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The Coil Suspension finally met its match at Hotel Eastlund in Portland


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May 3, 2015
Snohomish, WA
It's that moment those of us with Coil-Suspension dread. That moment when we realize "Oh, CRAP!!" we might not make it up a ramp.

It happened to me at the Hotel Eastlund in Portland. As I was coming up the ramp I saw the edge with all the black marks of previous victims, and I don't know why I didn't stop. I have no idea what possessed me to continue up it. I pictured myself bottoming out and getting stuck as my mind did the geometry, but I still didn't stop.

I went slow, and of course I heard that dreaded scrap. Not too badly, but enough to know I screwed up.

All because it was $20 cheaper on Hotel Tonight than the hotel next to it.

Now I don't believe I made a mistake in suspension choice because as far as I know the Tesla has the same ground clearance as most cars in its class. It really comes down to Hotel Eastlund having a really poorly designed entrance parking ramp. There is no way any sports car would make it up that thing without scraping. I looked at the ramp and I could see the gouges in it.

Awesome Hotel aside from that issue though so it's kind of unfortunate. If I do stay there again I'll make sure to park on the street and have them bring my car in via the exit which doesn't have that ramp.