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System Freeze Responses Delayed when no signal

I recently returned from a trip to Georgia from Indiana. On the way back my car had me stop in Cookeville, TN to charge up with my following stop in Elizabethtown, KY.

About 10 miles into the drive from Cookeville my car stopped responding to input, my speedometer was frozen, my map was showing the blue line for the path and indicating the roads at each junction but the rest of the map was empty - no data - no roads - no nothing but that blue line and the occasional road name.

I continued on for a while until I reached a town where I had cell signal (on my phone at least) and went into a convenience store to give the car some time to catch up. When I got back, things started coming back online and I thought I was good. I could see my current driving speed and the map was loading - slowly but surely.

The downside as that my car was saying I’d have 3% state of charge when I got to Elizabethtown. Before the blip, it was saying 30% - I was expecting to get there with ~15%. I started driving as efficiently as possible using regen and turned down the air conditioning. I slowly built it up to ~6% estimated state of charge.

However, at some point I got back to some form of civilization and my car did the “recalculating route…” thing and all of a sudden, after it finished calculating, my destination miles and percentage were back to what it should have been. I was going to have ~17% state of charge when I arrived in Elizabethtown.

The glitch scared the crap out of me. I left Cookeville at <70% state of charge because my car told me I had enough charge and I felt confident in that. Then all of a sudden I was unable to see how fast I was going or know if my car was keeping me on a safe path that would get me to another charge station before my car died. I felt that me and my kids were going to be stranded trying to charge on someone’s 110v for a day.

I understand nothing can be done about losing cell signal, but 2 things on that. (1) load the trip for the map into memory so this type of issue is less of a concern (2) why tf did the entire system freeze up over loss of connection!? I couldn’t even see my speed?

I was going to reset my screen when I stopped at the convenience store, but when I came back and it was mostly working again, I thought I’d let it do it’s thing. That was my mistake. I should’ve just reset the screen and that may have made the trip less stressful for that part of the drive.

Any recommendations on what I could’ve done? Anyone experience a similar problem on a road trip?

Software: v11.1 (2023.12.10)
FSD: v11.3.6
Nav Data: NA-2022.44-14515
Your problems probably don't stem from a cell signal loss. That happens sometimes and the car continues to run just fine. You simply lose traffic information and at some point you lose the gps visualisation as it cannot download new tiles.

Your actual problem is that the UI froze, which can happen even with a good connection. Sometimes when that happens it reboots by itself. When it doesn't, as in your case, you should reboot it manually by holding the two scroll wheels of the steering pressed until the screen goes black. You can do it while driving if you have to. The car continues to drive just fine, as you've experienced.

EDIT: IT happens more often for me on road trips because I use Sentry so the car never falls asleep to "reset" things.
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Just push and hold the thumbwheels and let it reset. This can be done while driving, even with FSD enabled, it will keep driving.
You just lose the screen and audio during the reset.
It wasn't cell signal, that happens all the time, especially if you were going straight line. I think that you would have lost it from Chatanooga to Cookeville. a few times, unless you drove up I-75.

Simply putt, stuff happens periodically. It's not common, but it's not uncommon either.