFZRE2B1XA3000076 Denmark
SFZRE2B11A3000077 Netherlands
SFZRE2B13A3000078 England - Racing Green
SFZRE2B15A3000079 England
SFZRE2B11A3000080 Czechoslovakia
SFZRE2B13A3000081 Switzerland
SFZRE2B15A3000082 Switzerland
SFZRE2B35A3000083 Germany
SFZRE2B19A3000084 Denmark
SFZRE2B10A3000085 Denmark
SFZRE2B12A3000086 Norway
SFZRE2B14A3000087 Germany
SFZRE2B16A3000088 Switzerland
SFZRE2B36A3000089 Norway
SFZRE2B32A3000090 Norway Obsidian Black
SFZRE2B34A3000091 Germany
SFZRE2B18A3000092 Belgium
SFZRE2B1XA3000093 England
SFZRE2B3XA3000094 Austria - Very Orange
SFZRE2B13A3000095 Switzerland - ObsidianBlack/Black+Gray
SFZRE2B31A3000100 England - (Insane Green?) (France?)
SFZRE2B15A3000101 Belgium
SFZRE2B17A3000102 Switzerland
SFZRE2B37A3000103 Switzerland
SFZRE2B10A3000104 Switzerland
SFZRE2B30A3000105 Germany
SFZRE2B14A3000106 Germany
SFZRE2B16A3000107 Italy - White
SFZRE2B36A3000108 Switzerland
SFZRE2B1XA3000109 France
SFZRE2B16A3000110 Germany - Orange
SFZRE2B18A3000111 France
SFZRE2B1XA3000112 Germany - Black
SFZRE2B3XA3000113 Germany
SFZRE2B31A3000114 Germany
SFZRE2B15A3000115 Austria - Obsidian Black/Dark Gray
SFZRE2B35A3000116 Germany - Electric Blue
SFZRE2B37A3000117 Norway - Insane Green
SFZRE2B39A3000118 Switzerland - dead from a heavy accident
SFZRE2B30A3000119 Denmark - Very Orange
SFZRE2B37A3000120 Sweden - Red FirstReg 5-21-2010
SFZRE2B10A3000121 Denmark
SFZRE2B12A3000122 Sweden - Blue FirstReg 11-26-2009
SFZRE2B14A3000123 Denmark
SFZRE2B16A3000124 Denmark
SFZRE2B18A3000125 Germany
SFZRE2B38A3000126 Netherlands - Artctic White
SFZRE2B3XA3000127 Germany/Denmark
SFZRE2B31A3000128 Germany - Twilight Blue
SFZRE2B33A3000129 Germany
SFZRE2B3XA3000130 Germany
SFZRE2B13A3000131 Germany/Netherland - Radiant Red
SFZRE2B33A3000132 Belgium
SFZRE2B35A3000133 Germany - dead, heavy frontal impact
SFZRE2B37A3000134 Monaco
SFZRE2B39A3000135 Germany
SFZRE2B30A3000136 Germany
SFZRE2B32A3000137 Germany
SFZRE2B34A3000138 Germany
SFZRE2B18A3000139 France
SFZRE2B14A3000140 Netherlands - Electric Blue/Black w/Carbon Fiber exterior accents (Rental) 12.1.2009
SFZRE2B34A3000141 Switzerland
SFZRE2B36A3000142 Switzerland
SFZRE2B1XA3000143 France - Artcitc White
SFZRE2B3XA3000144 France / Switzerland - White w/Carbon
SFZRE2B31A3000145 Germany
SFZRE2B37A3000148 Germany - Custom Blue - Brabus
SFZRE2B14A3000154 Austria & Germany - Black
SFZRE2B32A3000168 Belgium in Jan 2010
SFZRE2B33A3000177 Belgium / France Fusion Red Sport
SFZRE2B35A3000178 Austria - White
SFZRE3B13A3000183 (build date July9,2010)
SFZRE2B18A3000190 Norway - Red 11.03.2010
SFZRE3B3XA3000196 England- Lightning Green
SFZRE3B13A3000197 England
SFZRE2B12A3000198 Austria - Black or TwilightBlue? / Beige Technical Museum
SFZRE2B38A3000210 Germany - Orange
SFZRE2B30A3000217 Norway Green 25.06.2010 (electric/lime green)
SFZRE3B37A3000222 England?
SFZRE2B36A3000223 Poland - Lightning Green
SFZRE2B3XA3000225 Norway - Black
SFZRE2B33A3000227 Norway - Red
SFZRE2B33A3000230 Norway - Insane Green
SFZRE2B39A3000233 Netherlands - Black
SFZRE2B30A3000234 Denmark - Green
SFZRE2B31A3000243 Netherlands - Black
SFZRE2B39A3000250 Germany - Thunder Gray
SFZRE2B16A3000267 Norway - Black
SFZRE2B1XA3000269 Netherland - Radiant Red / Black ( Was wrapped. )
SFZRE3B30A1000272 England
SFZRE2B35A3000276 Germany - Red
SFZRE3B11A3000277 England
SFZRE2B12A3000279 Germany & Italy - Blue
SFZRE2B37A3000280 RUSSIA - Red
SFZRE2B10A3000281 Norway - White
SFZRE2B12A3000282 Norway - Red
SFZRE2B32A3000283 Denmark - Orange
SFZRE2B38A3000286 Norway - Black
290 Germany - Electric Blue
SFZRE2B31A3000291 Germany / Switzerland - White
SFZRE2B33A3000292 Norway - Red
SFZRE2B10A3000295 France - White
296 England - Lightning Green+Black/Black
SFZRE4B38A3000297 Australia - Silver
SFZRE2B38A3000305 Norway & Denmark - White 27.10.2010
SFZRE2B33A3000308 Italy & Sweden - Blue
SFZRE2B35A3000312 Switzerland - Green W/Carbon
SFZRE2B39A3000314 Denmark - Red FirstReg 30-07-2010
SFZRE2B16A3000320 (Poland?)
SFZRE2B12A3000329 Germany - Red
SFZRE3B11A3000330 England - Red - mfg 23 July 2010
SFZRE4B34A3000331 Australia - Red
SFZRE2B14A3000333 Netherland
335 England - White
SFZRE5B3XA3000338 Japan - Green
SFZRE2B17A3000343 Norway - Twilight Blue - 15.12.2010
SFZRE8B19A3000346 Japan - Thunder Gray
SFZRE2B38A3000353 Sweden - Orange - Reg12-27-2010
SFZRE2B39A3000359 Netherlands - Arctic White - delivered 23 Sep 2010
SFZRE2B13A3000369 Denmark
SFZRE2B38A3000370 Norway - Thunder Gray 01.12.2010
SFZRE2B17A3000374 Denmark - Orange
SFZRE2B19A000375 Italy - Green - bad VIN sticker? Greenmobility Energy Resources Group
385 Germany - ElectricBlue+Black/Black
SFZRE2B13A3000386 Norway - Black
SFZRE3B11A3000388 Germany - Red
SFZRE2B34A3000396 Sweden, Italy, Denmark & Monaco 10-25-2010 Lightning Green/carbon
SFZRE2B18A3000397 Switzerland - Red
SFZRE2B1XA3000398 Denmark
SFZRE2B15A3000406 Switzerland - White
SFZRE2B17A3000407 Norway - Twilight Blue
SFZRE2B12A3000413 Norway - Black 12.11.2010
SFZRE2B3XA3000418 Denmark
SFZRE2B11A3000421 England (& Italy?) - Yellow
SFZRE2B17A3000424 France - Mfg 26 Oct 2010
SFZRE2B37A3000425 Dernmark - Silver
SFZRE2B39A3000426 Poland / Denmark ?
SFZRE2B12A3000427 Germany - Fusion Red
SFZRE2B14A3000431 Norway - Radiant Red
434 Netherlands - ThunderGray+Black/Black
SFZRE2B3XA3000435 Germany - ThunderGray+Black/Black
436 France - VeryOrange+Black/Black
443 Italy - TwilightBlue+Black/Black
SFZRE2B36A3000450 Norway - Red
SFZRE2B36A3000453 Germany - Yellow
SFZRE2B15A3000454 Spain - Lightning Green
SFZRE2B17A3000455 Norway - Electric Blue Nov 2012
SFZRE2B30A3000461 Norway - Yellow+Black/Yellow 16.11.2011
465 Switzerland/Germany - Silver w/Carbon
SFZRE2B14A3000476 Japan? Black?
SFZRE2B16B3000478 Germany - Fusion Red
SFZRE4B38A3000480 Australia - Thunder Gray

Model Year 2011:
SFZRE2B16B3000481 Sweden, Spain & Germany - Red MFG 2010 dec 10
SFZRE2B38B3000483 Norway - Orange with black/Orange
SFZRE2B35B3000487 Norway - Brilliant Yellow - Taxi?
SFZRE2B15A3000488 Hong Kong
491 Germany & Italy - Brilliant Yellow+Black/Yellow
SFZRE2B12B3000493 Germany - Black
SFZRE4B37B3000499 Australia - Red
SFZRE2B18B3000501 Switzerland - Glacier Blue
SFZRE2B13B3000504 Norway - Red
507 France & Spain - Twilight blue
SFZRE2B19B3000510 Netherlands, France, & Monaco - Red
SFZRE2B11B3000517 Germany - Glacier Blue
SFZRE2B33B3000519 Germany & Denmark - Very Orange
SFZRE2B17B3000523 Denmark
SFZRE2B19B3000524 Norway - Black 31.03.2011
SFZRE2B12B3000526 Norway - Orange
528 Sweden - White
SFZRE2B34B3000531 Norway - Blue
SFZRE2B18B3000532 Austria - Very Orange
534 England - Custom Orange+Black/Black
SFZRE2B17B3000537 Germany - Red
SFZRE2B39B3000539 Austria & Norway - Radiant Red+Black/Black
SFZRE2B39B3000542 Denmark
SFZRE2B16B3000545 Germany - Radiant Red
SFZRE2B36B3000546 Norway - Yellow
SFZRE2B1XB3000547 Norway - Red
SFZRE2B3XB3000551 Denmark 05-10-2011
555 Norway? Australia? - Orange? Red?
SFZRE2B14B3000561 Germany? Greenland? - Radiant Red
563 Germany - Very Orange
SFZRE2B1XB3000564 Norway - Thunder Gray
565 Germany - Arctic White+Black/Red
567 Netherlands - Fusion Red+Black/Cream
568 Germany - Black/Black
SFZRE8B15B3000569 Hong Kong - Mfg 6, April 2011
SFZRE2B15B3000570 Italy? Green? 11th April, 2011
SFZRE2B12B3000574 Norway - Black
SFZRE2B14B3000575 Germany - Fusion Red
580 Germany - Radiant Red+Black/Black
SFZRE2B14B3000589 Denmark
SFZRE2B3XB3000596 Switzerland White 3.0
597 Germany - White
598 France & Switzerland - Twilight Blue+Beige/Beige
603 Hong Kong - Thunder Gray+Black
608 Germany - Obsidian Black+Black/Red
SFZRE2B37B3000622 Norway & Denmark - Fusion Red+Black/Red
630 Austria - Arctic White
SFZRE2B11B3000632 Norway - Red
SFZRE2B15B3000634 Norway - Thunday Gray
643 France - Fusion Red+Black/Red
SFZRE4B10B3000648 England/Jersey
650 Germany - "Racing Green"
SFZRE2B33B3000651 Denmark
652 Denmark - Black+Black/Red
660 Germany - Obsidian Black
667 Custom Color+Black/Black
671 Japan - Custom Color+DarkGray/Light Gray
672 Germany - Arctic White+Black/Black
673 Switzerland - Radiant Red+Black/Red
674 Germany - Fusion Red+Black/Red
675 Germany - Very Orange+Black/Black
SFZRE2B31B3000678 Norway & Netherlands - Orange 19.06.2012
681 England - SterlingSilver+Black
688 France - Twilight Blue+Beige/Beige
SFZRE2B13B3000695 (in USA?) Orange
SFZRE2B10B3000699 (Russia?)
SFZRE3B11B3000703 Australia - Glacier Blue
706 Germany - Black
708 Germany - Arctic White+Black/Black
SFZRE4B15B3000712 Australia - Red
713 Germany - Orange
714 Denmark - Fusion Red+Black/Red
SFZRE2B15B3000715 Denmark - Obsidian Black
716 Switzerland - Arctic White+Black/Black
717 Hong Kong
SFZRE2B1XB3000726 Denmark
727 FusionRed+Black/Red
729 Electric Blue+Gray/Gray
731 Germany - Very Orange+Black/Orange
734 Australia - Electric Blue
SFZRE2B39B3000735 Sweden - Silver
SFZRE2B30B3000736 Norway - Red 18.01.2012
741 Switzerland - Very Orange+Black/Orange
742 Swizterland - Fusion Red+Black/Black
SFZRE2B38B3000743 Norway & Denmark - Orange 18.10.2012
SFZRE2B3XB3000744 Norway - Silver 20.09.2012
748 Germany - Thunder Gray
SFZRE2B10B3000749 Norway - Red - 20.04.2012
SFZRE2B30B3000767 Austria - Arctic White
768 Germany
SFZRE3B37B3000769 Australia - Arctic White
SFZRE3B15B3000770 New Zealand - Red
SFZRE3B17B3000771 Australia - Fusion Red
SFZRE2B18B3000773 ??? Norway - Twilight Blue
SFZRE2B38B3000773 ??? Norway - Red - 20.04.2012
SFZRE2B39B3000783 Denmark
SFZRE2B12B3000784 Denmark - White
785 Denmark - ArcticWhite+Black/Black
SFZRE3B19B3000786 Australia - White
SFZRE2B11B3000789 Norway - Red 06.03.2012
SFZRE2B18B3000790 Norway - Red 26.04.2012
791 Switzerland- Radiant Red
SFZRE2B13B3000793 Norway - Black 10.08.2012
794 Germany - Glacier Blue
SFZRE2B19B3000796 Netherlands - Silver
799 Netherlands - ArcticWhite+Black/Black
SFZRE2B34B3000805 Denmark
SFZRE2B13B3000809 Norway - Black 28.06.2012
SFZRE2B11B3000811 Norway - Red 03.05.2012
SFZRE2B15B3000813 Norway - White 11.05.2012
816 Germany - Glacier Blue
817 Germany - Radiant Red
SFZRE2B14B3000821 Belgium - Arctic White+Black/Black
SFZRE2B38B3000824 Norway - Red 20.09.2012
SFZRE2B11B3000825 Norway - Gray 13.01.2012
829 Germany - Radiant Red
SFZRE2B38B3000836 Germany - White
SFZRE2B18B3000840 Norway - Silver 01.08.2012
SFZRE2B13B3000843 Norway - Orange 11.04.2013
SFZRE2B10B3000847 Norway - Gray 29.10.2012
848 Germany - Red
850 Germany - Thunder Gray
SFZRE4B18B3000851 Australia - Electric Blue
853 Germany - Silver
854 Germany - Electric Blue
SFZRE2B3XB3000856 Norway - Black 28.03.2012
858 Germany - White
SFZRE2B15B3000861 Germany - Black/Black
SFZRE2B36B3000868 Germany / Belgium - White
SFZRE2B34B3000870 Norway - Yellow 02.08.2013
SFZRE4B13B3000871 Australia - Blue
872 Germany
SFZRE2B3XB3000873 Norway - White 24.07.2012
875 Austria
877 Belgium / Netherland - Orange
881 Germany - Twilight Blue
884 Germany - Thunder Gray
SFZRE2B18B3000885 Netherlands - Thunder Gray - Orange mirrors
887 Germany - Very Orange
888 Germany - Red
SFZRE2B11B3000890 Norway - Red 23.07.2012
SFZRE2B17B3000893 Norway - White 25.05.2012
897 Germany - Very Orange
SFZRE2B18B3000899 Norway - Black
SFZRE2B10B3000900 Sweden - Red
901 Germany - Twilight Blue
SFZRE2B18B3000904 Norway - Gray 21.06.2012
908 Belgium Red w/Carbon
SFZRE2B13B3000910 Sweden - Dark Red 2012-06-28
SFZRE2B17B3000912 Denmark
SFZRE2B39B3000914 Norway - Gray 03.08.2012
SFZRE2B32B3000916 Netherlands
SFZRE2B3XB3000923 Norway - White 08.06.2012
SFZRE2B10B3000928 Norway - Red 27.09.2012
929 Germany
931 England - Blue
937 Germany - Electric Blue

Model Year 2012:
SFZRE2B31C3000939 Norway - Orange 06.12.2012
SFZRE2B13C3000942 Norway - Twilight Blue 03.10.2012
SFZRE2B17C3000944 Belgium - White
SFZRE2B37C3000945 Germany
SFZRE2B12C3000947 Norway - Gray 20.06.2012
SFZRE2B34C3000949 Norway - Orange 11.04.2012
950 Germany - Fusion Red
SFZRE2B18C3000953 Norway - Black 15.05.2014
SFZRE2B15C3000957 Germany Red
SFZRE2B33C3000960 Spain - Glacier Blue
966 Germany
SFZRE2B36C3000967 Norway Red 06.12.2012
968 Germany - Yellow - (Delivered July 31, 2012)
971 Germany
SFZRE2B15C3000974 Norway - Gray 20.03.2012
SFZRE2B19C3000976 Norway - Black 31.07.2012
982 Germany - ?? "Galactic Gray" ??
983 Germany - ?? "Cosmic Black" ??
SFZRE2B1XC3000985 Denmark
SFZRE2B3XC3000986 Norway - Black 22.03.2013
SFZRE2B13C3000987 Norway - Black 29.03.2012
SFZRE2B33C3000988 Denmark - White
SFZRE2B35C3000989 ?? Norway - Black 05.06.2012
SFZRE2B39C3000989 ?? Norway
SFZRE2B33C3000991 Gerrmany / Czechoslovakia - ?? "Magma Orange Metallic" ??
SFZRE4B12C3000992 New Zealand - Lightning Green
998 Austria - Green
SFZRE2B36C3001004 Sweden - Green FirstReg 2012-03-19
SFZRE2B3XC3001006 Norway - Orange 10.07.2012
SFZRE4B37C3001007 ?? Australia - ?Orange?
1009 1 of Final Four
1010 2 of Final Four
SFZRE2B33C3001011 3 of Final Four
SFZRE2B31C3002500 4 of Final Four White with black/white seats
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I removed city and owner info from my list before posting above.

I also have pictures of many of those cars. If there is a particular roadster of interest, I can check to see if I have a picture of it.
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While we are at it, 2006 "EP" (Engineering/Eval Prototypes) were made in UK, and (mostly) sent to USA:

SFZRE11B963E00001 EP1 Obsidian Black / Black
SFZRE11B063E00002 EP2 Radiant Red (repaint from "Chilli Red")
SFZRE11B263E00003 EP3 Glacier Blue? UK: "227 CL" - FMVSS crash tested 7/13/2006
SFZRE11B463E00004 EP4 Very Orange - 11/17/2006
SFZRE11B663E00005 EP5 Brilliant Yellow
SFZRE11B863E00006 EP6 Non standard "Nightfall" dark blue (repaint?)
SFZRE11BX63E00007 EP7
SFZRE11B163E00008 EP8
SFZRE11B363E00009 EP9 Electric Blue
SFZRE11BX63E00010 EP10 Thunder Gray

I think those were all decommissioned after testing.

2007 "VP" (Validation Prototypes) VP1-VP14 were also made in UK.

SFZRE11B773V00001 VP1 Signature Green
SFZRE11B973V00002 VP2
SFZRE11B073V00003 VP3 Racing Green / black (Later w/Yellow Hood (JACB)) 2008 MFG
SFZRE11B273V00004 VP4 Arctic White / black+orange (Brussels)
SFZRE11B473V00005 VP5 Jet Black / gray (Seen at Goodwood)
SFZRE11B673V00006 VP6 "A057-BHW" Lotus Factory - Very Orange - First Reg Sep 2007
SFZRE11B873V00007 VP7 Very Orange ?
SFZRE11BX73V00008 VP8
SFZRE11B173V00009 VP9 Electric Blue / black
SFZRE11B873V00010 VP10 Sterling Silver / black Assembled 11 Mar, 2008 Hethel, UK - 2.5look now
SFZRE11BX73V00011 VP11 Thunder Gray / microfiber
SFZRE11B173V00012 VP12 Black / saddle (UK) (LeMans, France) /FirstReg:2-8-2008
SFZRE11B373V00013 VP13 Very Orange
SFZRE11B573V00014 VP14 Green - (Gold wheels)

Most of those ended up in USA. Most are decommissioned, I think. Maybe a few still in service.

2008 VP16-VP18 made in UK:

SFZRE11B283900016 VP16 Glacier Blue/cream (MFG 12 Feb, 2008)
SFZRE11B483900017 VP17 Radiant Red+Mirofiber+CarbonFiber
SFZRE11B683900018 VP18 Radiant Red (Converted to Brabus - painted white) Switzerland / Reg 5-26-2008 -> Norway
They then started to "make" some VPs in USA instead of UK. VP19 was a USA "made" car.
SFZRE11B483900020 VP20 UK"AU58-AJY" Electric Blue (Crashed in France?) /Reg 9-10-2008
VP21-VP33 USA "made". (Some went to Europe)

Founders' 1-27 considered "made in UK". VINs omitted here.
USA bound "Signature 100" cars 1-11 "made in UK". VINs omitted here.
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Some USA made cars got "gray market" exported into Europe.
So, some Roadsters were seen in Europe before official launch in 2010.
For instance,
USA#24 went to Norway
USA#86 went to Norway, then Dubai
USA#119 went to Norway
USA#166 went to Norway
USA#167 went to Germany
USA#257 went to Norway
USA#365 went to Denmark
USA#445 went to Norway
USA#476 went to Norway
USA#524 ended up in Hungary
USA#560 ended up in Denmark
USA#644 went to Switzerland
USA#663 ended up in Norway
USA#678 ended up in Dubai
USA#841 & USA#842 went to Australia
USA#927 ended up in Norway
USA#1242 went to Sweden
( Full VINs omitted )
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While we are at it, 2006 "EP" (Engineering/Eval Prototypes) were made in UK, and (mostly) sent to USA:
I think those were all decommissioned after testing.
Does "decommissioned" mean "scrapped" or just not driven any more? I saw EP2 on display at Menlo Park not long before that site was closed.

And I thought Mark Jensen had a white VP car, but perhaps it was a non-VP demo car.
The part you mentioned was the "EP" section, not "VPs". Yes, I think some VPs are still being used.

I have not heard of any EP sightings in a while. I suspect they may be gone or neglected in some back warehouse somewhere.
They were not "production grade" vehicles, and not meant to be kept on the road after testing was done.
Yeah, I don't know the fate of those EPs now. Haven't noticed any sightings in a while.
I think JB had been driving yellow EP5 quite a bit for a while, but perhaps no longer.
Some Tesla marketing from 2012 for the last batch of EMEA Roadsters:

• Exclusive encore colors - Cosmic Black, Galactic Gray and Magma Orange - with new, complimentary interior colors
• A rear snow cover and improved motor and inverter systems for even better performance in snow and ice
• Improved air conditioning for driver comfort in the hottest months
• Xenon headlamps ideal for rural night driving
• Enhanced front windscreen seals to make the cabin even quieter
• Two new Mobile Connectors available for charging in Europe and Japan
• The Tesla IEC Type 2 (Mennekes) Mobile Connector enables charging from Type 2 stations and outlets, the most common EV charging infrastructure in Europe
• The J1772 Mobile Connector enables charging from a developing infrastructure of public J1772 charge stations in Japan

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Some pictures of the first "official" Roadster for Europe, 2010 EU VIN 1:




EU #1 was seen racing at various "Zero Rally" events, as well as Goodwood festival of speed.
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I wish I knew the VINs of the UK demo cars. They seemed to premiere new things at Goodwood Festival of Speed.
I think this may have been the first European Roadster 2.5 being shown there in 2010: