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Thanks To Elon and the entire Tesla crew

for yet another successful product in the Model X.....please post and let the Tesla crew know we appreciate all the effort. Still loving my P85D (deposit already placed for the Ludicrous upgrade) and now awaiting the X!!!
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I could not agree more... Congrats Tesla!!!

I agree with your agreement :cool: Way to go Tesla and the new Model X owners!

Now, may be Tesla will surprise us and release a truck just after the Model 3? They have a great platform with the Model X -- just add a truck bed and perhaps increase the towing capacity to 7,000 lbs! They might need to take out the third row and reduce the second row spacing somewhat for that though.
I enjoyed the event and realized that it took a lot of effort from a large number of people to pull the "Launch" off. Not only for the Reservation Holders, but earlier for the press, and the following day for Tesla Employees.

With all the "I didn't like's" here and on the Tesla Web Site, I would challenge anyone to put together the same event in 8 days -- invite to on stage!

Thanks for everything Tesla and to all the People who put the Model X's on Stage and gave me and other an opportunity to ride those personal roller coasters.
Thanks to Tesla Motors for leasing the Solyndra building for the event. Thanks for renting all the buses to transport us from remote parking areas. Most of all, we appreciate all the badges, food, beverages, rides and stage entertainment featuring moving winged vehicles with automatic front opening doors. Best of all, thanks for expanding the attendance so everyone who took the time to stay late could get their ride or examine Elon's Model X in detail. I appreciate the effort and the answers to my questions both at the Launch Event and at the Tesla Motors Factory Tour the following day.
thanks to tesla motors for taking the initiative in the first place for us to be able to laude or complain about the amazing products that they are bringing to a hungry market that the establishment has not wanted to touch.
I am still scratching my head at all the engineering that went into this car. Simply amazing effort. My congrats to you for doing the impossible. Your hard work and long hours paid off. finally shipping a product like the model x is nothing short of awesome.