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  1. Our customer looking to reduce interior cabin temperatures for his Model S as we are in the midst of a heat wave and driving comfort is important to most coming through Adonis. We are getting close to 90-95* days here in SoCal. First off, let's answer some FAQs:

    1. How does Prestige's CeraLuxe differ from the other "Ceramic" tints on the market?
    a) Dyed Films (the most popular due to cost and availability) - 20%-30% in infrared rejection / Total Solar Energy Rejection: 20%-40%
    b) Metallic Films (dying breed due to more and more electronics in cars today) - 40%-60% infrared rejection / Total Solar Energy Rejection: 40%-55%
    c) Ceramics (certain ceramic brands actually still use metallics despite claiming none in its composition and will also distort when heat shrunk to fit to the rear glass) - 50% - 80% infrared rejection / Total Solar Energy Rejection: 40% - 55%
    d) IR film - 45%-55% Infrared Rejection / Total Solar Energy Rejection: 40% - 55%

    E) CeraLuxe Quantum Ceramic Nano Window Film (only technology of its kind) - up to 96% Infrared Rejection / Total Solar Energy Rejection: 52% -71%

    Tesla shown has CLX45% on front sides, CLX33 on rear*





    Call 760-815-5933 or email us at [email protected] for more info or questions.
  2. BigTonyTones

    BigTonyTones Member

    Nov 28, 2016
    Los Angeles
    How does it compare to photosync? Is it a step down but lower cost? I was debating which of the two I will do to my new car

  3. I've attached brochures of each so you can compare stats on both. CeraLuxe provides all the benefits of Photosync but slightly less performance 15-20% approximently. PhotoSync is the top dog in terms of outright performance, the both look very similar although CeraLuxe does have a slightly more green hue to it. CeraLuxe is priced about 20% less than PhotoSync so does provide a great value for the performance you receive!

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