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What do u do when they schedule mobile service but cancel with no f/u?

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I reported a service request for a problem. A day before the apt. after some back and forth texts I was told that mobile couldn't fix the problem and would need a SC - okay BUT
They said they would leave the ticket open but cancel the mobile service - and they DIDN'T make a SC apt or any f/u. When I tried to report a service request again it again scheduled a mobile apt.
What do I do now?
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Yes, tell me they were cancelling but didn't do anything to f/u like make the SC apt which I cannot do - as demonstrated by the infinite loop of them doing the same thing when I report the problem and a refusal to talk to me ( requested by me early in the text exchange b/c I wanted to tell them all the trouble shooting I had already done).
No option to call SC -already tried what u suggested but they just scheduled another ranger and haven't contacted me :(
So there is a sc near me that is ONLY scheduling mobile apts no matter what the problem then cancels them, doesn't reschedule and lies.

WED - make apt for service - given mobile apt for Mon
Fri - go through some trouble shooting via text and told can't be fixed my mobile need sc apt (but none given despite 2 emails requesting same) mobile apt cancelled.

Sat - I go to SC/showroom to troubleshoot the problem (audio connecting phone to car) luckily run into service person who helps and finally fixes the problem (documented in another thread) - long story but basically everything done COULD HAVE BEEN DONE BY MOBILE SERVICE

Mon - get a text cancelling a mobile apt I had made for Tues before the problem was fixed (which I had intended to cancel). Person who cancelled it said they were still "trying to diagnose the problem remotely" Clearly they were NOT since it had been fixed and saying they'd get back to me in a few days!!!!!!
I texted them to speak to the person who had helped me on Saturday!!!!

So 2 questions

1 Is there any way to reach someone at a higher level to report the poor behavior and refuse to set up service apt at this location?

2 MOST IMPORTANT - is there a way to direct service issues to another sc (there is one about 20 miles away and this is about 5 miles) - when I scheduled a service apt before I was given the choice of which sc I wanted to use but this did not appear on the app when I made this apt.
You lost me with that statement. It is obviously untrue. If it was true, that Service Center would not have any cars in the building on lifts. Which of course, they do.

Well that is what the mobile service person TOLD ME. After the mobile service cant fix it then I suppose they schedule cars (although I've never seen any at this sc and the entrance to the "service bay" is totally blocked so I can't see the service place like I used to.

Anyway they texted me that it needed to be mobile, then that mobile couldn't fix it, then that it was still "being diagnosed" (two days after it had been fixed by me going to the place and running into the mobile guy who did help me), so obviously that was a lie since
1) it had been fixed so no diag was being run
2 the mobile guy allegedly had told them it had to be brought in (and told me that before a "miracle" last attempt fixed it) BUT THEY DIDN'T MAKE A SC APT, JUST TOLD ME IT WAS STILL BEING "remotely diagnosed"