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SF Motors SF5 and SF7

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SF Motors is certainly talking the talk. Seems great potential. Only time will tell.
SF Motors Offers A Glimpse Into The Future With Its SF5 & SF7 Concepts | CleanTechnica

Sadly it seems SF Motors and Tesla won't be "working" together, does it. For those not knowing the Martin Eberhard, Elon Musk, Tesla Directors 2007 blow up, this Wired article from June 2009 is a quick summary.
Tesla's Founder Sues Tesla's CEO

Tesla did supply drive train systems for Mercedes Benz Smart for Two and Toyota RAV 4 Electric Vehicles. And both companies bought $50 million each in Tesla stock, and I think both took short term profits and sold the stock (please correct me if I'm wrong).
Tesla worked on the 2nd generation of both of these Electric Vehicles. And I think both companies stopped the original EV models at about the same time GM won lawsuit against CARB and crushed the EV1s.
Wikipedia a has overview/history.
Toyota RAV4 EV - Wikipedia
Smart electric drive - Wikipedia
General Motors EV1 - Wikipedia
Tesla Roadster (2008) - Wikipedia

Merc/Toyota ended these electric vehicles even though both were 2nd generation designs. Both companies avoided working with Tesla on SuperCharging. More missed opportunities.

Not sure that Ian Wright (one of the original team at Tesla making the Roadster) of www.wrightspeed.com hybrid trucks (Alameda, CA) works with Tesla, seems not.

We all know BATTERIES are key. This is the best overview of battery production I've found is Clean Technica article below . Elon has mentioned that 100 GigaFactories for world wide Li-Ion battery needs. I think he was only thinking of electrification of transport as batteries were too expensive for electrical grid storage at that time. How many GWh would that be world wide??
3,500 to 10,000 GWh ?? It will take time, perhaps decades. good chart in the below article.
Electric Vehicle Battery Factory Race Heats Up In Europe | CleanTechnica

It will be interesting to see how many Tesla business ideas SF Motors tries to copy/improve on.
We know Tesla patents are open, so will/has SF Motors taken advantage of that?
Tesla Supercharger Network?

Interesting times. It seems there will be many competitors for EV buyers in the next couple of years.
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IF you missed the video from above article, you really should go back and watch. Talking the talk for sure.

I tried to copy the video URI/URL but this link doesn't work for me. Could not find on livestream nor SFMotor website. So, back up to the above article from CleanTechnica.


SF Motors seems to completely ignore Tesla.
It should be interesting/fine competition. Consumers will have some great choices.
The big auto makers now have two thorns to worry about.
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No mention of charging infrastructure in the presentation except to suggest fast charging and faster than current in the roadmap. Could be a good opportunity to get in on the Supercharging network but, like Barra’s Bolt introduction, there were a few digs at Tesla’s way of doing things so I doubt it.

More real EVs is a good thing. They must have good capital to have built out this much infrastructure before selling anything. They will have to have high margins to keep afloat.

I wonder why they made this announcement now? The cars cannot be preordered. They have a couple of prototypes but no test drives. After being so stealth it seems a little premature.
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So what? Just another Faraday Future.

SF Motors Parent Company,Chongqing Sokon Industry Group, has been making cars for 30 years.

Faraday Future has yet to deliver 1 car to a single customer. Nor has any of Jia Yueting's companies.

Faraday future doesn't have a single auto factory. They have a lease on a former tire factory.
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Just down the road from Tesla, SF Motors just signed the first lease in the Milpitas McCarthy Creekside industrial, research and manufacturing park for 136,000 sq ft of space in one of the 3 current buildings there, Building B. Eventually this industrial park will have 800,000 sq ft of space with 6,000 for retail. If the East Bay doesn't already have crowded roads o_O. SF Motors expects to be in their space later in the year.

SF Motors leases big Milpitas research building (The Mercury News, limited views)
SF Motors Expands its Silicon Valley Footprint with a New R&D Facility for Intelligent Electric Vehicles (PR Newswire)
SF Motors set sights on EV mass production with latest R&D testing facility (Teslarati)