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Trade 2019 Standard Range for 2023 - Model X

I have a 2019 Standard Range X, that I really like.
But with the recent price cuts on the new X, it's become rather tempting.
My use case for the pickup is small and I don't really want the attention I assume it will draw.

Is there anything I'd miss, from my 2019 to the 2023?
I'm told there are apps missing and the front doors do not open as far/well as my 2019 does.

I would be looking forward to:
Improved range.
My use case is 180 miles non stop at 80/85MPH. and last night I got home with 5 miles to 'spare'. (new record!)

Heat Pump - helps with range.
Performance - it's faster.
Super Charging speed is faster

so, runs faster, jumps higher.

Anything else I should know?
I do still kinda want the truck, but I think my lifestyle is more X than Truck.

if i test drive one, I kinda figure that's the end lol. I'll just order one for fun.

my 2019, tesla trade says is worth $38k. that would save me $2300 in taxes.
so, private sale would have to be at least $44k to make it worth my time/hassle (car has a loan).

I have aftermarket wheels - with the OEM ones with under 1,000 miles on them brand newish in boxes in my basement. Will tesla want the original wheels? Will I have to pay them to swap them over?

If you can afford it, I would do it because:

1: HW4, yes the deletion of USS is ridiculous, but getting a car with HW4 would further more future proof it.

2: Better interior, the interior is more futuristic than the pre-refresh imho and the landscape screen is definitely a better layout.

3: Better motors, the pre-refresh has 1 permanent magnet motor, but the refresh has 2 of those motors which are more efficient.

4: Better looks, the pre-refresh has chrome accents which don’t get me wrong doesn’t look bad, but the blacked out accents look a lot better, and the front fascia looks cleaner.

5: Newer warranty, getting a newer car results in a newer warranty.

That’s it.
How many miles is on your 2019 Model X?
54,000. Battery has the old school unlimited miles, 8 year warranty.
No kids. No Smoke.
I'm very particular about my clean cars.


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Well. I did it. I test drove a new X.
The good:
Range, acceleration is amazing. apparently they all have 'insane' now.
Suspension: wow. omg. wow. it's a couch when you want a couch, and a sports car when you want a sports car. I thought the adaptive on my 2019 was good. (which it really is). This is better. was not expecting that.

A/C seats were good.

The bad:
The turn signals. omg. the stupid turn signal button.
The park/R/D wasn't that bad, but omg. the turn signal buttons are downright stupid and dangerous and whatever, they are awful.

Tesla walked back the yoke, maybe we can get a real stalk, or two?

No creep mode? really? is it that hard to ask for SOFTWARE?

My right hand and the wheel block NOT the driver screen, but the lower left of the center screen, by enough to make it very frustrating.

I can't set the driver's display sides to things? In my car I can set the energy graph, music, etc etc. I really like that.

the front doors only open enough to be pointless as you then have to touch them to open them. My 2019 opens the door so you can actually get in.

The center air bag didn't activate the horn - I thought they fixed that?
What does the 'cruise button' on the wheel do? Pressing it seemed to do nothing. AP was activated by pushing the right scroll wheel in.

"Identifier that is always illuminated to indicate that the right scroll wheel can be used with cruise control." that seems.. kinda... stupid? if it's always ON, then it's not needed.

I'll pour through the manual sometime soon and crunch some numbers. I'm still on the fence, but was happy with the driving, but a lot of the controls feel like a huge step back.

if it had actual normal stalks, I'd be much more likely to buy it tonight.
Aftermarket is already working on a turn signal stalk. Should be available shortly for those desiring the appendage. Made by the company that provides the SEXY buttons.

After a short while I totally adapted to using my thumb to operate the turn signals. Becomes second nature. Horn button is used less frequently (almost never) so I have resorted to simply wacking that whole right panel with my palm. Quick in an emergency.

I also upgraded from a 2019 to a 2022 X. It is a much better car.

If you qualify for the Federal Tax Credit or Section 179 small business deductions, it becomes a financial no brainer.
If you had FSD on your original car, Tesla is currently offering to transfer that over to a new one for free.
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my wife had FSD on a car totaled by a 16 yr old, and missed the transfer window by like a week.
I figure I might get used to the turn signals, but yeah, if someone had a $100-200 way to stick the benz stalk on there, I'd be happy w/that.

I've tried FSD a few dozen times... I'll just wait for when they accept liability and I can read/movie/sleep. then I'll hand over money.

For the pricing, I'll probably order one. Long as the trade in pays off my current loan, I'll trade-up. if not, I'm out $250.00 and I'll drive my 2019 a while longer.