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Jul 26, 2018
Beachwood, Ohio
I have had only great service from my SC.
They have been very courteous and have never blown off any concern by telling me it's normal.

Recently, I had a problem with the charge door failing to open. It was an intermittent problem that I could only proove with a screen shot of my Tesla App and the error reported there. When the mobile tech came to my house, of course, the door worked perfectly. He replaced the door anyway. Following doing that, without asking, he checked the tire pressure.
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Feb 22, 2016
Manson, WA
In July I started getting "Front Passenger Restraint System Fault" messages on the screen. It seemed to be somewhat intermittant but become more common.

I was able to schedule a mobile service appointment, which is very welcome as I'm over 180miles from the nearest Service Center. The tech called me the day before to discuss the service, and had prepared with the needed "mod kit" for the fault (Service Bulletin issue?). He showed up on time and as it was going to be over 95 degrees, I set him up in my garage so he was out of the sun.
He not only fixed the Restraint system fault with the mod kit, but also replaced the pins in my charge port, which was another Service bulletin issue, I had not identifed. After that I inquired how to adjust the fender to hood gap, as I wasn't quite satisfied with the panel gap at the front of the fenders to frunk/hood. He said "lets take a look" and he and I were able to make the adjustments (me pulling the fender outward, while he retightened the bolts). Fender to frunk/hood gap is now consistent, and I'm a happy camper:).

Service Tech was very responsive and my only compliant was that Tesla sent him out without consolidating with other area service calls, so he drove 360 miles round trip for a 1.5 hour service appointment, all while driving a Ford diesel pick-up ("Tesla" service vehicle):(. He indicated that the Spokane WA, Service Center make service calls into Idaho and Montana where there arn't many charging stations, so they still use ICE service vehicles. I told him I expect them to use Cybertrucks when they become available...no more ICE service vehicles.


Feb 28, 2017
Though I wish I was still a member of the positive service experience club, I find it ironic the amount of people complaining about people complaining.


Feb 29, 2020
Dallas, TX
Only positive experiences for me also.

Wife's MX 12v needed to be replaced. I wanted to do it myself instead of waiting for service, so went to the Dallas center. They handed me the battery (well, touch free he put it down and I picked it up.) Reminds me I still need to drop off the core. LoL

Also had rear light replaced in my M3P by mobile tech. Got an appointment within 3 days. Quick, easy, on time and professional.


May 19, 2018
Riverside, California
Just had my first service experience today and it's also positive.

I made a service appointment to upgrade to HW3 and to clean my AC condenser and replace the cabin air filters. They had also checked my tire tread and brake fluid since I had requested a check since it was past due my 2-year maintenance checkup. No tire rotation needed and brake fluid was fine.

My appointment was at 7:30am. I arrived on time, parked my car and my service advisor greeted me and checked me in. She went over all the items that was scheduled to be done and provided an estimate for the services being done.

Since my service would only take half a day, she provided an uber to take me and and to return to pick up my car. The app notified me that my vehicle was ready to be picked up by 10am and my service advisor also texted me and gave me a call to let me know.

Tesla keycard was placed inside the center console and all I had to do was unlock from the Tesla app, pay the total through the mobile app and I was done.

Service was quick, timely and professional and great communication from my service advisor.
This was at the new location in Rancho Cucamonga for the Inland Empire and my service advisor was Tanya.

Hope this gives some insight on Tesla Service experience and hope your experience goes as well as mine.


Apr 8, 2017
Long Beach, CA
We've had our car for 2 1/2 years. The car has been excellent, so we only took it in for the FSD HW upgrade when it became available. We took it to Buena Park, CA SC during COVID. Everyone took great focus on safety, which we appreciated. It went in at 8:30 AM, and was ready by the end of the day. Employees were wonderful, and we were extremely pleased with the experience.


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Feb 4, 2013
SF Bay Area, CA
Positive service experiences:

1) A week ago I had a Ranger out for a 2 year check on my 2018 P3D+ with about 12889 miles. The car was fine--no issues. Ranger checked the fluids (brake fluid and coolant), torqued the lug nuts, topped off the windshield washer fluid, changed my wiper blades. All good. $85. No complaints over 2 years. Nice to have the service at home, and minimal service at a low $$ cost over 2 years.

The next day I get a firmware update to 2020.36. Installs fine. I do the usual reboot. All good.

I did not drive the car after the firmware update.

2) Fast forward to just a couple of days ago. I go into my garage at about 10 am to head out--and there is the characteristic rotten egg sulfur smell. I walk up to the driver's door and I can open the car. But car just won't boot. I try the '2 thumb salute'--won't boot. I call Tesla Roadside to report the issue--they (like me) assume the 12V is bad. They call for a flatbed. While I wait (about 45 minutes) I open the access port on the front bumper and using a 12V supply I pop the frunk. I pull the access cover over the battery and meter the 12V battery--6V..

The tow company arrives about 11:00 am.(local - smart crew). They first do a careful walk around and snap photos to document the condition. They then jump the 12V and get the car to boot up (so no dragging it out of my garage). They drive it up onto their flatbed.

The car was towed to Tesla Dublin, arriving maybe 1:00 pm. The Service Center keeps me updated by text as well as 1 phone call end of 'tow day'. Next day they replace the 12V battery under warranty. No reported issues with charging or DC-to-DC. Car is ready at 4:30 pm. No charge and no paperwork to sign. They text me Uber credits. I head to Dublin. The car is parked in a safe area with my key card in the glovebox. I use my phone to unlock and drive off (touchless).

I'm happy...(well, maybe not happy the 12V died at 2 years).


Feb 22, 2016
Manson, WA
'm happy...(well, maybe not happy the 12V died at 2 years).

I don't fault Tesla if the 12V battery eventually dies, but how about a warning before it "bricks" the car. Isn't the Model 3 one the the most technologically advanced cars in the world?


Active Member
Feb 6, 2016
I recently had my two-year service on one of our Model 3s. When I set up the appointment, they offered to have mobile service come out the next day. I was busy so scheduled it about a week later.

It took only about 20 minutes in my driveway. Tire rotation wasn't needed so it only cost about $160.

It is the only service I've needed since I bought the car, other than the free FSD Computer upgrade.

Our other Model 3 will have its two-year anniversary in December. It has required no service so far other than the FSD Computer upgrade, which was also done by mobile service in our driveway.

Both mobile service appointments together probably took five minutes or less total -- scheduling via the app, responding to texts, and reviewing paperwork.

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