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Bad Inverter or Loose Wiring?

I'm hoping someone here can give me some insight on what is wrong with my installation. I have 14.4kw of solar panels, two Powerwall+, and one Powerwall 2. The inverters are 7.6kw each over the Powerwall+s. Back in May I started to have production issues where it dropped drastically and then cut out all together. At this point I logged into the inverter as an installer and it showed the error message, "DisabledArcFaultLockout." I called Tesla support and they cleared the error and restarted in the inverter to see if that would fix the problem. It was fine for a day or two, but then the same issue reoccurred and got the same error. Tesla set up an appointment to have someone come look at it, which I had to wait over a month for. During this month the system stopped showing the original error message and started showing "Site shutdown circuit triggered by a Powerwall+ rapid shutdown." My system doesn't actually have an E-Stop as the error message calls out, but jumpers instead. Usually my system would go down around 8:30am and then come back up around 10:30am. My inverters become fully shaded at about 10:30am, which made me think it was an overheating issue at that point. You can see from production that the issues occur in the middle of the day. The fans seem to be working fine and there is no gurgling sound from the radiators. Tesla came out and watched the inverters for a few hours and that just had to be one of the days where nothing happened and the system was fine. They said since they don't see an active issue they can't do anything other than look at the connections on the roof. I asked them about loose connections on the jumpers and they didn't seem to think that was the issue. The next day after they left, the same issue started to re-occur. I attached a variety of screenshots of production to give a visual of what is going on. The dips that go completely to zero are because of the site shutdown error. The partial dips or one of the inverters being offline is because one of the inverters says "Waiting for Solar" while the other inverter is fine, this is on a day with no clouds and no shade. As you can see from the production yesterday, it's literally rapid fire going up and down during the warm part of the day.

In the attached screenshots of my inverter system screen you can see when my system is producing normally it shows the second inverter producing on String 3 and 4. My first inverter shows production on String 1 and 2 while string 3 and 4 on the first inverter show near zero values. When I had the initial arc fault lockout it showed near zero production numbers on String 1 and 2 of the first inverter. When my first inverter is saying wait for solar it shows not connected on the strings that previously had near zero values. I attached some pictures of the wiring for both inverters and a picture of the wiring schematic that was submitted to the utility. As of right now I have another ticket open with Tesla with no ETA on what they are going to do to resolve the issue, every response I get seems to be from someone that sounds like they have no idea what is going on. Sorry for the wall of text, but I am trying to be comprehensive!


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Some additional pictures, too many to fit in the original post.


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