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So… Highland is out…

Carwow Overview

Overall a decent refresh but also a bit ‘meh’
Decent rear lights
Rear screen is cool/annoying
Ambient lighting if that’s your thing
Better sound insulation
Ventilated front seats
17 speakers
Standard Range 356mi/554km
Long Range 423mi/678km

Overall, range seems to be the selling point. Nothing that makes me want to run out any buy it though.
Big fan of the revised interior, looks very well!

Exterior wise, not keen on the front but the rear is an improvement

Overall, very disappointed there's no release date for us. Australia has it up for Jan to march '24 so it's Q2 at best here
Looks decent. If I were buying now I wouldn’t be put off. Seems like an overall good mid refresh.

We’re going to see (and I’ve already seen) a lot of people going overboard at criticising this over the next few days, because they own the older model. From my perspective having skimmed the CarWOW video there’s improvements everywhere and only a couple of marmite things (the loss of stalks which always seemed inevitable).

CarWOW video has a couple of inaccuracies - mentions “you can now turn off the passenger air vent” which I’m pretty sure you could do on the 2022-on if not earlier cars. Same with saying the “display is smoother”. I’m inclined to believe he’s only got the original car in mind for comparison - e.g. has not compared Atom to Ryzen.

Ominously not available in the UK until at least next year, with no specified release date…