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  1. Beta V

    Discount offer

    About a week ago, I took a test drive of a 2023 MX. I was happy with the yoke but not the price so I told the salesman that I would think about ordering a vehicle. That was a week ago. Yesterday, I got a call from a California-based Tesla Ownership Loyalty Advisor who offered a "$20,000...
  2. danny

    Tesla 2023 Predictions - FSD Beta, Model 3 Refresh, Superchargers, Cybertruck, New Model

    We make various Tesla predictions for 2023. Topics- 0:00 What month and day will Superchargers open to non-Tesla vehicles in the United States? 1:52 Will Louis use a Supercharger in calendar 2023? 2:41 What month and day will a Cybertruck be delivered to a customer? 3:50 When will FSD come...
  3. G

    Steam or smoke while supercharging 2015 w/o a heat pump

    Newbie here sorry for the long post. Just my style. Pretty sure my new to me 2015 doesn't have a heat pump right? Searching for "smoke while supercharging" results in a M3 topic where the issue was put to rest as "sometimes happens with heat pumps as you go from battery heating to battery...
  4. Hank42

    "A" Pack upgraded to "D" pack - slow supercharging

    Not sure where to post this exactly. My 2012 S 85kw "A" pack was replaced with a "D" pack. Yay me! (Thanks Tesla!!) When I supercharge I never get close to 90Kw let alone 150 or 250 Kw. Did Tesla forget to flip a virtual dip switch? Is my 2012 too old to support higher charging despite the...
  5. theflyer

    Supercharging.Life database

    Supercharging.Life is a relational database for the Superchagers Visited competition. Completed in the summer of 2022, it replaces the Google Sheets approach used for the last couple of years. This thread also largely supersedes the Superchargers visited 3.0 thread. The database focuses on...
  6. Tadara

    Super Charging Etiquette

    Newbie here, just wondering what Supercharching etiquette dictates. I don’t want to offend anyone by parking beside them. I read you should leave space just wondering if I should wait when there is only one space left. How does parking beside someone affect both drivers? Thanks.
  7. NoGasNoBrakes

    How Some Tesla Owners Break The Law to "Stop ICE-ing"

    @SteelClouds explains what some Tesla owners do when ICE cars park in a charging spot... This is a clip from Tesla Motors Club Podcast #13. The full podcast video is available here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/will-elon-musk-finally-improve-tesla’s-service-tmc-podcast-13.269425/
  8. G

    Unlimited supercharging unavailable for model x

    I just took delivery of a 2022 model x 5 seats, I placed this order last year(2021) in February. My motor vehicle order agreement states that I get unlimited free supercharging but this is not the cases as it says pay as you go on the vehicle. Any idea on what I can do to get this activated or...
  9. T

    Supercharging projection underestimated

    I am experiencing recent supercharging projection underestimations for my 2015 MS90D. I only notice the variations miles after leaving the supercharger. Any help or feedback would be appreciated as a miscalculation such as this could leave an owner stranded. Here is additional information...
  10. J

    Supercharger - Dayton, OH - Austin Landing (speculation)

    I'll open up a discussion as I have word that Tesla is looking to install a supercharger at Austin Landing. Being so close to the juncture of I-75 and I-675 and the close proximity to shopping and restaurants this is an ideal location. This is where I think the Dayton Supercharger will be that...
  11. B

    Transfer of Ownership Process - Supercharging

    I just bought a 2015 MS 85 from a small independent non-Tesla dealer. They knew very little about EVs because they normally sell trucks, but the dealer was selling the Tesla on behalf of his neighbor. The previous owner didn’t know what free supercharging even was, but I have every indication...
  12. J

    Supercharging time and required charge inaccurate

    We frequent the same trip to Vermont up the throughway weekly. Typically we need to stop and charge between 20-30 minutes depending on wind, weather... etc... We've been doing this trip for years now and used to do it with our Model X 90D. Lately in our Model Y LR I've noticed when we stop the...
  13. G

    Free Supercharging

    Hello all.. Anyone successfully been able to transfer free supercharging after purchasing MX that is a 67 plate or younger please?
  14. N

    Is it safe to charge my macbook air and ipad in the USB c ports? (also what Wattage does it pull?)

    Hi everyone! Happy holidays/Merry Christmas etc! I‘m probably being overly cautious but ya know, i love my car and my tech. I just want to make sure I’m not going to damage anything… Also as a sidenote, I am charging the car and charging my ipad right now through the car and it seems like...
  15. S

    Do different model years have different top supercharging speeds?

    Surprisingly I couldn't find a straightforward answer to this question online: I have a 2017 Model X 75D - Will my car be able to take advantage of the 250 kW speed or are older models limited to a different number? If it is different, is there a resource that shows the different charging rates...
  16. U

    Accidental disconnect wouldn't let me finish charging to 90%

    Due to "high usage" Tesla lowered my charge limit from 90% to 80%, so I set it back to 90% and went shopping. When I thought the app showed 90%, I walked back to disconnect; but I misread the 80%. I didn't know because I just unplugged my car upon arrival; when I opened the door, I saw it was...
  17. J

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 - Fully Loaded w/Lifetime Supercharging, Premium Connectivity, and Rear Jump Seats

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 · Driven 156,000 miles 234mi when charged to 100% Infotainment MCU2 upgrade Free lifetime unlimited supercharging Free lifetime unlimited premium connectivity Has every single upgrade possible at the time Tech Package Ultra High Fidelity Sound package Has the...
  18. F

    2016.5 Model S 90D 34K Miles - NJ

    Selling my Model S 90D 2016.5 (updated front) . Driven 33,700 Miles Asking $55K Bought in Jan 2019 directly from Tesla as CPO. Includes Free Unlimited Supercharging and Premium Connectivity. CPO Warranty should be in effect till Jan 2023 (or 66,800 Miles Total) - TBC based on tesla current...
  19. R

    If tesla opens supercharging to other vehicles. Can current tesla owners sue tesla

    If tesla opens up the supercharging network to other vehicles this will 1. increase the usage of the sites, which can lead to longer wait times. p.s. wait times in California long will current tesla owners have a right to sue Tesla. (ie class actions) They bought their Tesla s for the car and...
  20. axalam

    Tesla Supercharging - SC05 - Transfer supercharging workaround?

    Hey everyone, So I was just trying to buy a Tesla from someone and they let me know that their car is currently optioned with "SC05" option code. For those of you who are not aware, SC05 basically means "Free unlimited supercharging - but only for first owner" aka non-transferable supercharing...
  21. axalam

    Opinion needed - 2017 Model S 90D - 38K miles

    Hey everyone, I am currently in the process of buying a car with all features and options. The car is a 2017 Tesla Model S 90D with 38,000 miles. The features include: Free transferable supercharging (verified with option codes. Also car is a 12/2016 build but vin is 2017) Free premium...
  22. M

    Salvage cars: Tesla permanently disabling SC from supercharger

    Hi guys, just drawing your attention to this tweet from @wk057 "Tesla really doesn't want people with salvage cars using superchargers. Aside from legal threats in their docs, they're blocking it in more ways now. Seems even offline cars on semi-modern firmware can now have it perm disabled...
  23. M

    Model S Unnerfed on 2020.48.30

    My Model S 75D nerfed to 80kw max is now charging at 117kw on a V2 120kw SC since 2020.48.30 update. HW3 also recently fitted but the unnerfing came only after 2020.48.30
  24. O

    EVGO vs Supercharger

    Gotta share this experience and I hope it makes you smile. I'm a charge-at-home guy so seldom have to use public charging facilities. Wife and I decided to drive about to the outlet mall about 120 miles away to do some early Christmas shopping. I noted that the mall had an electric charging...
  25. C

    V3 Supercharging rate with Version H battery, anyone tested?

    Any new owners are able to see how fast their new build Model X can charge on V3 supercharging. It's supposed to be up to 250kw now and curious what the charge experience has been.
  26. adayley

    End of June delivery, still no free supercharging

    I see other threads here that this is not a new issue. I suppose I am venting since Tesla isn't doing anything. Unasked, I was offered a year of free supercharging if I took delivery before the end of June. I took delivery June 25th. I still have not be granted the free supercharging. After...
  27. D

    Tesla increases Model S and X Supercharging rate to 225 kW

    Tesla increases Model S and X Supercharging rate to 225 kW — Electrek Anyone seen this yet? Does mean it will charge as fast as a Model 3?
  28. ElectricIAC

    Model 3 1yr free SC for deliveries through 6/30? Details inside.

    Anyone else get this text?
  29. BM3B

    Record: longest battery pre-conditioning

    I thought it might be a good time to look at the records for batter preconditioning since many of us have cold-soaked batteries due to not driving. Rules: - no squatting i.e. can't just sit at home or at the supercharging before charging to keep preconditioning going, you have to keep moving -...
  30. MichaelP90DL

    USA Today says S & X price cut means no more free Supercharging.

    For new cars, apparently. Tesla cuts car prices by up to $5K
  31. M3tex

    What is more damaging to the battery?

    I am going on a road trip and am wondering, which one is more damaging to the battery -- slow charging to 100% at home, or slow charging only to 90% but then supercharging extra 10% than otherwise? I understand that both charging to 100% as well as supercharging have negative effects on battery...
  32. S

    Supercharger Free?

    Probably a stupid question, but I used a Supercharger (Maidstone) today for about 15 mins and it said my charge was about a tenner. However, I just drove off afterwards and have had no prompt to pay it other than the figure being shown on my last charge. How do they draw this money down - I’ve...
  33. Zcd1

    EV and ICE enthusiasts: Can't we all just get along??

    One thing that has amazed me in the year I've owned my Model 3 is the amount of H8 and venom spewed at EVs in general and Teslas in particular. From ICE-ing Superchargers, to "rolling coal", to road-rage incidents to internet commentary, I just don't get from where all the ill-will stems...
  34. Kbra

    Supercharging the Mobile Megapack at Madonna Inn

    Tesla brought the mobile Megapack with Superchargers back to the Madonna Inn Supercharger to help out with Christmas travel. It now has an upgrade where it can recharge from the onsite Superchargers. Unfortunately it was not providing power from it's 8 on board chargers while blocking 2 stalls...
  35. R

    Supercharging sessions (charges) not showing up on account / car

    I got my car in May 2018 and had a credit card setup on my account. From then until September 2019 any time I supercharged, it'd appear on the display and on the account and would charge me. In October, the card that was on my account was replaced with a new one (someone had charged some stuff...
  36. T

    New Owner: Supercharging

    I thought I had read somewhere that new owners get a complimentary 1500kms of Supercharging? Am I mistaken? Thanks.
  37. Wvapoker

    West Virginia to Florida - A Thanksgiving Road Trip

    Prior to this trip I searched the forums and the internet for information about the east coast superchargers and Thanksgiving travel and while there was some data I couldn’t find specifics on supercharger demand during the holidays. The fact is that not much pressure have been applied to the...
  38. FalconFour

    Did you know the 3 heats the battery (actively) constantly while DC charging at any speed or temp?

    I bet you didn't. I'll bet you're thinking right now, "no, that's nonsense, that can't be right, let me get in this thread and tell this idiot off". Or maybe "what makes you think that, where'd you get that data?". Perhaps "no, that's just because DC charging causes the battery to heat up"...
  39. CMc1

    REMINDER: Leave a gap on V2 superchargers

    Amazing how many don’t know about this... Reminding people/making people aware every other week, when there are plenty other unused stalls. Parking next to another Tesla whilst charging on V2 will share the speed. You might be happy with that, but the car next door may not and might be in a...
  40. P

    2016 Model X Free Unlimited Supercharging Question

    Hi All, I'm close to purchasing one of two 2016 Model X 90ds. One is from a private seller, the other is from a Third Party Dealership. I've been searching the web but cannot get a straight, clear answer to my question so posting it here: Does Free Unlimited Supercharging (FUSC) transfer to...
  41. G

    A 20,000km road trip in my new Model 3

    I just returned from a 45 day road trip in my new Model 3, which was over 20,000km (12,400 miles) all over North America. In the video below, I covered some of the best and worst things about taking a Tesla on a long road trip. If anyone here is thinking about taking their Tesla on a long...
  42. S

    HELP! Model S Won’t Charge at Supercharger

    Hey guys, I’m in sort of a pickle here. Was driving back to Birmingham from Atlanta after a football game and planned on using the supercharger in Oxford, AL instead of using one in ATL for a few minutes after the game. Anyway, I pulled in with 10 miles range. When I plug in, it says “starting...
  43. SeanM

    Different charges during Supercharging.

    Hello All, I did a Myrtle beach trip over last week and for first time charged my Model-3 at Superchargers. The first 20 mins the Supercharger does around 450 mph - 525 mph, afterwards it starts dropping the mph rate of charging. My question is, after first 20 mins of charging the cost/min is...
  44. A

    Battery charge issue

    Hi All I have a 2018 Model S (Long Range) which I got in May and now it has 3500 miles on it. I have set the daily charging to 90% which was recommended to me. During the initial days when I use to charge it used to charge till 300 miles (which is 90% of 334). 334 miles was in the ad when I...
  45. V

    Bike Hitch Rack and Superchargers

    Planning to purchase a Thule Apex XT 5 to carry our 5 bikes. We might take some trips that require supercharging in Southern California. Are there any challenges with using this bike rack and fitting the Model X to supercharge? For 5 bikes, are there any other recommended bike hitch racks?
  46. GolanB

    Request for Comments on Real World Charging Rates for Diagram

    Forum members, I've been in contact with the author of this helpful charging rate diagram via email, which was last updated in July of 2018. He sent me the following note, asking for input so he can update his chart. I'll pass along your comments to him.
  47. Zcd1

    V3 Supercharging tested by Motor Trend...

    Pretty in-depth, too, so props to MT for sticking with it to try to get accurate results. One key thing is mentioned in the text, but not given enough emphasis, IMO: Supercharing to 100% is rare, so the x% to 80-90% times are the useful figures. Tesla V3 Supercharger: We Put the Latest Fast...
  48. G

    Unlimited supercharging disappearing from used/cpo cars

    I've seen tesla-info report that the unlimited supercharging codes have been changed to pay per use on pretty much all used/cpo inventory. So even cars built in say 2015 when all cars had unlimited supercharging are having it taken away when they're being resold by Tesla. This is not the same as...
  49. seenhear

    Forum For Supercharging?

    I don't see a forum that's appropriate to post topics about supercharging, which is a topic common to all tesla vehicles, not just one vehicle type. Maybe we could have a forum for questions that are common to all vehicles (not just supercharging?) Then again, there's a forum for autopilot...
  50. R

    Who is supposed to get Free Supercharging?

    I'm confused by the changes in prices and promos going on... I already own a Model S and ordered a Raven'X earlier this May, and still don't have a VIN (Estimate delivery was May when I ordered - so that did not happen). Since I ordered, the price dropped by $2K. Also, it seems like there is...

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