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  1. terraform

    Smart summon accident and liability

    Was in an empty parking lot and seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out smart summon. My Y was parked in reverse in a space and I was about 150 feet away. It started out smooth, driving itself forward and leaving the space. Then it had to make a left-handed U-turn to go around a small...
  2. S

    Just got rear Ended

    Just got rear ended, what’s the damage and what to look for beside fixed at Tesla. Clown distracted as I was stopped in traffics , probably hit me at 50 mph plus impact. I’m a little sore from impact. The police had my car towed away on a flat bed. Can you guys advise the next steps.. I...
  3. L

    12 Li-ion battery dead [car bought at auction]

    I bought the car from the auction that was not drivable ( blown pyro fuse and airbags ) that's the reason probably why 12v li-ion battery is drained. I replaced profuse and with jump start connected car can turn on the screen , update software and I can hear CLICK on the high voltage battery...
  4. A

    Rear bumper to bumper accident, is this a scratch or crack?

    Long story short, I was backing into my garage and hit the other car's bumper. I wonder if this is a scratch or crack on the paint? I do not see any dents at all. Is this worth getting the bumper inspected by a shop or replaced?
  5. Z

    2022 MYLR rear-ended and not totaled

    I was rear-ended and I think the damage is really bad. However my insurance adjuster gave an estimate of $18k rather than total it. The left quarter panel and rear body panel need to be replaced and she said only if the right quarter panel needs to be replaced as well then it's a total. Is this...
  6. T

    Bay Area Hit and Run

    Wanted to share a story and to get some advice along the way if possible. Brand new model s, had it less than half a year =(. Got hit and run yesterday on 101 South by an absolute nut job. They hit me exactly at the rear left corner. Metal is so out of shape my chargeport can't open to charge...
  7. S

    Oops, driving car in icy condition and car slipped on ice and hit a curb hard

    Hi Everyone, Last night I was driving out of my neighborhood going about 15mph and the car started to slip on ice. It was a slow roll that was headed into a fence which was then blocked by the wheels hitting the curb. Thankfully, the car didn't have damage anywhere else but the wheels which...
  8. MontyFloyd

    Vintage aircraft crash in Dallas, Texas. 6 killed.

    There was a horrific mid-air crash in Dallas, Texas (USA) (updates on investigation). A P-63F "Kingcobra" collided with a B-17G "Flying Fortress" named "Texas Raiders" during the Wings of Dallas air show. 5 on the B-17G and 1 on the P-63F died The reasons why this mid air happened are being...
  9. Y

    Accident averted, but that leaves more unanswered questions.

    Was driving my MY on autopilot (v 2022.36.6) on a State HWY at 65 mph in the center lane. It was green for me, and red for the left turn lane, a car waiting on that lane decided to cut into mine at the last moment. I noticed and slammed the brakes before Auto-Pilot could respond. At that point...
  10. V

    My brand new Model X was rear-ended: Any advice?

    I got my new Model X LR around the end of last month, and this happened to me today :( (I haven't even received the real license plate yet) I was driving on a roadway and made a complete stop due to traffic congestion in front. A car following me did not stop and rear-ended my car. I and the...
  11. R

    Just got into an accident. How’s it look?

    2020 Model S vs a big Dodge SUV. She turned left in front of me, I slammed on the breaks and hit her pretty good. Cop said it’s her fault and obviously I have sentry plus another dash cam in the car for proof. We’re both fine. I was coming home from a workout/HIIT class. My body is a little...
  12. T

    Total loss 22 MYP

    Hello all, Anyone had to go through a total loss situation with your Tesla? Was rear ended yesterday and Allstate said it’s a total loss. They will let me know this week what they value the car at. It’s a 22 MYP 17,000 miles. Ordered 11/21, picked up 2/22, and to buy the same car now is ~$7k...
  13. T

    Tesla needs better Customer Service to survive.

    This is long but I think pretty important. I had my battery pack go out 2 days after I bought my used 2012 model s and ended up going through RECELL to refurbish the battery and things were great for a couple months... I sadly had a fender bender 2 months ago, and the "Tesla approved" body shop...
  14. L

    2022 M3LR Rear Ended (2 Days old)

    My 2 day old Model 3 LR was rear ended on the freeway :-( My initial estimate to repair is $25,376.79. At this point I don't even want it repaired but have to go with whatever the insurance decides. Any advise from people in similar situations?
  15. E

    I got rear ended. Is it totaled?

    Hello, I got rear ended at a stop light by a 2006 Dodge Ram. This is the resulting damage. I'm going through their insurance for all the repairs. I did a virtual claim with an adjuster. His initial quote is $6300. Looking at other MYs with similar damage I REALLY doubt this guy is anywhere near...
  16. Gurule92

    Got my MYP back after an accident. Looks better than new tbh

    So I am one of those people who grabbed a test drive vehicle at the end of a quarter. The paint wasnt perfect but i was happy to have the car. I got into an accident on Apr 12 and got the car back on June 28. I was thinking they'd total it. Repairs ended up being over 30k! But s-Y-per is pretty...
  17. R

    My 2018 model 3 got rear ended today - car won't go into drive

    My car got rear ended today on the highway. Thankfully, no one was hurt. But my car got really rattled - besides the damage to the back. It refused to switch to "Drive" and by the time it was towed away, it's battery (the 12V one) was dead. It doesn't turn on at all now. I've scheduled an...
  18. C

    Accident today - front left bumper

    Hi all. My model 3 was in a collision today which was front left of my car colliding with front right of the other drivers vehicle. This was a low speed crash at around 15mph. The front left bumper have been dented around the wheel and there are some scratches. It doesn’t seem too bad but the...
  19. A

    Model Y Rear Ended - Others Experience?

    My 2020 Model Y was Rear Ended yesterday. As with most people I am completely new to going through this. I have read a bunch of threads on TMC but figured it wouldn't be bad to start one for myself to see if people have advice or at least check me on the decisions I make along the way. My...
  20. D

    Paint scratches from minor accident; claim worth it?

    Hello folks, I got rear ended/rear swiped at a measily 2-3mph this morning from a driver who wasn't paying attention. For a bit more context, I was at a stop sign at a two way intersection waiting to make a right, and as I was waiting for the oncoming car, the driver behind me decided to move...
  21. P

    Where can I rent an EDR kit in the Puget Sound area?

    The camera recording system wasn't enabled when I was rear-ended after the car phantom braked. Other driver is denying responsibility despite very likely following too close. I need the proof for my Insurance claim, and Tesla isn't cooperating. This accident injured my spine and I'm unable to...
  22. R

    M3P - Slammed Into Curb Hard - Totaled?

    Hi guys, I have a 2019 Model 3 Performance and was in an accident last week and wanted to get the community’s opinion. Long story short, took a left turn too hard and lost traction, popped over the curb and scraped against the side wall. Happened late at night with only myself in the car, no...
  23. L

    Bumper / Reflex Light Damage - First time accident advice

    My valet damaged my car while parking it. It's the first accident on the car, not quite sure what to do. I immediately made an appointment at the tesla service center & got an appointment for next week. Does anyone have any idea the estimate I'll get from tesla? I think I'm most comfortable...
  24. S

    Right side front wing collision

    Is there a market for Tesla body parts? I want to repair this without going directly to Tesla. I’m in the UK and I’m looking for third party methods for this repair can anyone help??? Can you purchase the body part easily and fit it through a garage or is that not viable? Is there a market for...
  25. dwahl

    Total Loss Settlement for Model 3

    My 2019 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range+ Was recently in a crash. The Tesla Model 3 was declared not at fault. The appraiser declared a Total Loss and Tesla Insurance wants to arrange a Total Loss Settlement. What's a fair Total Loss Settlement for this car? The car had 100,000 miles but worked...
  26. T

    Parking lot accident! Car recorded everything

    Hello! A bit of an interesting situation, I was backing out of a parking space and then noticed another car started to back out after me. I stopped pulling out as I clearly noticed this man was not looking while pulling out of his space. He then proceeds to reverse into the side of my car. The...
  27. X

    How much was the additional cost for the metallic green paint?

    Unfortunately my Model S was involved in a accident on Monday. Does anyone remember the original cost for the paint color in case it’s totaled?
  28. D

    2021 Model Y Rear-Ended, literally does not turn on and adjuster says damage is 9k- need help with DV claim

    Hi Everyone, My 2021 Model Y got rear-ended on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles last week. The hit pushed my car into the car in front of me. I have the footage from Tesla dashcam and it is pretty clear the person who hit me was on their phone and did not break at all, came in at full speed. The...
  29. noahthomas03

    Significant damage to right side of my Model 3

    Well, the unexpected happened. I was t-boned by a speeding car while I was turning left in an otherwise clear intersection (he was going 45mph in a 30 zone and flew around a corner before he hit me). Still waiting on the police report, but I hope I'm found not at fault. Pretty significant damage...
  30. T

    Rear-end accidents. Need help and advice

    Hi, I got rear-end in a highway and also hit a car in front of me. It is s plaid that only have few hundred miles in it that I just got lease from Tesla with Tesla insurance. Since it is in Texas and Im not at fault. And obviously from what I read it takes forever to fix the car, specially if...
  31. R

    Another Model Y Accident

    Hi folks, 2020 Model Y about 8000 miles. Driving up to NH last night and a deer came across 6 lanes of traffic and ran right into us. We we’re going about 75. We were heading northbound and the deer came from the south bound side across 3 lanes, the median, 2 more lanes then just rammed right...
  32. Z

    Model Y - Totaled or repair?

    I'm aware my insurance adjuster will make the final decision, but I'm interested if anybody else has experienced similar damage (cost) to their Model Y and what the outcome was. I'm only curious as I'm trying to decide if I should go ahead and submit an order for a new car or wait to hear from...
  33. Glenn T

    Got Y today and freakage accident same day

    Yes, got the Y delivered today and had a freakage accident, where I was going out of a Trader Joe’s and a vehicle in a different lane, cut over two lanes to get into a gas station. this action side swiped the Y’s front bumper scrapping the paint, but not denting it. I’m not sure who’s actual...
  34. OneTinyFish

    Minor Accident: Advice please!

    Hello everyone! It's been a while. I was last active around a year ago when I was buying Christine, my red model 3. In the last 12 months we've covered 9,600 miles together on the island. She's been attacked by a loose dog (Forum link), also attacked by a peacock (YouTube) and now - she's been...
  35. D

    Car accident cost appreciation

    My Model Y, 2021 suffered a damage due to a front and back end collision. I wonder how much depreciation do one take in selling their Model Y with an accident history? How to find this difference in the price and how can I get it from insurance company? Anyone like to share?
  36. BBrownUT

    Front Bumper Accident

    Only had my M3 SR+ for a little over a month and I had a guy back into my front bumper in the parking lot. Saved the dash cam. Got his info. All looks fine except a little bend in the front license plate (not the car just the plate). I want to get it checked out, but other than physical...
  37. H

    DANGEROUS MAPPING ERRORS ON CURVY MOUNTAIN ROADS [Correction: Tesla map accurately displays this section of I-8]

    Every so often a family friend will send me a link about Tesla crashes on autopilot and how dangerous my new car can be. I've always thought that these must be people who are doing really crazy things, until I took a road trip from San Diego to Dallas that took me through some curvy mountain...
  38. RiatGray

    Model S Accident TOTAL THE CAR or REPAIR?

    Tesla Fam I’m heartbroken. Never ever in my life I thought I’d be writing this, but I got into a car accident. Last Sunday morning, a lady failed to stop at the Stop at the Stop Sign and wrecked my baby. In 12 years of driving I’ve never had a ticket, never ran a red light, not even a single...
  39. UncleCreepy

    It's okay, it's just gas...

    https://www.cornwallseawaynews.com/2021/05/30/fatal-crash-on-hwy-138-near-cornwall/ So someone dies in a burning vehicle and we don't learn anything about the make and model? Also, no wild assumptions what kind of driver assist features the car may or may not have had? Would it be impolite to...
  40. S

    I hit a Tree in my Tesla Model 3

    During the February 15th Eastern US Ice/snow storm I was on my way to rescue a friend from his 4 day power out home. It had just turned dark and pouring down freezing rain adding more ice to trees with 2 in from previous ice storm. My enhanced Autopilot decided it couldn't see well enough and...
  41. V

    Model Y car Accident, Need advice

    Hi All! I unfortunately got into a car accident in my MY Long Range. It broke my heart into pieces. The car was picked up mid November I have 9000 miles. I took it straight to my local shop where I've had work done on a bunch of my friends, and families cars. All came out great. I'm beginning to...
  42. L

    Got into an accident...

    Got into an accident today. Not fun since I have only had this car for 3 months now. Axle collapsed, and could not really drive it much. Air Suspension also collapsed from the crash. Fender is banged up, and headlight is cracked, apart from the rest of the bumper damage. Wheel was scratched...
  43. michael_mke

    Repair Estimate Model 3

    Cry for me. My 6-month-old 2020 M3P with less than 4k miles was involved in a minor accident over the weekend. The bumper took the brunt of the damage but the hood is bent I think. It doesn't sit flush with the fenders anymore. The headlights are also slightly misaligned. Still in the process of...
  44. ricky3stacks

    Fender Bender

    I got into a fender bender today - it only appears to be body work but I'm thinking it's still better to be fixed at a Tesla dealer rather than a regular body shop just in case something else is discovered. Any tips or an idea how long I can expect? My appointment is 12 days from now.
  45. M

    Recent accident - Insurance will not cover PPF (custom parts)?

    Wanted to share my experience here and maybe find some additional advice regarding negotiations with my insurance (Progressive). Recently was in an accident on 9/26/20 (USA, Minnesota) and I'm 99% not at fault based off Tesla cam evidence. The other driver drove straight during a bend in the...
  46. C

    Had a car accident on Thursday afternoon and still haven't heard back from Tesla Insurance

    Hi all, So I had a pretty bad car accident last Thursday on the freeway. Basically a pickup in front of me changed lane very abruptly and left me the pleasure to discover a car at a complete stop (whereas the traffic was great, I don't understand why it was stopped). Of course I was going at...
  47. tbwnm

    Hit & Run Southern California / Pasadena - Ameriprise Insurance / Tesla Service?

    We were victims of a hit and run on the 605 south in Baldwin Park today. Other driver came out of nowhere and slammed into drivers side at high speed. Fortunately, Dashcam caught the whole thing as they changed lanes and slammed right into us (with the Dashcam we also got the plate number and...
  48. R

    TESLA saved my friends life.

    So I have owned my Model 3 LR RWD for just over a year. In December my friend was in the market for a car and I convinced him to get a Model 3 SR+. Last night a reckless driver lost control of his car and my two friends crashed into the reckless driver's car and the aftermath looks how bad it...
  49. H

    Accident, Hit and Run, Sentry

    I had an accident. I had parked the car in the city center of Munich, Germany, and gone shopping. Suddenly I received an alarm message from the car. I didn't take it too seriously. I went back to the car and drove home. Then I looked at the video recordings from the car's cameras. A van had...
  50. U

    Rear Ended. Best Options on Repair?

    I was just rear-ended in San Francisco in my 2019 Tesla Model 3 (trunk and rear bumper damage), and this is my first accident, so I'd appreciate any advice/help. Unfortunately, I only got the driver's license + insurance information from the driver and not the owner of the vehicle, so my...

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