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The peculiar adventures of two EVs.

This is my current conspiracy theory too. I wonder if someone did and published investigative article on this.

This reminds me the types of projects I get involve with:

1. A customer publishes specifications for a project.
2. Several companies then bid for implementing the project.
3. The customer selects a winner (in general the cheapest) and the project development starts.
4. After completion of the project, the customer defines a maintenance plan.
5. Again, several companies bid for getting the maintenance contract (at the cheapest cost...).
6. The maintenance contract has a limited duration, so there will be again a new contract bid later on.

The companies making the maintenance are often not the one who did the design and the implementation of the project.
So changes made by the maintenance company will not be communicated to the original designers,
which could have been a way to improve the original product (and would have also created some overhead costs...).

Even though, the company who got the original design project bid, might also had sub-contracted the project implementation in another country.
So it will be even more difficult to retrieve and communicate with the team who implemented the project.


In the case of the current not-Tesla Superchargers, there are several car manufacturers and Superchargers companies
involved in developing a network of independent Superchargers, so the end result charging system is a big mess to manage.

Tesla of course is a completely different story, since the Tesla Supercharger is vertically integrated,
so design and maintenance are in the same loop, and Superchargers are directly financed by the sale of cars.

Also in particular since 2014 Tom Zhu became one of the pillars behind the Tesla Superchargers network quality.
I don't know the situation in US, but to have one top executive committed to the success of this project,
even if this was in China, while the Supercharger are build at the Tesla's Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, New York,
must have created some particular successful synergy,

Tom Zhu is the director of Tesla's Supercharger program in China.
He joined Tesla in April 2014 to help build out the Supercharger network.
In December of that year, he was appointed Tesla's Global Vice President and President of China.

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