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(UT) 2015 Model S P90DL | $145k MSRP | Black/Tan | 115k Miles, $45k

Hello all,

My Model S P90D is going on consignment tomorrow (Tuesday, September 21st) and will be listed at $45k. The dealer (Family Auto in Utah County) taking the car in will be able to process all paperwork, financing, trade ins (if applicable), etc to make things easy. They specialize in EV sales and will be performing a host of work on my car to make it ready for the next owner, see below.

- 115,538 miles (at the time of post, may increase slightly)
- Clean Title, No Accidents
- 233 Miles @ 100%
- Still Under Battery/Drivetrain Warranty until 10/2023
- ~15k miles on current Continental DW tires

As stated in the title, it's a 2015 Model S P90D with Ludicrous Speed upgrade. As seen in the window sticker, this car was fully loaded with the most desirable options for this car, including:
- Free Unlimited Supercharging
- Free Premium Connectivity
- Ludicrous Speed
- Smart Air Suspension
- High Fidelity Audio
- Subzero Weather
- Rear Facing Seats
- Tan Next-Gen Seats
- Autopilot 1.0
- And More

The paint is Obsidian Black Metallic. For a car with 115k miles, it's in relatively good shape. I had a one-stage correction and ceramic coating using CQuartz 3.0 done upon purchasing the car which brought out the gloss in the paint and buffed out major swirls from auto car washes. Two weeks ago I had CarPro Essence applied to help reinforce the ceramic coating and bring the glossiness out. Despite this, the paint is not perfect; there are still some scratches and rock chips, especially on the front bumper. I stored the car in my garage and always plugged it into a 110v outlet as that provided enough charge for my ~5 mile commute to work. The previous owner commuted about 4 hours a day in Texas which is where the bulk of the miles/paint chips came from.

This Model S doesn't have too much done in the form of upgrades, just a simple gloss black 3M blackout kit, which will be finished tonight (I have the mirrors to finish). The wheels are plastidipped but honestly look quite bad, so I'll be busting out the heat gun and getting that stuff off, revealing the silver underneath. We can have the wheels professionally powder coated in any color as desired by the buyer before taking delivery.

The MCU 2 upgrade has been performed back in August at the Tesla service center. This upgrade is way worth the price and makes everything run (and look) so much better. While the car was in for the MCU 2 upgrade, I had the charge port door mechanism, two tail lights and a door handle replaced. Prior to this, the other 3 door handles were all replaced, so the next owner won't have to worry about that. I also have brand new alcantara sun visors on order as the plastic mirror covers snapped off of both. Tesla will go to the dealership to fix them, or I can have them mailed to the next owner for install at their own convenience. The 12v battery was replaced earlier this Spring.

I will include the gen 1 mobile charger, J1772 adapter and NEMA 14-50 adapter (brand new). I am not willing to sell these separately at this time.

"The Bad"
115k miles is a lot of mileage for any car, especially a 2015. With that being said, there are some hiccups with the car, but nothing major. The dealership that the car is going to is fixing nearly everything;
- The rear bumper has a couple of deep scratches/cuts. The dealer's body shop will be repairing/repainting this.
- The passenger side fog light LED is out, but the cornering light works. I can have this replaced if desired (I personally never use the fog lights)
- The left headlight has some odd glitch where it'll shut off randomly. Turning the headlights off and back on again kicks the light back into gear for a while (weeks, sometimes) before it shuts off again. I believe the HID bulb might be going out, so I will have this replaced as well
- Rock chips are present on the hood and front bumper, I can see about having these filled
- The sun visors are pending replacement. My appointment was set for last Monday, but Tesla reached out a few hours after my appointment was supposed to start stating they forgot to order parts. Hopefully this will be done soon.
- There is wear/slight discoloration present in the leather on the driver's seat (lower back area) as well as driver's arm rest
- The windshield suffered a rock chip, which I had repaired by SafeLite. I figured I'd mention it!

As far as I am aware, this might be one of the lowest-priced P90Ds for sale in the nation and is listed way cheaper than most P85Ds here on the forums, to account for condition and mileage. For the patient buyer, this car will be in turn-key (or.... brake-press?) condition. Of course, I am always happy to let the car go in its current condition to a buyer who is aware of the condition and doesn't wish to wait a week or two for all repairs to be complete. If you're local to Utah, I'd be happy to pay for all repairs and schedule them on your time so you can have the car sooner. With unlimited supercharging, 233 miles of range, a 0-60 time that starts with a "2" and nearly every option available makes this car an amazing daily driver. With an expanding family, we have decided we'd like to upgrade to a Model X, hence the reason for selling. For questions regarding the car, please post them below and I will reply so everyone else can see the answers. I am happy to give rides to interested parties to show how smooth and comfortable the car is, despite riding on 21s. As repairs are completed, I will post updates below. Thanks for stopping by!



The red triangle shown above is for a low keyfob battery. I can have this replaced.

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Beautiful ride! Would you take 43.5k? I am fine waiting until the repairs are done but happy to pay for it immediately upon closing the deal. Please pm or email me and we can discuss further. Turntrades at gmail


Hey there. Thanks! I have actually decided to keep the car for now. Right after posting it here, our contractor reached out explaining some issues with our new home and that we won't be able to close until around February, just after the delivery date for our new X which we now have to cancel.

Depending on how things go, I may re-list it in the spring as we are still set on getting a Model X but not before the house.

Hi all!

Things have changed yet again so the Tesla is back for sale as we may be able to get our X after all!

Some changes:
- Visors are scheduled to be replaced today by mobile service
- New driver's side headlight installed by mobile service
- Car shows 116,xxx miles now
- Price is now $43,500
Tires measured 6-7/32 at last service
- A set of silver slipstream 19's will be included along with the 21s!

Unfortunately due to how busy SLC-area Tesla repair shops are, I won't be able to get the cosmetic damages taken care of. I am shaving a chunk off of the price to reflect this. At the above price I believe it is one of the cheapest P90Ds for sale, let alone with the amount of options this one has.

Attached below are a couple of photos of the major cosmetic defects on the rear bumper.


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Thats Tesla for you. A car that is 6 years old sold originally for more than the new Plaid at about 140k. Your car looks like a great deal for someone who wants the Tesla Ludicrous launch without forking out a bunch of "play" money :D ... GLWS