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san francisco

  1. CADetailing

    Vendor Ceramic Coatings & Why You'd Love Them!

  2. CADetailing

    Vendor Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer Location - San Francisco

    Did you know? We're the Tesla home for everything Paint Protection in San Francisco! As a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer Location, we proudly offer the EXCLUSIVE Ultimate Armor Protection Package and ION Technology Ceramic Coating. The only LIFETIME warrantied Paint Protection Film and Ceramic...
  3. CADetailing

    Vendor New Vendor - California Detailing / Ceramic Pro San Francisco

    Hi there everyone! We are a new vendor to the TMC forums! However, not new to many members within this forum :) I wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves to the community and those that may not be familiar with what we offer! We are a high-end Paint Protection company within the heart of...
  4. A

    For Sale - MSS Tesla Model 3 Fully Adjustable Suspension Kit - 7 Left

    We are trying to move the last 7 of the MSS Tesla Model 3 Fully adjustable Suspension Kit's out of our warehouse to make room for some other things. These are brand new un-opened kits. MSRP is $1,368.41, and I am willing to give them up for $999.99 + shipping. Or, if you are in or near the Bay...
  5. J

    Looking for Lease Takeover - Northern California Bay Area - Model 3 or Y

    Hi everyone! New here, so hopefully posting in the correct place. I’m in Northern California (San Francisco) and am looking to takeover a lease on a Model 3 or Y. Ideally, at least two years left with a minimum of 10,000 per year mileage allowance. Preferred payment of $600 or less per...
  6. M

    Tesla rent in SFO and return to LAX?

    Looking to rent a newer Tesla model July 29th '22 - August 4th '22 to pickup at SFO and drop-off at LAX or nearby. In for a family vacation and would love to enjoy the traffic in a Tesla. Model X or S preference for me and the kiddos plus luggage.
  7. E

    FS: 2018 Model 3 Long Range RWD w/EAP, premium upgrades, 44K miles, Bay Area

    Hi all, Hi there, selling my Model 3 (getting a Model Y!). The nitty gritty and all photos can be found in the Cars & Bids listing but major points: -2018 Model 3 Long Range RWD -100% state of charge is still EPA rated 310 miles -44,200 miles -18" wheels -Autopilot hardware 2.5, premium...
  8. P

    2022 Brand New Model X for Sale (Marin County, CA)

    I just accepted delivery of this Model X to replace my Model S and my wife and I came to the unfortunate conclusion that we prefer to get a new Model S (we already have another SUV). If I can get what I paid for the car, then I would sell it. New reservations made for Model X's currently are...
  9. E

    Bay Area tint recommendation

    Any recommendations for a relatively inexpensive yet quality tint in the Bay Area? I have a m3 and only want to do all 4 side windows, not the sunroof. If you could provide an estimate cost you were quoted/paid, I’d appreciate that! Also, any recommendations for %s or photos of your tints? I...
  10. E

    Battery Charging between LA & SF [edited title]

    I’ve purchased a SR+ model 3 and will be driving back and forth between LA & SF fairly often (~360 miles). Will I be able to make it only stopping and charging once along the way? I don’t mind stopping for a longer 30-40 min charge if I only have to stop 1 time. But since I’ll be making this...
  11. M

    Supercharger - San Francisco, CA - 16th St (LIVE 7 Jul 2023, 12 stalls)

    Just found a new permit for the installation of 12 Urban Superchargers in the parking lot for the Safeway at 2300 16th in San Francisco. The permit was filed September 1st 2020. Will add on Supercharge Info!!
  12. U

    Rear Ended. Best Options on Repair?

    I was just rear-ended in San Francisco in my 2019 Tesla Model 3 (trunk and rear bumper damage), and this is my first accident, so I'd appreciate any advice/help. Unfortunately, I only got the driver's license + insurance information from the driver and not the owner of the vehicle, so my...
  13. cstromme

    Where can we rent a Model 3 (or any Tesla) in LA?

    Travelling to LA today for a business trip, and as we’re going to SF on Wednesday, and need a car up there, I figured it would be nice to drive up along the coast (my co-worker has never driven that route). As we both have Teslas (Model X), we really don’t want to drive an ICE, so I’m trying to...
  14. cstromme

    Where can we rent a Model 3 (or any Tesla) in LA?

    Travelling to LA on Monday for a business trip, and as we’re going to SF on Wednesday, and need a car up there, I figured it would be nice to drive up along the coast (my co-worker has never driven that route). As we both have Teslas (Model X), we really don’t want to drive an ICE, so I’m...
  15. C

    Lease Transfer 2018 BMW 540i MSport San Francisco Bay Area

    Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW 540i M Sport Location: South San Francisco MSRP: $67095 Monthly payment (pre-tax): $536.68 + $52.33 tax (North CA) Effective monthly payment: $589.01 Current mileage: 15500 Maturity mileage: 30000 Effective miles per month: 1035 Maturity date: 12/26/2020...
  16. mainecoon

    San Francisco Bay Area - SFTesla Club (Social & New Owner Orientation) Meet Up - Sat, October 12th

    Hi All, We will have a short meet up on Saturday, October 12th @ 10AM - 12PM. As part of our new effort to engage members with shorter event activities, we will host a 2 hour-ish (or so) meet & greet social mixer at the parking lot in front of the old Firestone Tire (closed now) which has a...
  17. mociaf9

    Supercharger - San Francisco, CA (Van Ness Ave, LIVE Aug 2020, 12 urban stalls, valet access only)

    I searched the SF Department of Building Inspection tracking site for permits applied for by Tesla and found an approved, but not yet issued, building permit--201810032159. It's for "12 EV charging stations and associated switchgear" at Opera Plaza (corner of Van Ness and Turk), in what I...
  18. mainecoon

    San Francisco Bay Area - SFTesla Club Meet Up - Sat, September 21st

    Hi everyone, hope everyone had a nice summer. As we transition into the Fall season and in the sprit of EV week around the country, we will be meeting on Saturday, September 21st for a drive and lunch in beautiful wine country. This is a fun, educational event for which all Tesla owners and...
  19. Blu Zap

    San Francisco International Auto Show looking for your Model X

    Once again the San Francisco Auto Show at the Moscone Center will have a Tesla display over the Thanksgiving weekend. We will have two each of all the Tesla models produced so far. Roadsters, S, 3 and X. We need one more Model X to complete the display. We have the other models covered...
  20. chadconway

    SF Bay Roadster Drive & Meetup - 13 July

    Hi All, I'm excited to announce that I am putting together another Roadster meetup! The meetup location and route is TBD, but I want to get this on everyone's calendars. Please forward this invite to others that you know. I'd love to see 15 cars out together! Plan to meet at 9am mid-peninsula...
  21. C

    New Arachnids Rims w/o tires

    New set of 21” staggered Arachnids Rims. Never mounted and come with new TPMS sensors, caps, lug covers and wheels locks. Moving soon and want to sell. Wheels located in West Los Angeles but I’m between LA and San Francisco all the time. Private message me $2000 obo.
  22. mainecoon

    San Francisco Bay Area - SFTesla Club Meet Up - Sat, March 30th

    Everyone, all Tesla owners are invited--please join us for the SFTesla Club meet in the Napa Valley on Saturday, March 30th to meet fellow Bay Area Tesla owners. Send me a DM and email me at [email protected] if you plan on attending. :) The plan is for San Francisco and Peninsula Tesla...
  23. J

    Black Semi-Gloss 21" Arachnid Wheels + Tires for Sale

    SF Bay Area - $5,000 OBO: sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/wto/d/campbell-semi-gloss-black-tesla-model/6839238259.html
  24. F

    Help me rent a Model 3 for my US road trip

    Hi I'm a longterm tesla fan. I'll be visiting the US west coast this summer and I want to go on a one month and 3500mile road trip. Since I'm 21 and can't afford a Tesla over here in Switzerland I was really looking forward to renting one for my road trip to have that longterm EV experience...
  25. SSCustoms

    Vendor Silicon Valley Tesla Customization Poll

    The options below encapsulate some of our most popular services, a lot of which were added to this Tesla Model X. Our question to you, is when you purchased your new Tesla, what did you want to do to it? For example, did you settle for a non-ideal color because the wait time was so long? How...
  26. mainecoon

    Model X - Noise Rattle Problem - Fixed @ San Francisco Tesla

    I have a Dec 17 MX 100D. Since I've owned the car there was this slight creaky sound coming from around the glove box - dash area on the passenger side. (I think someone else here on these threads posted something similar) It would make this creak sound as if either something was too tight, or...
  27. Y

    Any SF body shop recommendations?

    I bought a Model 3 a month ago and got into a rear end collision yesterday (another car bumped me from the back). I need to repair the back bumper and trunk door. I live in San Francisco, so wondering if anyone has recommendation of body shops in SF? I am considering Alioto’s Garage, does anyone...
  28. C

    Mode 3 Car Wash in Daly City CA

    Guys I just moved to Daly City, CA for school and I don’t know where to take my model 3 for a good but not expensive (~$20) car wash. Anyone have any recommendations? I’m open to driving a few miles if I have to.
  29. mainecoon

    San Francisco Tesla Club Meet #2 - Saturday, June 16 - Pebble Beach - 17 Mile Drive

    Hi Friends, :) fellow Tesla owners, the San Francisco Tesla Club will have a meet & drive down the coast to the scenic 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach on Saturday, June 16th. Anyone with a Tesla is welcome to join us and please sign up here with your username and post "x" under Saturday, June 16th...
  30. C

    Model 3 - Roadtrip from LA to SF on Highway 1

    Hey guys, I’m planning a roadtrip next weekend to San Francisco from Los Angeles (and back) on my Model 3 and wanted to take the Pacific Coast Highway 1 on either the trip north or back south. I know there is a closure halfway around Big Sur area which is unfortunate but heard there is a...
  31. A

    OEM Model S 19" Wheels In San Francisco

    I have 4 original 19" wheels from my Model S. I had bought a second set and no longer need these since I've sold the S and have an X on order. These are the original 5 spoke wheels. Prefer local buyer who can pick them up. The wheels are in good condition (minor curb rash) and are great for...
  32. T

    San Francisco life with a Tesla

    My rear window was smashed last night in San Francisco. Nothing was visible in the passenger compartment -- they folded down the rear seat to see what was in the trunk. Welcome to San Francisco! Anyone know how much it costs to replace this window @ Tesla Service?
  33. danny

    Looking for a ride Sunday morning from Monterey to San Francisco

    If anyone is driving to or through SF on Sunday, please let me know if you don't mind taking a relative of mine :) Thanks!
  34. B

    Tesla rental, San Francisco?

    Looking to rent a Tesla for a San Francisco<->Los Angeles round trip. 25th to around 30th of May. Anyone interested? Tried Turo without any luck. Needs to be the same type of arrangement. Model X is preferred but any Autopilot Tesla would work. Crossing fingers, Beef
  35. kev1n

    Lifetime Alignment Shop in San Francisco Bay Area

    anyone know of a shop that offers unlimited lifetime alignment in the San Francisco Bay Area? i know Firestone does it but Tesla's arent listed. anyone know of another place? thanks
  36. ecarfan

    Recommendation for quality windshield repair service on San Francisco peninsula

    Got a 9mm crack in my windshield after a high speed impact with something tiny but apparently pretty hard. Looking for recommendations of quality mobile windshield repair services on the San Francisco peninsula. Thanks.
  37. V

    Looking for volunteers: Have Italians fall in love with your tesla

    Hi there, My name is Annick and the proud owner of a marvelous blue tesla model S- see picture below (yes, this time as a women, I do not only remember the colour of my car but also the brand ) I'm the COO of nexxworks (Nexxworks) and organise frequently innovation trips to silicon valley...
  38. e-FTW

    San Francisco to Death Valley: suggested overnight stop on the way?

    Hey folks! This time it is for real: we have three nights booked at Stovepipe Village in Death Valley National Park (Sunday through Wed). First week of April, hopefully there are still flowers blooming in the park! The drive over there (via the 5 or 99, Supercharger coverage looks fine) is too...
  39. EinSV

    Sydney/San Francisco Tesla Swap?

    Hi all, I will be visiting Australia for the first time in the second half of November (flying into Sydney) and wondered if anyone who might be in Northern California in that timeframe might be interested in a Tesla swap. I live about 15 minutes from the SF airport so logistics should be...
  40. B

    Video of fully autonomous Chevy Bolt driving around San Francisco

    Watch GM’s self-driving car navigate the streets of San Francisco Looks like GM made a pretty wise investment in acquiring Cruise Automation.
  41. A

    Model X For Sale - San Francisco

    I am planning to sell my brand new Model X 75D. My wife and I moved into a new home in SF and unfortunately the garage is too small to fit the vehicle. The car is scheduled to be delivered in 2 weeks. Please message me directly for more details as we'd like to find a buyer ASAP. More details...
  42. M

    SF Bay Area, 2015 70 For Sale, Super Clean

    I love this amazing car and it is basically immaculate as a result. Yeah, I am one of those people that always parked out in the prairie zones of parking lots to avoid the swinging doors of neighboring SUVs etc. (Annoyingly to my wife...) But I am no longer doing the commute I once had, drive...
  43. S

    San Francisco Bay Area Roadster Meet 9/11/16

    It seems that there hasn't been a Roadster meet/drive for a while and there have been a few new Roadster owners in the area. I'm putting together plans for a meet on 9/11/16. Haven't finalized an exact meet up location yet, but it will be somewhere along the Peninsula at about 9am. I will send...
  44. K-MTG

    Should I take my X to SF?

    I have a road trip scheduled from Orange County, CA to SF (San Francisco). I am aware that many have taken this trip without an issue but I just want some questions answered as this will be my first Tesla road trip. This is my supercharger plan: Home to Buttonwillow, CA (165 miles) = 30...
  45. R

    Model X Towing San Francisco Bay Area to Tahoe

    Hello, planning to tow my boat , about 3000lbs from SF Bay Area to Tahoe this summer in a Model X 90D. Anyone have any such experience?The only iffy part of the journey is from supercharger from Rocklin to Truckee supercharger where it's 80 miles apart. But I think it an up and down hill drive...
  46. satheesh.net

    Borrow or rent a Model X (or Model S) in San Francisco today until 10th of May?

    Hi, We would like to drive the best electric car out there, preferably a Model X, but a Model S also works. Is there anyone who would like to borrow/rent out their car to a couple of us from today Wednesday the 4th until Tuesday the10th? We are three people who would alternatively drive the...
  47. satheesh.net

    Borrow or rent a Model X (or Model S) in San Francisco today until 10th of May?

    Hi, We would like to drive the best electric car out there, preferably a Model X, but a Model S also works. Is there anyone who would like to borrow/rent out their car to a couple of us from today Wednesday the 4th until Tuesday the10th? We are three people who would alternatively drive the...
  48. ecarfan

    Model 3 prototype spotted in Marin Headlands north of San Francisco

    Tesla Updates: Model 3 spotted twice this week in San Francisco Some nice shots shown in this article. Note that it has an error: it says the Model 3 prototype was spotted at a "San Francisco service center". There is no such Tesla service center. The photos show the Burlingame service center.
  49. D

    Taiwanese planning trip to LA, SF & Yosemite with Model X

    Hi everyone, I'm Andy from Taiwan. I've driven a Tesla Model S P85 in Taiwan for almost 2 years. And as my model X delivery time approaching, I decided to have a road trip from LA to Yosemite and San Francisco with my new Model X in June. I'm familiar with Tesla's charging infrastructure, yet...
  50. Joseph Torbati

    Vendor Pretty sure this is a first!

    At OCDetail we have already worked on 30 Model X's! Were known for "bringing the shine" when it comes to paint corrections, protective coating applications, and installing paint protection film. I know we've personally wrapped 6 Model X's front to back with Xpel ultimate. This one though was...