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Spotify (North America) Issues


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Oct 29, 2014
I have V10 now on my car and I am having some issues with it. Note that I am using a paid account and I use the same ID across many other devices.

What is the best place to discuss issues? In this forum or is there another forum as these issues are likely not unique to Model S but would be similar with the Model X and 3.
Problem number one that I have is that whenever I return to the car after I have previously been playing Spotify in the car I get the error: "Playback Error - Spotify is playing on another device". So it appears that Spotify tries to play back the music on my phone or some other Spotify device. I then have to select some other audio source, like Slacker, and then back to Spotify to get it to work again.

FYI - I have about ten Spotify Connect devices in my house as I have a Control4 system and every room in my house with an audio endpoint is a Spotify device, as are several PCs and other devices running Spotify.
I've been prompted for my credentials at least 3 times. I don't drive the car daily, so my sample set is small, but I know it has happened multiple times. I don't really use Spotify outside of my car, however. I use Pandora so it does not appear to be a different device "stealing" the license.
Generally like having Spotify in my MS now with v10 - having access to my own playlists plus Daily Mix and Discover Weekly, as well as selection of other curated playlists seems to bring better music selection than Slacker. Not to mention ability to listen to whole albums etc. Oh and also I get to forget about all the long-standing nagging USB music player bugs for a while...

Main problem I’m having with Spotify on v10 is that it frequently hangs (eg at least once a day) - either get a Loading Error or simply get a forever spinning arrow icon. Usually can’t even select another Spotify playlist or song, just keeps spinning. Sometimes going out to Slacker and back to Spotify fixes it, though behaviour is inconsistent so I can’t say for sure there’s anything with that. Just frustrating it doesn’t simply work reliably without fussing with it (but then again, I’ve come to expect nothing else with Tesla’s music player)

have not had a problem like others have reported requiring me to re-login to my account. Also unlike others,I use my same Spotify account on my iPhone, iPad, a couple Macs and Sonos speaker, but have never had the car or any device complain my account is in use elsewhere
FYI - there is a thread here in the Model 3 forum. Not sure if the issues are the same for the Model S

Spotify w/ V10 update

I have experienced a number of the issues raised in the other thread, so I think it’s not model specific. I have not experienced the log-in issue, where you have to re-enter your credentials. It would be great to have a Tesla Spotify tutorial. I can’t access the owner’s guide any more w/v10 (have MCU 1 - saw another post about this elsewhere). As per usual, I’ve figured out most things by trial and error, reading posts here, and searching on the web. All that being said, having Spotify is a huge improvement. There is a lot of music that I can now listen to that was unavailable inthe Slacker library.
My service center had me turn off power saving and turn on keep connection alive, it's fixed spotify not connecting, but now I randomly get a notification that spotify is playing on my car while its been parked for hours. Also the battery drain with power saver off is about 10 miles a night and 5-10 during the day at work.
When I got in my car this morning it wanted me to log in, so I couldn't use it on my way to work. I never did log in, but after work it was working, but like a buggy piece of crap. Kept hanging and spinning and never heard a full song. It was working fine yesterday.
Ever since I posted this, Spotify has been working great. At this rate I will probably keep the service after the free trial ends.
Hi, how do you get your daily mix to show up on the Tesla screen? Thanks!
Open your “Daily Mix 1” and click on “Follow”, that will put it in your Playlist that shows up in the Tesla music player.

note: you can’t manually sort the order of items in your playlist directly in the car, nor via mobile app version of Spotify. But you CAN sort the playlist in the web browser version of Spotify back on your home computer, or also the native desktop app (for MacOS at least, I don’t know about PC). Just drag and drop items in the left sidebar view of the playlist in web browser or desktop app.