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What was your maximum charge rate at a supercharger?

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New M3 owner here. Took my first trip from NJ to MA. Stopped in RI to charge. 7 out of 8 stalls were empty. First one, dead. Would disconnect after 1 minute, 2nd one I got like 110kw and got super excited. Then it disconnected abruptly without a warning. The other person charging in the MX next to me said she had the same issue and this is her 3rd stall. She was leaving so I took her stall. The max charge rate there was like 67kw. At this point I crossed over like 60-70% so I figured eh whatever. Temps were in the mid 70s.

Today I went to a supercharger here at Cape Cod. I was the only one there, I tried 4 stalls out of 8. So essentially all the chargers. I got like 60kw for about 3-5 minutes and it started dropping off. Temps were in the very low 50s. It went down to like 42kw. I called Tesla they said they don't know why it's going on. They asked me to try a few more stalls but the results were identical.

So the question is do you guys think it's my car or the superchargers I am hitting?
I charged at the Sagamore charger just last week. I don’t think I got more than what you got but I’m not 100% sure. Maybe the max there was around 60kW, similar temps. I was the only one there (it was around 4 am). On my way back home to NJ I stopped at the Darien CT supercharger and got around 115kW. Some superchargers are just slower than others. It seems the more recently installed superchargers have a more consitent high charge rate.
I'm curious to hear if anyone exceeds this charging profile. It depicts 116kW peak, but as with @jtpassat and @TexasEV, there are accounts of a very slightly higher (117-119kW) plateau. This doesn't depict the ramp up during the first few minutes.

But for the taper after ~140 rated miles, I'd like to hear if anyone has charged above the line. Please let us know the conditions (previous battery usage, power, SOC or rated miles, etc).

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Both times SOC was around 47%.

First charger in East Greenwich was the one where I saw 111kw or so before the charger stopped working and the Sagamore beach, MA was like 67 peak before it dropped to 40s on all stalls.
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