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Speed Traps in Mid-Atlantic Region

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Got my first ticket after 60,000 miles driving Teslas last night (61 MPH in a 45). Be careful as you approach Charlottesville on 29 South the speed limit on most of Route 29 from Western Fairfax County is 55 MPH and 60 in some places until you get South of the Charlottesville Airport - two VASP were sitting in the median and picking people off 500 yards from the 45 MPH sign.

Revenue generation for weekend overtime I guess.
Oh yeah, VA is bad, I got nailed on I-77 going OH to Myrtle Beach, all branches were preying on tourists, from city cop, sherriff, and staties, out there to make a buck.

The sad part is when you arrive home and you find a mailbox full of greedy ambulance chasing VA lawyers wanting to represent you in court, I can see that with the civil penalties.

My cop was brutally unpleasant but I knew enough to play stupid, scared, and extremely polite and he returned with a smile and friendly advice about the next speedtrap ahead, downgraded me so I won't have to appear.

Not mid-Atlantic but watch when you cross I-77 into Ohio, the friendly but unforgiving (unless bra size is adequate) OH force is waiting for you all the way to Cambridge.

Waze is your best friend.
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I am now in the habit of putting the tesla waze link on the top of my screen and regular nav map on the bottom. If you zoom to match the scales and allow waze to see your location it is pretty easy to glance quickly and avoid traffic, road hazards and speed-triggered extra fees...
The state police always do extra speed enforcement during holiday weekends, FWIW. I got caught during a weekend driving through the Smart Tag lanes just over the bridge on Powhite Parkway in Richmond last year where the speed limit drops 20 mph for a very short stretch. I notice that they are out there this weekend again. A famous one in my area is on I-295 between the James and Appomattox Rivers in Hopewell, where they call a one mile stretch the Million Dollar Mile.
Favorite this in your touchpad browser: Waze for Tesla Incidents

And more kudos and thanks to whoever created this website :)

+1 , it's brilliant.

Anyone driving the eastern shore route (1/13 to 168/158) to the OBX, even in the off season needs to be really careful. All these podunk, one stop light towns, especially in MD & VA have speed limits that drop from 55 to 35 in a heartbeat. And the cops sit waiting.

I recently got nailed actually in Kitty Hawk, crossing the Wright bridge in the SUV at midnight last spring. I guess the roof box and cargo carrier and Jersey plates didn't help. Allegedly clocked at 21 over the limit in a construction zone. Why to be excruciatingly polite to a cop? The infraction was a second degree misdemeanor and as the cop kindly pointed out - he could have arrested me. This was in front of the wife and kids. Anyway it was mandatory court appearance, facing $1,250 in fines and up to 30 days in jail...I got a lawyer and two months later and $400 lighter I was no longer an alleged criminal. Be careful!!!