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Strange error messages (or lack of)

I had a strange problem with my Model 3 last weekend.

I was going on a short trip and I loaded up the trunk.
Then about 20 minutes later I got in the car and headed to the freeway.
After 5 or 10 miles I engaged the cruise control, but I got an error that said (something like) "cruise is not available"
I tried a few more times -- same error but no other error.
Stopped for a snack and the car did not auto lock.
I tried the phone app and locking had no effect and no error message.
I got back in the car and tried to see what was wrong.
Nothing was wrong that I could see.

10 minutes later I came back to the car and I get an error message that the trunk is not locked.
It turns out that it was just half-way latched. It there was an error message about it, it was during the time I wasn't in the car.
Closed the trunk. Everything works fine again.

Silly rule for M3 owners: If your cruise control (or AP) doesn't work it might be the trunk isn't closed.

What other conditions might cause a CC or AP failure???