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San Francisco Bay Area - SFTesla Club (Social & New Owner Orientation) Meet Up - Sat, October 12th

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Hi All,

We will have a short meet up on Saturday, October 12th @ 10AM - 12PM. As part of our new effort to engage members with shorter event activities, we will host a 2 hour-ish (or so) meet & greet social mixer at the parking lot in front of the old Firestone Tire (closed now) which has a giant parking lot. This location is ideal as it is right outside, downstairs from the Tesla supercharger station at Daly City (Serramonte Mall).

Saturday, October 12th
Time: From 10 AM to 12 PM-ish
Location: DALY CITY (SERRAMONTE MALL) SUPERCHARGER parking lot downstairs by the old Firestone Tire Shop.

Only Club Members & Tesla owners are welcome and especially if you are a NEW Tesla owner looking to meet up with fellow Tesla owners, learn more about Tesla and get assistance with any of its many features, & make new friends. We will provide you with a special one-on-one orientation to help answer any questions.

We will:

- Have our first ever Summon Race Cup
- Assist new Tesla owners with orientation
- Demonstrate Smart Summons
- Get some Boba Tea
- Have some heavy discussions on EV's, Tesla vs ICE's dwindling future

Email me: [email protected] to sign up.

I made a nifty little map of where this is..see below. :)


October 12 Meet Up.jpg