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SpaceX F9 - Starlink 0.9 - SLC-40

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SpaceX filed for a temporary exception for Starlink to allow them to use them during orbit raising and positioning. I don't know if they'll have to keep asking for that exception every so often or if the rule will change or if SpaceX will just do without at some point in the future when the exception expires.

The thing is old school sats at GEO could take weeks to get into position and people needed them to sit still to be able to aim a ground sat at them. These will get into a usable position faster and all the ground antennas are phased array and can track them as they adjust their orbit. It doesn't make sense to go by the old rule for this new type of sat (in my opinion).

But then I don't work for the FCC so I can't say with any certainty how it'll go long term.

Interesting, do you know if there are caveats/ operation range restrictions to avoid ground stations interfering with other satellites in the beam path (if that is even an issue)?
It sure was. :oops: But all that matters is that it was successful according to the webcast host.

"The Everyday Astronaut" did a Kerbal mock up of the deployment which make it clearer.

Sorry the site insists in mangling the URL so you are the beginning instead of the time period where the good stuff happens. Here is the link as "code" so you can cut and paste it
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The mock-up deployment part starts at 1:49:30, if you want to save some scrolling. Very edifying simulation!

Hmm, I swear I posted the link that starts at the correct spot: Here it is again:

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