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Supercharger - Bishop or Big Pine

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Oct 29, 2014
San Francisco
According to the latest "Today" map on Tesla's supercharger web page, there is a "coming soon" pin north of Lone pine, around Bishop or Big Pine.

Does anyone have any hints as to the location and/or timing of this new supercharger?

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 10.04.50 PM.png
There is another dormant thread concerning superchargers in the Eastern Sierra along US395. Bishop is on Tesla's radar, but the two locations that Tesla had scouted earlier this year fell through for various reasons. At this time, it is uncertain if Bishop is still going to receive a Supercharger, or if Tesla might move it to Mammoth Lakes (admittedly several miles off the highway, but closer to Tioga Pass for summertime.) I would agree that Big Pine is not likely as it is 16 miles closer to Lone Pine.

Tesla also plans to install superchargers eventually along US95 between Vegas and Reno, with Tonopah a likely candidate for one. Bishop would make perfect placement to enable driving east-west along US6 to Ely and other points.

I think we will see results by spring next year, but my Magic 8 Ball does not always work!
Over on the Supercharger map at Tesla Motors for 2016 there is a pin that looks awfully darn close to the Tonopah area (slightly northeast of the putative Bishop Supercharger.) And there looks to be another pin somewhere around Hawthorne or Yerington.