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  1. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Hines, OR

    Racers, start your engines! Wait...ummm, you all want to drive through here in EVs, right? So, I guess... Racers, get ready to stop your engines! :D I found Tesla's electrical permit application (389-20-000147-ELEC) for a supercharger at the Rite Aid on US-20/US-395 in Hines, OR--it's just...
  2. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Seattle, WA - NW. Ballard Way (LIVE Dec 2020, 8 V2 stalls)

    Permit #: 6763164-EL Issued: 2020-01-08 What: Tesla to install 8 urban (72 kW) superchargers in the basement level of the parking garage at Ballard Blocks (Trader Joe's, Ross, etc). Address: 1416 NW Ballard Way, Seattle, WA 98107 GPS: 47.662639, -122.374975 As the work was permitted in...
  3. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Hillsboro, OR

    https://www.hillsboro-oregon.gov/home/showdocument?id=25410 What: New 12-stall V3 supercharger (+ 4 L2 stalls) planned for the parking lot of the Target at Tanasbourne Town Center in Hillsboro, OR. Address: 18101 NW Evergreen Pkwy, Hillsboro, OR 97006 GPS: 45.538579, -122.866166 Something...
  4. 3

    Supercharger - Ontario, OR

    Copying emupilot’s methods to find the Klamath Falls permit in 2016, I did a routine search of the Oregon building permits database, and found an 8 space Supercharger permit for: 243 East LN, Ontario OR Lots of fast food choices, 2 hotels, 2 grocery stores etc. I wanted to find a permit for...
  5. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Shelby, MT

    I've found a utility location request for a site-design survey that might be for a future supercharger at the Shelby Best Western Inn & Suites right at the intersection of US-2 and I-15. I think it's right but, until there's some other confirmation, I'm ambivalent about whether it's enough for...
  6. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Miles City, MT

    Miles City location found! What: Found pre-excavation, undergound utilities location request for installing Superchargers (likely 8 V3 stalls) at the Cenex Zip Trip gas station/truck stop, which is about a 1/4 mile from the I-94 ramps. And based on the date of the call and the above quoted...
  7. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Blaine, WA

    Just found an underground utilities search alert ticket on behalf of Tesla for "INSTALL ELEC SERVICE/ CHARGING STATIONS" at a market and shopping center right off I-5 between Blaine and Custer. Link to ticket. Using the information from that, I also found an L&I Electrical permit showing...
  8. Daniellane

    Come see our New Model 3 Vancouver, WA

    We’re bringing our New Model 3 to the Vancouver, Washington Supercharger this Thursday 4/3/18 ~ noon. So if you haven’t gotten a chance to check one out, here’s your chance.
  9. M

    Blackvue Camera Install

    I am planning to have the Blackvue 750 Camera installed March 21. Anyone in Puget Sound interested in getting a system installed can contact Calibred Customs.
  10. K

    Model 3 on Turo in Kirkland

    There's now a listing on Turo for a Model 3 in the Greater Seattle area. My wife and I are considering renting it for a day before configuring. $250/day is steep, but potentially worth it to see how the "sports sedan" suspension plays with Seattle streets. Kipa
  11. J

    Model S For Sale

    2013 Tesla Model S for sale. $49k. 85P. 40,560 miles. Under transferable CPO warranty till Sept. 4, 2019 or 100,000 miles whichever comes first. Clean title in hand. Drivers edition: because this is a performance version you would not want to use AP anyway. Really. Head turning metallic...
  12. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Protection

    The best time to protect your new car is when it's BRAND NEW. The very best way to protect your car is wrapping it in self healing, hydrophobic and extremely glossy STEK DYNOshield. DYNOshield is infused with a nano coating during the manufacturing process making it the easiest to maintain...
  13. Discoducky

    Voltacharging station at Trader Joe's Sammamish

    Brand spanking new. Doesn't show up on their site or app yet. Very excited for this totally free station
  14. Xtek

    Snoqualmie summit Model X

    The last 6 years I've had an Audi S6 with aggressive snow tires (Blizzaks). I'm going up to Snoqualmie summit for a work ski event and was wondering thoughts on using the OE All Seasons (20" ContiSilent 265/45R20) to get around. I was looking at the chains but $440 for the OE chains seems...
  15. C

    Model 3s on a Vehicle Transport in Seattle

    I was just driving on I5 in Seattle and happened to see this! Couple of Model 3s, some Ss, and an X on a transport!
  16. MikeBur

    WTB 2014+ Leaf SL or e-Golf Premium SEL

    Hi all. Looking for first car for my daughter. Very proud when she stated “I’ll only consider an electric car, as I mean to start as I will continue”. I’m trying to find right balance between cost, reliability, etc. range of 60-70 miles is great as it’ll be local runabout. Ideal would be...
  17. G

    Taking a Model 3 to Alaska

    In 2014 I drove a Model S to Alaska (my Tesla Tijuana to Tundra Tour - T5). It should be a bit easier with a Model 3, so I'm thinking about going for it again. So a couple questions for the community. 1) Has anyone else taken an EV from the lower 48 to Alaska. I consider the ferry...
  18. NHK X

    Smoking FWD, resolved

    Posted a month back about a smoking FWD. In short (no pun intended) early in the AM I set car via app to precondition. Car had already charged to 100% around midnight prior. I drive a 75D MX, build date late AUG 2017. Walked into the garage to see faint whisp of white smoke coming from the...
  19. Super_Popular


    Less than 500 miles on them, no lugs. Located in Portland OR and I will not ship them. $1500 I will post pics at some point. Thanks!
  20. RobertSeattle

    Downtown Seattle Service Center or Bellevue Service Center?

    Between home and work I can use either one - curious if anyone prefers one over the other.
  21. Rossy

    Model X: Towing a White Water Retro 15.5

    Took delivery of a Red 100D 9/11/17. We have 10,500 miles on it ~5 months later. Love this car! And Tesla Red looks as good on Earth as it does in orbit. I have had a couple of DOH! User errors with the Bosal Hitch adaptor. Will probably do some you-tube videos to so people the gotchas so you...
  22. U

    Parking at SeaTac airport

    Searching only yields a very old thread from 2013. Does anyone know of the best place to park near SeaTac airport? I know the airport-owned lot has 48 spaces for EVs with free charging but the daily cost is $30. Are there other lots around the airport which are good to park at that offer...
  23. JackA

    Aerovironment TurboCord

    Plug-In North Central Washington needs an Aervironment TurboCord for a demonstration at Millersylvania State Park in March. We really do not want to buy one as it would be used only once. If you can lend us one please respond.
  24. Drivesolo

    Model 3 at Bellevue Square

    A co-worker sent me an e-mail said that a Model 3 would be on display at the Bellevue Square store Copy & pasted from e-mail: Starting February 9, Model 3 will be on display at Tesla Bellevue Square. Be among the first to sit inside Model 3 and experience the expansive glass roof...
  25. Wazzul

    21" Silver Arachnid Wheels and Tires

    Selling my 21" Arachnid Silver wheels and Michelin Pilot Super Sports - brand new! The package includes a set of staggered Arachnid Wheels and tires 2x Michelin Pilot SuperSport 265/35/ZR 21 tires in the front 2x Michelin Pilot SuperSport 245/35/ZR 21 tires in the rear Each wheel includes a...
  26. G

    See a Model 3?

    My Model X is getting Lemon Law'd, and we're trying to decide between an S,X, or 3 as the replacement. Have a Model 3 invite to configure, so I have that option but haven't seen one yet. Anyone know if any Seattle area Tesla stores have one, or is there anyone willing to show off theirs to me...
  27. Big-T

    Seattle City light and Charging stations

    Hey guys, I came across this article yesterday talking about SCL installing to electric charging stations on Beacon HIll. The article goes on to say....."The charging stations, along with hundreds that Seattle City Light is working to install in private homes, are part of “Drive Clean...
  28. F

    Good to go sticker on Model 3?

    Has anyone put on a good to go sticker on the Model 3 yet? Does it work? (I guess everyone is probably still enjoying the free toll road for not having license plates :D)
  29. gowthamn

    Model 3s in Seattle / Bellevue showrooms?

    Haven't seen a Model 3 yet. Is it there in the tesla showrooms in Bellevue?
  30. F

    Four channel dashcam install in OR - Calibred customs

    Hey folks - Calibred Customs is coming to do a four channel Blackvue dashcam install in a couple weeks on my new MX. Thought others might be interested as I've heard they do awesome work (can't post in that thread due to broken spam filter).
  31. ww73

    The 3 is here!

    Picked up our blue M3 LR this morning! Wife's been driving it, so I only got to drive it in/out of the garage. :-) Couple things we've noted: - Got the homelink setup. You have to hold the remote really close to the bumper for it to pair. - GPS is not calibrated correctly yet...
  32. Robotpedlr

    19" Cyclone Wheels / Tires

    I just took delivery of my 2017 MS and have a brand new set of 19" OEM Cyclone Wheels and the stock Goodyear all season tires. Everything is brand new and has 100 miles on it as of this posting. I am trying to decide if I want to move to larger diameter wheels/tires, so am seeing if there is...
  33. Thomas Edison

    PDX: Is there going to be an invite only m3 viewing in the near future?

    Just saw this happened in Palo Alto. If anyone gets an invite please let us know.
  34. Beta V

    Rain-sensing wipers (Update)

    It's been "raining" here in Seattle all week. However, unlike Texas or Southern California rain, we often get a fine mist that coats (and obscures) the windshield in a way that seems to fool the rain-sense wipers. The problem as I see it, is that the rain is not coming fast enough to trigger the...
  35. J

    Hand Car Wash in NW Houston?

    Anybody have a recommendation for a hand car wash location in Northwest Houston, the nearer to Cypress area, the better? TIA
  36. R

    Any Telsa owners in Seattle area work on their cars?

    Im a car enthusiast and have always liked modifying each car which I have owned to suit my driving style and aesthetic. Mostly that meant that at the minimum, I would modify the suspension, wheels, tint, all weather mats, electronics, etc. Being involved in various automotive enthusiast forums...
  37. Kuhz

    19” Slipstream wheels and tires - SEATTLE

    Selling my 19” Slipstream wheels and tires. Came off my ‘17 75D with less than 3k miles. Mounted, balanced, and ready to go. Perfect condition. Comes with TPMS and center caps (either original or TSportline, haven’t made up my mind which ones to keep on the new wheels). Looking for around $1500
  38. J

    WA state registration fees for Model 3

    Has anyone from Washington taken delivery yet? My dad lives in Olympia and is going to take my reserved car, but he's wondering what the registration fees will be. Can anyone help with this info? Thanks!
  39. B

    Thinking about adding a sub to your S in the PNW? (Portland area specifically)

    I'm looking to add a sub (basically the NVX kit) to my S, and have a decent amount of DIY experience doing this sort of thing. I've installed five or six various levels of stereos in my vehicles over the years, but this time around my garage is full of other projects! I really want to get this...
  40. T

    Just received Model 3 configuration/order email

    I just received my email from Tesla telling me it’s time to configure my Model 3. I’m in the Seattle metro area. I’m NOT going to use this. Circumstances have changed (getting divorced) so my Model S is all I need and can afford. If anyone else is interested in using my spot in line - and...
  41. Beta V

    Navigation Deadend

    I asked my new Model X to "Navigate to Leavenworth, Washington" while fully charged in my garage in Redmond, WA (just north and east of Seattle). It dutifully drew the (only) route up State Route 2. Fine. However, it reminded me the return trip would leave me with -13% power. I can only assume...
  42. pdx3181

    Just dropped off my month-old 100D for a surprisingly open-ended service appointment

    Pretty bummed. I've had the car just over a month. I've had a series of pretty minor issues until yesterday. The most significant was that I would park the car and the auto-presenting door would pop open again immediately. It wasn't the end of the world - it didn't happen often and once I...
  43. Discoducky

    NW Model 3 sightings

    Spotted a red beauty at Centralia with Oregon plates!
  44. Beta V

    Just Question from a New Owner

    I finally picked up my new Model X 75D. Due to a misunderstanding, I had not set up my spouse as a secondary owner, but once this was discovered, the Bellevue, Washington dealer (off NE 20th) quickly resolved the problem and I was able to get possession this morning. Of course, even after the...
  45. R

    Seattle to Vancouver

    Hello everyone We will be taking a trip from Seattle to Vancouver, BC in January in our S85D. The hotel we are staying at near Stanley Park does not have destination charging so it likely that we will be relying solely on the supercharger network. Given that it is cold at this time of the...
  46. J

    Model S snow chains, all-weather front trunk mat

    Located in Seattle. Prefer local buyer, but also able to ship, or possibly meet along Seattle - SF Bay Area corridor during Christmas week (currently planning a road trip)... Tesla-branded all-weather front trunk mat was purchased for 2013 rear-wheel drive Model S. We only loaded the front...
  47. pdxgibby

    Supercharger - Tigard, OR

    New supercharger listed in Tigard, OR. Target opening by end of 2017. Any idea of where this will be? Washington Square possibly? Has anyone found any permits of located the exact location of this one?
  48. Discoducky

    New Bellevue store in mall

    Anyone know when it opens?
  49. E

    Tesla Battery Modules for sale

    Tesla Model S Battery Modules for sale
  50. RVD98072

    Bay area to Seattle over Thanksgiving

    I'm planning to make this drive next week in my Model X 100D. I have never made this drive in my Tesla but drove my ICE car last week. It took me around 14 hours door to door making a lot of stops for breaks, food, rest, etc. I left at around 7am and arrive at 9pm so I was always in pretty...