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Vintage aircraft crash in Dallas, Texas. 6 killed.

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There was a horrific mid-air crash in Dallas, Texas (USA) (updates on investigation).
A P-63F "Kingcobra" collided with a B-17G "Flying Fortress" named "Texas Raiders" during the Wings of Dallas air show.

5 on the B-17G and 1 on the P-63F died

The reasons why this mid air happened are being investigated.
DO NOT make assumptions from what you see. in videos,
DO NOT parrot what non-officials conclude.

If you want to learn about a possible factor in the accident, you can watch this video.
(disclosure, I and a member of the CAF, I contributed to this video. I knew one the pilots who died and been inside both aircraft)

Note: While we do burn fuel for these events to honor our veterans, many members also are conscious about the environmental effects, some drive EV's.

You can ask me any question, however I will not answer those asking me to speculate, or sensitive to families.
This is website of the B-17 "Texas Raiders", and the Wiki for same.
Here is Wiki for the P-63F

Texas Raiders was one of the first aircraft purchased by the then young CAF and helped pioneer large air shows. She has flown hundreds of show in her service in CAF.

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