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Where is rear drive inverter?

My 1.5yo 2022 MYP suddenly had a whole list of errors pop up last week
Acceleration and top speed reduced
Power limited OK to drive
Electrical system is not able to support all features
Car may not restart after this drive
I brought it to the service center and they replaced the low voltage battery. All errors went away but they were then getting a rear drive unit error. They kept the car and worked on it for 4 days saying the rear motor unit may have gone bad.

I was just asked to pick it up and told that the rear drive inverter has been replaced.

I'm curious. Where is the rear inverter located? Did they need to work on the actual rear motor to replace the inverter? Is the inverter just a circuit board?

The motor, inverter, and differential are contained within the same part referred to as the "drive unit." When the inverter tested as bad, they probably replaced the rear drive unit.

That failed drive unit will most likely be sent back to some department at Tesla, disassembled, refurbished (remanufactured in Tesla parlance) , and used in a future repair. You may have received a refurbed drive unit as a replacement. Does the part number end in "-R" or "-RMAN" or something similar, indicating it was a remanufactured part?

If you are interested, you can see a disassembly of a drive unit in this video.