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Sales tax paid in two states?

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Friends, a question for you if you please.
I am a Louisiana resident and will be picking up my new Tesla in Pensacola, Florida; I noticed in my paperwork that I am paying taxes in Florida, but I will also have to pay in Louisiana when I register the vehicle and obtain a license plate, never encountered that in my previous Tesla purchases, is that an error on Tesla's part or have the laws changed? Would I get a credit for the taxes paid when I register in Louisiana? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have tried many times to contact Tesla via phone or email and it has been a while and still no clarification.
Some states have reciprocal agreements so that any tax paid in the other state is deducted from what you pay in your home state. In addition, I got my car in another state, and it was temporarily registered in that state with a temporary tag to allow me to drive it home to my state. No "sales" taxes were paid in that state. Three weeks later,I got the documents from Tesla to title and register my car in my home state, and did so. You should advise the local Tesla store of what you are trying to do so that they can help you.
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