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Where to splice in my Blackvue Dash Cam?

I'm guessing that free black connector? Anyone know what the wires should be labeled? I was planning to cut open the lighter socket cord the Blackvue shipped with.

Yes that black connector will give you constant 12v.

Thank you! I'm going to test this weekend. All the setup articles I read were info overload. I knew there had to be a KISS approach.

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Finding it is easy, splicing it in and keeping it clean and neat is a challenge.

What would you recommend besides some tightly strung electric tape?
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What would you recommend besides some tightly strung electric tape?

...again, lots of pre-existing info on these forums for you to search out and peruse.

In my case, what I did was to cut the cigarette lighter plug off of the Blackvue power cable, preserving the in-line fuse holder. I stripped back the red & black leads on the power cable, twisted the bare wire, and tinned the leads (...if you don't know what this is, ask your geeky friends with a soldering iron). I then popped open the connector under the microphone speaker (the one in your photo), verified the voltage and polarity with a voltmeter, and carefully laid the tinned leads on top of the existing connector pins. I then snapped the connector closed. I then checked with a voltmeter that I had 12v and proper polarity at the right angle connector. Fish the cable/connector out of the headliner, udner the rear view mirror mount, and to your Blackvue. The original connector is still available for whatever accessory TM comes up with later. The Blackvue gets fused always on 12v power. All good.

Make sense??
A description of my install:

One of the benefits of using the OBDII port to provide power is there's no splicing into factory wiring. We've seen posts here before where Tesla declined to fix something under warranty due to previous wiring being tapped into for after market accessories. The OBDII power is on all the time, so the Blackvue is always recording when parked but in motion detection mode rather than normal continuous recording.