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  1. V

    Model Y car Accident, Need advice

    Hi All! I unfortunately got into a car accident in my MY Long Range. It broke my heart into pieces. The car was picked up mid November I have 9000 miles. I took it straight to my local shop where I've had work done on a bunch of my friends, and families cars. All came out great. I'm beginning to...
  2. L

    Got into an accident...

    Got into an accident today. Not fun since I have only had this car for 3 months now. Axle collapsed, and could not really drive it much. Air Suspension also collapsed from the crash. Fender is banged up, and headlight is cracked, apart from the rest of the bumper damage. Wheel was scratched...
  3. michael_mke

    Repair Estimate Model 3

    Cry for me. My 6-month-old 2020 M3P with less than 4k miles was involved in a minor accident over the weekend. The bumper took the brunt of the damage but the hood is bent I think. It doesn't sit flush with the fenders anymore. The headlights are also slightly misaligned. Still in the process of...
  4. ricky3stacks

    Fender Bender

    I got into a fender bender today - it only appears to be body work but I'm thinking it's still better to be fixed at a Tesla dealer rather than a regular body shop just in case something else is discovered. Any tips or an idea how long I can expect? My appointment is 12 days from now.
  5. M

    Recent accident - Insurance will not cover PPF (custom parts)?

    Wanted to share my experience here and maybe find some additional advice regarding negotiations with my insurance (Progressive). Recently was in an accident on 9/26/20 (USA, Minnesota) and I'm 99% not at fault based off Tesla cam evidence. The other driver drove straight during a bend in the...
  6. C

    Had a car accident on Thursday afternoon and still haven't heard back from Tesla Insurance

    Hi all, So I had a pretty bad car accident last Thursday on the freeway. Basically a pickup in front of me changed lane very abruptly and left me the pleasure to discover a car at a complete stop (whereas the traffic was great, I don't understand why it was stopped). Of course I was going at...
  7. tbwnm

    Hit & Run Southern California / Pasadena - Ameriprise Insurance / Tesla Service?

    We were victims of a hit and run on the 605 south in Baldwin Park today. Other driver came out of nowhere and slammed into drivers side at high speed. Fortunately, Dashcam caught the whole thing as they changed lanes and slammed right into us (with the Dashcam we also got the plate number and...
  8. R

    TESLA saved my friends life.

    So I have owned my Model 3 LR RWD for just over a year. In December my friend was in the market for a car and I convinced him to get a Model 3 SR+. Last night a reckless driver lost control of his car and my two friends crashed into the reckless driver's car and the aftermath looks how bad it...
  9. H

    Accident, Hit and Run, Sentry

    I had an accident. I had parked the car in the city center of Munich, Germany, and gone shopping. Suddenly I received an alarm message from the car. I didn't take it too seriously. I went back to the car and drove home. Then I looked at the video recordings from the car's cameras. A van had...
  10. U

    Rear Ended. Best Options on Repair?

    I was just rear-ended in San Francisco in my 2019 Tesla Model 3 (trunk and rear bumper damage), and this is my first accident, so I'd appreciate any advice/help. Unfortunately, I only got the driver's license + insurance information from the driver and not the owner of the vehicle, so my...
  11. IslandRoadster

    How Many Roadsters are Left?

    So we know there were roughly 1500 sold in the U.S. and another 900 or so worldwide for a total of roughly 2400, plus or minus. But how many of them have been destroyed in accidents or otherwise? Medlock and Gruber keep buying wrecked ones for the parts and Tesla buys them for trade-ins and...
  12. M

    Totaled my S and ordered a Y during the pandemic

    12 days ago my March 2014 Model S got T-boned (a car was coming off the highway and ran a stop sign-hit my driver's door). Fortunately I wasn't injured besides a bone bruise on the hip and some black and blues along the waist. My car is totaled and State Farm is giving me $30k (it was a Model...
  13. A

    Safety issue: backup camera should override other UI when in reverse.

    Backing out of my garage, I struck another car that was unexpectedly in my driveway. The backup camera was useless, because the quick controls UI for opening and closing the doors was not replaced by the camera view. To my knowledge, every other manufacturer prioritizes safety correctly. The...
  14. P

    60mph rear ending of my TESLA model 3

    hi friends, yesterday i was just waiting (stopped) on the highway to exit onto a ramp, and this van hits me at i don't know... 40-60mph? you can see in the attached pic the damage the van suffered during the crash my car suffered some damage, maybe 6inches of dent in the back? (pretty big area...
  15. G

    Accident for unable to brake efficiently: Tesla's or my fault?

    Hey all, I've got into a small accident couple months ago and hope we can discuss about this. Dash cam recording goes first: (I only blurred the license plate for privacy concerns. Nothing else edited, for example speed, resolution, color, etc) This rear end accident happened last year, and...
  16. D

    2 weeks Model 3 someone rear end me onto traffic

    Got Model 3 delivered 3 weeks ago, went on vacation, basically drove it for 2 weeks. Vancouver driver decides not to stop at merging , almost rear ends me onto another red car going at like 40mph?. Dude asked me why I stopped? LOL Dashcam is amazing. back view front view left side...
  17. H

    Help - I Totaled My Model S

    So I totaled my 2016 Model S 75D a couple of weeks ago driving on an icy road. The road turned but the car didn't and I wound up hitting the end of a guard rail head on. Luckily, I was only going 20 mph and was completely unharmed, but it did set off 4 different airbags - driver's, both...
  18. M

    Looking for body parts (Fender support bracket)

    Right front fender support bracket Part# 1086016-S0-A Left front fender support bracket part# 1056017-S0-A I think that the prior part# 1086017-00-C (Left) and 1086016-00-C (Right) might fit
  19. jkirkwood001

    3 country, 7,800 mile road trip in 15 days - SAFELY. Range anxiety, oh no! (yawn)

    (©2019 photos are copyright) I recently completed a 7,800 mile (12,500 KM) road trip from Eastern Canada, to Mexico, up to California, and home to Ottawa, ON. I haven't heard of many trips like that so thought I'd post - enjoy! I didn't record a blog for this trip, so I'll just add some notes...
  20. E

    Dashcam video of avoided accident - would autopilot have avoided this?

    This happened to me yesterday: (fast forward 40 seconds) Autopilot was off at the time and I instinctively swerved to avoid the accident. Wondering if autopilot would have avoided a crash if enabled and I had not reacted? I think it would have slowed but not swerved, and Model 3 would be in...
  21. C

    Used P100DL from Tesla with accident history, buy / no buy?

    On Tesla.com I found a used 2016 P100DL X with 22k miles and AP1 for $76k that somehow also comes with free supercharging. Yeah, only has AP1 but with a P100DL, I would imagine buyers are keen on speed more than AP. CarFax says: 2 owners in the past. Looks like the first owner leased it and...
  22. R

    Tesla Wont Start - Need help!

    hello, I bought a 2018 Model S off the auction. Car will not start, keeps saying Reducing Power and shutting down. Replaced the Pyro Fuse and still does the same thing. Any ideas of the the issue could be? Thank you.
  23. pdxgibby

    Inherent Diminished Value Settlement (Oregon)

    TL;DR: Rear-ended. Car took 7 months to be repaired. Successful reimbursement for gas costs! Successful inherent diminished value claim settlement! Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer, this is just my experience, YMMV. Last year, I was rear-ended in Portland, Oregon in my 2018 Tesla Model S. It had...
  24. O

    Small accident caused by garbage truck

    A Garbage truck on 880 ruined my Friday. Yesterday I was driving home and taking an exit to get off of freeway when all suddenly saw a tire flying towards me. As you can expect, of course, it hit my model 3 on driver side. Long story short: tire on truck tore off, the thread pilled off and hit...
  25. ishabazz

    Tagged on the Highway

    I was driving along yesterday on AutoPilot and got side swiped. I'm ok, just a little sore. The other driver pulled over and we exchanged information.
  26. M

    Accident on Brand New Model 3

    My Model 3 that I just picked up 10 days ago was just in an accident. Some guy on the highway changed lanes right into my passenger side and caused damage to passenger door, fender, bumper, camera, side mirror, etc. Called the police (CHP) immediately and they came out and took a report. And of...
  27. J

    P3D+ rear ended - total loss? current repair times?

    Spouse was rear ended today (he is okay) in our fairly new P3D+. He was at a complete stop pulled over for emergency vehicles (as were the vehicles in the other lane) when a van rear ended him at 40-45 mph. Their airbags deployed. Any thoughts on whether this looks like a total loss or not? In...
  28. Nix Alba

    M3 Rear Ended...

    Sadly, two days ago I was rear ended in my M3. It was a relatively slow speed impact; however it was enough to cut a hole through the bumper facia. When filling out the police report, I realized that although I THOUGHT I knew all the details, I really couldn't be SURE about it. (Yes, I...
  29. S

    Rear end collision

    My Model S 75D got rear ended Of course my car fared much better than the other guy but damage still fairly substantial, quoted ~$28,000. I would appreciate any guidance / recommendations regarding dealing with insurance, etc.
  30. T

    Suggestions on Tesla Model 3 after accident

    I got my LR RWD Tesla Model 3 4 weeks back and drove 600 miles. Had front collision to a car which ran over the red light. I am not at fault and the police report confirms the same. Front of the car is heavily damaged and lot of parts need to be replaced as per the body shop. Body shop's...
  31. R

    This is why you need a dashcam...

    This happened to my wife and kids last Friday evening: Unbelievable, but glad everyone was okay. Glad we had the dashcam so didn't have to worry about who's fault this was. The other driver's insurance (American Family) has accepted liability. The appraiser has given a ~$12K...
  32. J

    Long Wait for Parts -Body Work

    Hi! I've currently been waiting 4 months, 6 days for all of the parts to arrive to my body shop for fairly major front end body work. It's a Tesla cetified shop/2017 Model S/ not driveable. Anybody else have experience with how long it takes for Tesla to get the parts supplied for body work...
  33. T

    Rental Replacement P85D - Turo?

    1st post! Unfortunately it’s because my 2015 P85D was rear ended on 3/27/19. Low speed, stop and go... they were probably texting. Their insurance has already contacted me and claimed 100% liability - which is great news but only the beginning of making the situation right. I’m wondering if...
  34. J

    Body Work Parts Delay

    I was in a car accident in my Model S four months and three days ago. She sustained front end damage and the airbags went off. She's been in a Tesla Certified body shop in Costa Mesa, CA for the entire time, and still not all of the parts have been sent from Tesla to the body shop. I'm involved...
  35. vangot

    Tesla "Emergency Assist"?

    I had an unfortunate circumstance happen to me a few months ago in my '16 Model S. While driving to work early one morning on an access road that was merging on the interstate, I had an epileptic seizure (first one in my life) without warning that rendered me unconscious. At that point...
  36. S

    MX owner (Tesla employee) in Fremont crash this morning

    Saw the news lead into this morning's programming on CBS KPIX5 about a Tesla employee driving a Model X that crashed into a tree and the car caught fire. Photo of the crash scene of the nearby trees and with the car up the wall, looks pretty bad. They think the driver could have been fatigued...
  37. T

    Help - has this happened to any other Model X owner?

    We had an accident with our Model X. We think the vehicle hacked! Our Tesla started to accelerate 100% from park mode by itself and we were not able to reach the brakes as the vehicle was in easy exit mode. The only way to stop the vehicle from hitting oncoming traffic and pedestrians was to hit...
  38. Pkmmte

    Diminished Value Claim - Still Possible If Person at Fault Pays For Damages?

    I was charging my car when another car (a Model X) pulled in then out of the parking spot next to me. Upon pulling out, they made a sharp right turn which ended up damaging the front of my vehicle. The front driver side bumper cover is damaged (significant), left headlight has some scratches...
  39. H

    Portland Oregon Tesla Autobody Repair Experience

    Does any one have recommendations and experience with any of the local Tesla authorized body shops in Portland? Our new M3 got rear-ended and needs a back and side panel replacement. So far all the local shops say 4-5 months!
  40. M

    First Tesla Autopilot Accident in Taiwan

    Not sure how the autopilot disengaged, did the driver disengaged manually or automatically by the no hands on steering wheel detection? Seems a bit dangerous if autopilot will disengaged automatically when driver is unconscious; I thought it will pull over first then disengaged. First Tesla...
  41. selfbp

    Some woman hit my car. Anyone experienced in the rack and pinion?

    Well a woman hit my parked car- front left wheel Saturday and I came back to some damage to my XPEL wrap but thankfully no permanent visible damage. I'm almost 100% that it was just her SUV's tire that smacked me. My concern is that I was not there to view the incident and now my alignment is...
  42. jpaz

    Ouch but no ouch

    Sad day for me........but I am impressed more than ever with the safety engineering in my S. Ironically, was en route to the SC in freeway traffic when someone in a 1991 truck rear-ended me. I suspect he was going about 55 mph and I had slowed to a crawl. The good and the bad: My rear bumper...
  43. D

    My Tesla Story: Holding out on Tesla and lessons I continue to learn.

    So, I crashed my Tesla the other day on a front-end collision which the law says was my fault but there’re lots of grey areas there. Anyhow, be that as it may, the car performed very well and, in the process, I learnt some things about the car I should have known if I had read the manual. It...
  44. fasteddie7

    New member posts with crazy issues

    Is it me or do I see a lot of brand new members posting some crazy long story of how their brand new Tesla is a piece of crap or is a huge safety risk that caused them to wreck (with pictures). Every time I click on a title in the forum and see one of these long posts, all I have to do is look...
  45. B

    Warning before you buy a tesla model S

    Just writing to share an ongoing problem I'm having with my model S. I got in an accident in early March, and there were some dents/scratches on the back quarter panel of my model S. I took it to a repair shop and they said the part would ship April 10th, and my car would be ready by the 28th...
  46. H

    What is it with all these rear-end accidents? Here's my footage.

    I was in stop and go traffic last week on the freeway. Autopilot stopped but the Ford F250 box van behind me didn't quite make it. Luckily I had a front and rear dashcam...or so I thought. I offered it to the police officer. He said, "I don't need it." I told the insurance adjuster of the...
  47. legend502

    2 Month Old Model S Just Rear Ended - Help on the process please

    Hello Forum, My Model S 75 was just rear ended while my wife and I were stopped at a red light yesterday. Please see damage below; it was hit a pretty high impact probably 35-40MPH by Ford F150 Truck. My concerns are getting "nickle and dimed" by the insurance company - Car was also wrapped...
  48. J

    Our diminished value case is headed to trial

    I have seen that there are a lot of posts regarding diminished value claims, so I thought I would start my own and provide information that others can use for their own claims. Our 2013 Model S 85 was parked inside our garage. A food delivery person slammed into our garage at a high rate of...
  49. YauKwan

    Diminished Value appraiser and/or auto accident lawyers.

    Hi, My car rear ended recently in NJ. I've reached out to a couple of forum members for DV appraiser recommendations, but most of those appraisers out outside of the NYC/NJ area. Has anyone worked with an appraiser in the NYC area preferably one that deals with Tesla. Any advice or...
  50. R

    Accident: Not sure I will see her again :-(

    I was driving home today approaching an intersection at 45-50 mph when a driver on the other side took a left in front of me as if I didn't exist. I had about 1-2 seconds, slammed my brakes, and then collided with the other driver. We landed at the corner of the intersection. Thankfully no...

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