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SolarEdge inverter F-L1 Max1 error (exceeds max frequency) with Powerwall 2

We have seen our SolarEdge 10 KW (SE10000H) go offline for a brief period twice in the last few days. The inverter is connected to 3 PowerWalls which was installed April 2020. The inverter error code in both cases was "F-L1 Max1" which, from what I've read, indicates the AC frequency seen by the inverter is too high on line 1. Today, when it occurred, there was a noticeable flickering of the lights, and turning off the TV. I don't know whether the inverter actually "sees" the grid frequency, or if the PowerWalls/gateway is involved and is the source.

Wouldn't think this is an issue, but will pass it on just in case: We have configured the PWs in "Cost Saving" mode, which uses low cost energy to power home during peak periods. It most likely is coincidence, but today, the inverter shut down around the time that the PWs would have just finished recharging from the previous night. The shutdown, a few days ago occurred hours after the PWs would have reached the fully charged state - so this shouldn't have contributed to the problem. Below is a screenshot of the solar production on March 27th.

Trying to isolate whether the problem is the inverter, PW/gateway, or grid. Does the inverter see the grid frequency, or is it seeing this from the PowerWall/Gateway?

Any thoughts? Anyone else see this problem?


Thanks in advance
When the grid is present, everything is seeing the grid frequency. Did you check the outage list in the app to see if you had an outage?

During an outage, the Powerwalls determine the frequency. It should be 60 Hz unless the Powerwalls are close to fully charged and want to intentionally turn off the inverters; then they move the frequency out of range for the inverters.

So the data you've provided is consistent with a grid outage while the Powerwalls were close to full.

Cheers, Wayne
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Did any find a fix for SolarEdge inverter F-L1 Max1 error with Powerwall 2?
I have a solar edge wave 10kw inverter and two powerwalls. When grid goes out the Hz goes from 60Hz to 63Hz and cycled between 61-64 Hz. Ran on the powerwalls from 100 down to 20% and SolarEdge never started and Power Hz never when below 61Hz. Any ideas why PW is keeping Hz sooo hi?