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Time to sell my 2013 Model S - P85+

I’ve loved this car. I originally bought it for my commute, after doing the same with a Tesla Roadster for 2 years.

Then I changed jobs and moved to the city, and my commute became a 4 block walk. I no longer needed a car, but I kept it because I loved it.

Now in 2 months we're moving to Portland, and my new condo wants $6K to have a charger installed, along with $15/mo for the 3rd party charging service. And I’ll still have a non-existent commute so I’m not really driving that much anymore.

While I still love love this car, its getting harder and harder to rationalize keeping it. I wanted to ask whether there was any advice on pricing, best place to sell, or on the off chance anyone here would be interested, here’s the info:

53,719 miles
Tesla Extended Service Agreement purchased (covered until 2021 or 100K miles)
Windows tinted as dark as legally allowed in CA
Tech package
Sound Studio package
Air suspension
Rear facing seats
Pearl White paint, grey interior
Panoramic Glass roof
21” Grey Perf Plus rims
Lacewood decor
I think I bought everything available at the time, except the rear spoiler. Paid $117K in May 2013.

Tesla Center Console added in 2015
Whisbar roof rack with 2 bike carriers (list over $1000) - pretty easy to remove when not using

Exterior is in great shape and the interior is like new (actually still has new car smell). Tires are due for replacement within the next few thousand miles.

A range charge reads 253 miles

More photos at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/2hSmVhTfxawI56e03