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Which would you choose Y or S?

Guys. I need help. I am going to buy Tesla and I am still not sure if I should go for new redesigned Model S or wait for Model Y from Berlin. We have just one kid and will have probably second in future. We do annual winter trips from Czech republic to Spain (3000km/1860mi trip) so comfy and long range car helps. Money is not an issue, just want best match for my needs. I omit X becase of its falcon wing doors and monstrous size. What would you choose? S or Y? They are surprisingly quite simmiliar in size and bootspace. Also I am not sure when Berlin GF will start producing cars, which sux but I am ok with a little wait.
My most useful advice is : get on Turo or similar and rent one and then the other for 3 days. Live with them for a couple days with regular errands weekend travel etc and the answer will be clear.

$600 spent on making a good $60000 decision is a no brainer.
It’s the little non theoretical things that will sway you; like size in parking, visibility ,type of stuff you haul regularly, etc. Forums can’t shine light into these.

in our family we confidently chose a 7 seat Y over a (jump seat) S, and an X, thanks to this.

good luck!
get on Turo or similar and rent one and then the other for 3 days. Live with them for a couple days with regular errands weekend travel etc and the answer will be clear.
I agree. If that is possible that would be be a great thing to do.
My (now favorite) son-in-law dragged me kicking and screaming to test drive the model S back in 2014. I didn't understand what all the fuss was about.
After that test drive, I had a much better understanding, what all the fuss was about.
Later still, I better (not fully) understood and knew I wanted an EV, I rented a model 3 for a week trip back in 2019.
That convinced me that I wanted a Tesla. After careful consideration on my needs, I ordered my Y.

The S is a very nice car with longer range. If the money doesn't matter I might have picked that. The Y with the hatch back is a nice utility car with decent range.
Which ever one you choose, you will likely to be happy. EV drivers tend to have a smile on their face (especially after a stop light turns green).
Having lived in Germany for several years, I do wonder if either a S or a Y will fit into the narrow city streets or in parking spaces or even your garage.
Drive safe.
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I think if money were no issue I'd choose an X simply because it is the easiest to live with (doors open automatically even in the front, bigger size for easier Ingres and egress, etc.) but if I were to choose between the Y and S I think I'd have to sit in the redesigned S to be sure. In terms of form factor the Y is my fave out of all Teslas. It's really the perfect size. It's not too big but when you get inside one you notice just how truly roomy it is. I haven't been in a new S but had a pre-redesign S as a loaner for a few days when my car was being fixed and the S was surprising tight inside given how big of a car it was. I really don't understand where all that room went but the S felt downright small from the inside (a great feeling) but then you get out of the car and realize it barely fits in some parking spaces (length-wise).

If this car is mainly going to be for road trips, I think it would come down to, whether you are going to be camping in the car ever. We specifically got our Y because we knew we could stick a futon in the back and sleep in the back on our long road trips and skip out on paying for a hotel each night. I'm not sure if it would be as roomy in the S if we did that. The S has more range so it will go farther on a single charge. So depends on your priorities. Best of luck!
I went back and forth on this and have ultimately decided on the S. I currently own a 2013 S and while I love the car, it's a beast to drive around cities like San Francisco. While I would have preferred the slightly smaller size and form factor of the Y, we also do a lot of road trips, particularly to the Tahoe area. Ultimately, I think we'll appreciate the comfort of the S and the extra range for road trips, which is why I'm going to go with the S. The overhead of stopping to charge on our way to Tahoe is a real downer. We've gotten used to maneuvering our S around SF streets--the size doesn't matter so much once you get used to it.

We have one kid and we find the cargo space more than adequate in the S. It literally feels like we can fit our whole house in there when we go on roadtrips. I got the S after owning a 3 series, which was very tight for our family in comparison.
Model S if you've got money and you're single. Model Y if you got kids and a wife and family. I say this as someone that would love an S, that currently has a Y and a family.