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Tesla Semi electric trucks to power log-hauling program in Canada

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Tesla Semi electric trucks to power log-hauling program in Canada- ELECTREK

Tesla Semi electric trucks are going to power a log-hauling pilot program in Canada that is aspiring to be the first zero-emissions log trucking operation.

Mosaic Forest Management, a timberlands management company based on Vancouver Island, explains the need to electrify logging operations:

The BC forest sector has a significant role to play in addressing climate change. The working forest captures carbon as it grows, and wood products keep that carbon locked-up for decades. New trees are planted and the renewable cycle repeats. However, forestry operations generate tailpipe emissions, including from log trucks. Electrifying the fleet is a particularly good approach in British Columbia where over 90% of power in the Province is generated from clean hydroelectric sources.
However, Mosaic also says that there’s currently no log truck that can handle the conditions in which they work on Vancouver Island.

Now the company announces that they ordered “several Tesla Semi trucks” for an electric log hauling on the island:

Mosaic Forest Management is announcing its partnership with local Vancouver Island service provider, EcoWest Driven, to introduce several Tesla semi-trucks into log hauling. There are currently no commercially available electric log truck solutions appropriate for the terrain on Vancouver Island.
EcoWest Driven is going to build a charging station with 45 commercial chargers and a service garage at their Angel Road property in Parksville.

Jarvis Shaver, director and cofounder of EcoWest Driven, commented on the project:

We have begun the process of creating charging infrastructure and a new electric vehicle maintenance facility in Parksville, BC, to accommodate this new demand for emission-free heavy haulers.
Timber Johnson, director and cofounder of EcoWest Driven, added:

With our in-depth experience and knowledge of the forestry industry on Vancouver Island, we are excited to partner with Mosaic to utilize Tesla’s innovative electric semis into log haulers.
As far as they know, it’s going to be the first time that someone is going to use electric trucks as log haulers.


The Tesla Semi is finally getting close to production after several years of delays.

As we reported last month, sources familiar with the matter told Electrek that Tesla is currently building a new Tesla Semi production line at a new building near its Gigafactory Nevada plant, and it plans to produce five electric trucks per week at the location.

The plan is still to build the vehicle in volume at Gigafactory Texas, but that won’t happen until Tesla can ramp up production of its own new 4680 battery cells next year.
It is truly unfortunate that Tesla is forced to constrain Semi production in favor of cars that will typically average 1 passenger and much lower carbon effect vs large scale transportation. The reality is 10x the cells to power a truck that will net a far lower profit margin is a losing proposition in the short term. If only government regulation could shift the balance in favor of investment as they did with the US tax credit on passenger EVs (etc).
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