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  1. A

    269,000 Mile 2013 MS with No Blower and Codes from Service Menu and Veering When Accelerating

    Good evening everybody, My name is Randy and I am a YouTuber (Auto Auction Rebuilds) with 430,000 subscribers and the new owner of a 2013 Tesla MS p85 that I just won from an auction for $7,800. This car has 269,000 miles and I'm excited to get it sorted out with your help. I spoke with the...
  2. T

    Advice on using a DC -> AC inverter to charge my tesla from an ICE 12V battery

    I live in an apartment complex with no place to plug my car and rely to periodic supercharger trips (less than ideal, I know). After coming back from vacation oversea I found that my car showed 1% charge, or 2 miles, enough to reach the supercharger 1.6 miles away (sigh of relief...). I was...
  3. OtriFowd

    Vendor Be Part of Our Innovative Inverter Project - Have Your Say!

    Dear Tesla Community Members, In the Tesla community we are a part of, there is significant interest among Tesla owners in tapping into their car batteries for power. That's why we are actively developing a Tesla inverter. This inverter would allow you to turn your Tesla into a high-capacity...
  4. B

    Where is rear drive inverter?

    My 1.5yo 2022 MYP suddenly had a whole list of errors pop up last week Acceleration and top speed reduced Power limited OK to drive Electrical system is not able to support all features Car may not restart after this drive I brought it to the service center and they replaced the low voltage...
  5. B

    Tesla Powerwall Plus Inverter failure

    My Solar system with Powerwall plus was installed in may of 2022. Installers broken over a dozen rafters during install. In order to fix this, the solar array had to be removed, rafters fixed, then roof fixed, then panels reinstalled. system got commissioned and PTO around November of 2023. In...
  6. C

    Drive inverter Warning: Motor encoder error detected in harware

    Hi, I got this message this morning and PRND is red. Mechanic thinks it's the speed sensor. Anyone got this before?
  7. T

    Have few questions on Design phase

    hi All, I put deposit on 02/15 for Tesla Solar panels with size 5.6kW. Its still in design phase but its pain (2x back) where they cannot put all panels on my south facing roof. Their reasons is they need to wrap 3 feets surrounding all panels top, bottom, left and right. Is this rule legit? I...
  8. H

    Very low production 7.6 system with powerwall +- is inverter configured right?

    My 7.6KW system got installed a week ago i am still waiting PTO. System in full sun will max at 2.8KW. i have two strings coming from the roof one independent for 3 panels facing east with shade to mppt 1, and 16 panels in a combined string facing east no shade mppt 4 jumber with 3. System...
  9. A

    Dynamat for whining / whistle / beeping inverter noise?

    Has anyone dried sound deadening / dynamatting their Tesla to eliminate the annoying sounds from their drive unit/inverter? If so, did it work?
  10. J

    Can Tesla inverters be sold or transferred?

    Hey everybody, I have two Tesla inverters from May 2021 before powerwall was required. I'm thinking about doing my own battery install and may want to sell my Tesla inverters and buy hybrid inverters instead and just use the current arrays. Does anyone know if it's possible to sell inverters...
  11. F

    Could Tesla solar panels connections to grid and house have been mixed up?

    I had Tesla solar panels installed at my house. After city inspection Tesla technician turned the solar switch on because I had solar permit for an earlier system that is running. He said it is ok. In the tesla energy app I am noticing the numbers and graphs don’t make sense. The grid graph...
  12. vanR

    Tesla App Energy Production: DC or AC?

    Regarding Tesla solar energy products: Is the production of power (kW) and energy (kWh) *as shown in the Tesla app* either DC (before inverter losses) or AC (after inverter losses)? For PV array performance monitoring, I would want DC. For utility bill comparison purposes, I would want AC. My...
  13. S

    Tesla installed strings in parallel on 7.6 Inverter

    7.6 Tesla inverter and 24 panels All my panels - 24 are pointed south, but i have trees and shading on each side of the roof. So i asked tesla to install at least 3 strings. But they told me , since their pipe coming down is not thick enough- only for 4 cables, they have 3 strings, but 2 of...
  14. G

    PTO finally approved but Tesla App not working

    So I received my PTO on Friday around noon for my Tesla Solar only system (no battery). I immediately turned the system on after receipt of PTO. A day later and my Tesla app tells me that “No products found”. I logged into the inverter to see if I could find anything wrong. I noticed a message...
  15. H

    Tesla switched inverter to Delta (no optimizers) from promised solaredge (with optimizers)

    A couple weeks ago, we had install of a 11.8kw panel set with 3 powerwalls completed. While I was promised a system power optimizers for shading and a solaredge 10k inverter (both verbally and was on the planset in 11/2020), what is actually installed has no optimizers and a Delta M10-TL-US...
  16. n.one.one

    Inverter size when maximum system is 11.56 kW (34 panels)

    In Georgia to qualify for Georgia Power's monthly net metering the maximum system size is 10 kW AC. Tesla tells me that they will do a 34 panel, 11.56 kW system which will qualify. They have also said they will install a 7.6 kW Tesla inverter. Will a 7.6 kW inverter limit the production that...
  17. willow_hiller

    Tesla Unveils New Tesla Brand Solar Inverter

    Looks like it's officially here: Tesla Solar Inverter | Tesla Built on Powerwall 2 technology for exceptional efficiency and reliability Wi-Fi, Ethernet and cellular connectivity with over-the-air updates Designed to integrate with Tesla Powerwall and Tesla app 3.8 kW and 7.6 kW models available
  18. C

    Solar advice

    Thank you for these forums, I've read a lot and learned a ton. I have been considering tesla solar since getting my model 3. I have interviewed 4 other solar companies and am consistently being warned about tesla's 10-year warranty vs 25 with local companies and the lack of customer support...
  19. N

    Advise for installation day?

    Tesla called to offer install on Monday. This is in PG&E territory. I would appreciate any advise for what to expect or if there are any choices I need to make. I still wonder if the inverter should be in the garage or outdoors. I see both options in my neighborhood and I wonder if those inside...
  20. blecchus_rex

    Inverter replacement availability?

    My home's solar installation was completed in January... alas it has never functioned correctly (or more accurately... at all). After a number of rounds of having folks out to troubleshoot and swap service parts it was determined that the SolarEdge inverter was defective and needed to be...
  21. H

    EV Charging Single Phase Inverter

    Does anyone have one of these installed? I’m researching the installation of extra solar panels and have discovered that SolarEdge have an inverter that can handle smart ev charging. Looking at the specs, the max charge rate is 7.4 kW. I’d be interested in people’s perspectives on this as a...
  22. MountainPass

    Vendor Motor Control 101

    Hi TMC! We have been working on this article in our spare time and wanted to share our nerdy interests with everyone. It looks like it formats well here, so we can share the entire article! Please don't hesitate to check out our blog for other interesting tech articles. Mountain Pass...
  23. T

    Can I use Model X battery to power my tools?

    Hi All, I've been working on building a small cabin on a piece of land I own and have been thinking about purchasing a Model X. The land is about 10 miles away from my house. and I usually lug a generator back and forth to power my tools, but it occurred to me: Couldn't I just use the Tesla...
  24. boaterva

    SolarEdge Inverter Issue-DC Error

    After running my TE Solar setup for about 9 months (and the recent addition of the 3 PWs), now we are having a new DC error message pop up as below on the inverter. Tesla took the particulars and will have scheduling call back. Last time (last fall) this meant several wasted months until...
  25. GolanB

    Whining Noise - While en route to Supercharger

    Although its been about two months since the battery conditioning feature en route to superchargers was released, I just noticed for the first time (possibly because I didn't have music playing) that there is a very distinctive high frequency whining noise coming from either the inverter or the...
  26. A

    Looking For Sport Rear Motor & Inverter Subassemblies

    I can get good drive unit assemblies in lots of places, and in fact, they've fallen precipitously in price the past year or so. But, I'd prefer to give a good home to a MS or MX PERFORMANCE ("Sport") rear drive unit, or the subassemblies, where the diff or gearcase got trashed in a side hit...
  27. I

    Tesla car battery to power my house

    No answers, only question! If I buy an inverter, can I use the power in my Model S to power my house at night? If yes...how do you get the power from car through inverter, to house use? Seems like a good wheeze!
  28. S

    Powerwall 2 with inverter vs external inverter

    I've done quite a bit of research on this, but I've had a hard time finding reliable information. My wife and I are interested in adding solar to our home, but she is (understandably) concerned about the number of boxes that will be on our walls. I see that the Powerwall 2 comes in a model that...
  29. CoastalCruiser

    Finally, Photos and Description of Actual Model 3 Motor

    Here is an article which expounds on Elon Musk's tweets from last weekend regarding the Model 3 powertrain. Includes first complete photo of the motor. More Tesla Model 3 Powertrain Fun. From Carburetors To Carborundum. You've Come A Long Way, Baby! | CleanTechnica
  30. mwu

    Potentially getting solar panels -- NEMA 14-50 vs inverter charger

    I started talking to a company about solar panels on the house and they have put together a proposal (I haven't seen yet -- meeting is set for tomorrow) that includes an EV charger with the inverter. Some basic info for the inverter's charger (more details in the link above): 240V at 40amps...
  31. Haxster

    Warm-up before aggressive driving?

    ICE or not, I still feel reluctant to be aggressive with the car right after pulling it out of the garage. I know there's no motor oil to warm up or circulate. No radiator coolant to stabilize warming engine parts... But there are still lubricants in the motors, drive train, and suspension and...
  32. T

    Whats the largest Power Inverter you can use in a Tesla?

    Whats the largest Power Inverter you can use in a Tesla? 200w, 400w, 1000w 1500w?
  33. S

    Converting to Powerwall 2 off grid

    Just signed up for 4 of the new Powerwall 2. A lot I don't know, but appears not a lot of published info available so hopefully signing up will lead to an informed decision. Would really like to learn how to integrate these batteries. Currently live totally off grid on the Big Island of Hawaii...
  34. winfield100

    Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Tesla Energy future?

    here is a link to Australians proposed VPP, Virtual power plant, using (proposed) 1,000 PV arrays and ~7kW battery banks for a 7 megawatt (5 megawatt usable) power. I would really like to buy/rent/PPA/whatever a PV array from SCTY and a powerwall (or 2) with inverter that has capability of...